Friday, October 30, 2009


Wash DC building permits were finally issued Thursday for the long delayed construction of MLK's creepy stonewall monument to milk chocolate third world fascism at:

The same day that Wash DC's Sodom and Egypt leadership introduced their illegal 1990 page abomination of desolation. That was confirmed at 1:13:43 pm by a three sixes 3.6 earthquake off the coast of California's Capetown location for Rainbow Ridge and the King Mountain Range. Where the Mad River crosses under Rt.36 at a small place called Mad River.

Even the same day that the retired US Marine Judge Carter coward dropped the African birth place of Obama case like a hot plate in Orange County. That was immediately confirmed by the prophetic collision of a US Marine Corps AH-1 COBRA with a Coast Guard C-130 off Chinatown, USA's China Point and Pyramid Head on San Clemente Island. So far they think 9 people died.

Because no one is guarding the coasts of the US Constitution country from the invasion of foreign ideas by alien political forces; like the muslim Barack Obama, the Catholic Nancy Pelosi, and the reformed Jewish RLDS Senator Hairy Reid.

"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening [hairy] wolves."

"Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?"

"... a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit."
[3NEPHI 14:15-17]

Right there in the King Mountain Range's redwood forests is a little place called Whitethorn, southwest of Hwy.101's Redway.

Thursday's Jewish temple shooting in homogaysexual North Hollywood was about the homosexual abomination of desolation warning in MARK 13:14...

"But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it aught naught, [let him that readeth understand,] then let them that be in Judea flee to the mountains:"

The huge snow job that hit Barack Obama's red colored Denver Thursday was timed by God of course; using Nancy Pelosi's ALPHA OMEGA wrist watch. They say a spring snow storm of that size only comes along about once every 12 years or so. Which would generally mark the related day 1290 revelations of Judah and Ephraim that happened in 1996.

Gregory Scott Relf


Here's the latest Chinatown, USA stonewaller report at:

Any federal judge has the right to make any federal case ruling. Which would then just go to the next level of appeal. The important thing about all these federal cases is the discovery, not the ruling. The discovery information can then be used by the newly elected Republican Congress. The Virginia governor election next Tuesday may shed some more light on REV.13's 42 months scenario.

Thursday's 42 latitude line REV.13:1 coast quake info is at:

That's an inspired crack pipe depiction in MLK's left hand. I'm not joking. Look again at:

By the Hand of God, Barack Obama's Chocolate Mtns are located in Imperial County, CA. Starting on the north end inside DANIEL 12:5's Riverside County...

"Then I Daniel looked, and, behold, there stood other two, the one on this side of the bank of the river, and the other on that side of the bank of the river."

No wonder REV.9's famous Sting icon senses that Obama has a Providential role in God's millennial plans.

For my own private birthday party Thursday morning, I watched an old BRUCE ALMIGHTY tape, that I had bought for a buck from those local CRY BABY hillbillies. The 'one mighty and strong' 2003 pre-Obama movie is about a black man, often depicted holding Obama's marxist mop in hand, who believes that he is God. The Obama figure gives a portion of his miraculous 666 powers to the gibberish speaking liberal media in Buffalo, NY. In the end, Jim Car/rey and Jennifer Aniston promote the upcoming blood cleansing endowment house transfiguration rites. [After some really hot sex scenes where Carrey fingers Jenny from a distance, without even touching her.]

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


3 chunks of 211 steel fell down from San Francisco's Labor Day bridge repair job and hit 3 cars Tuesday. The same day I found some birthday party pix of Shenae poking three fingers into her front pocket at the north end of Rt.111 in Palm Springs, at:

Neve's amazing '3' fingers pendant was confirmed by a large hunk of steel "saddle" bracing, that fell down with two sections of steel cable rod, blocking passage to the Bay Area's Treasure Island from the east. Because in my Three Sisters, Black Butte, OR dream, Neve's bum was facing east towards 16th Ave.

The Gay Area's Hwy.101 MANAGEMENT bonus DVD connections to Jennifer Aniston's Rt.111 Chocolate Mountains of Obama, came by way of her NASDAQ index [2.11.69] steel birthday numbers hitting 2,116.09 Tuesday.

The bridge's eastern Oak/land connection is for my Scottish Fife, Tacoma woodsman dream.

Shenae Grime's 2177' Quartz Peak pendant connection is located among the Chocolate Mountains section that crosses Obama's Colorado River, and runs into the Tri/go Mtns, and Dome Rock Mtns of Arizona.

California's 12634' Triple Divide Peak prophecy, about the upcoming threeway divide of America in REV.16:19, is located along the King's Canyon National Park's 'Great Western Divide' border line. Where the headwaters of the Roaring River represent the roaring speeches of the day 1290 abomination of desolation. And those who are outraged that the illegal usurper has paid $1,666,397.01 to his law firm hired to stonewall the fact that he was born in Africa, as documented at:

The increase in Babylon bombings addresses Rt.111's Bombay Beach earthquake swarms when Jennifer and Brad became officially divorced at THE MISFITS 111 courthouse in LA. That's why Brad crashed his custom Jesse James style motorcycle on Shenae's 20th birthday in 90210 land.

There is a military gunnery range on the north side of Obama's Chocolate Mtns. Therefore, we will likely see some troubling things that relate to the homosexual usurper's lack of support for America's military.

The nice thing about having a lunatic for a sidekick, is that I can count on him giving the squares as good as he gets.


Gregory Scott Relf


Monday, October 26, 2009


Sunday morning I experienced a very vivid, and anatomically correct dream, wherein I was thoroughly fingering the Scottish Neve Campbell from behind her butt with three fingers, and she liked it. The odd part was, we were laying on my sister's bed in our old 5717 house on 16th Ave NE in Seattle. Neve's squinting face was turned to the right, much like this link, but facing down on the matress, at:

Otherwise, I might not have googled the latest Neve pix, much less these 10.15 dated ones showing her '3' pendant at London's premiere of THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS. As seen on this enlarged link at:

Monday on the 2:00 am FOX news out of Portland, I heard about 20 year-old Kristen Hillary Williams getting lost overnight in Oregon's Three Sisters Wilderness mountain goat country, south of Rt.22's Three Fingered Jack Mtn, on the 20th birthday of Shenae Grimes at:

Much of Kristen's TWILIGHT movie was filmed in Oregon. Which explains the other Kristen's departure from Devils Lake Trailhead with her black lab bird dog, south of Obama's Black Butte landmark. And turning up at a convenience store the next day, in confirmation of the latest chocolate milk finger pix of Shenae's 22 year-old pink lady co-star at:

Sisters, Oregon is the area where Gus Van Sant filmed his prophetic masterpiece EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES.

In Kristen's miraculous report, she was finally picked up by the [Scottish] woodsman featured in MANAGEMENT's DVD bonuses, that was filmed just to the east of there in Madras. She must have been spotted just north of Mt Bachelor and Elk Lake. Because that's a guy with a nice elk buck rack who is sticking his hand under Neve's bum on her square gold and silver pendant.

That's one of the crystal 'hunk of sugar' pieces on Shenae's pendant from the physical transfiguration mail-order time machine in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE 90210. No doubt, that's what was inside the UPS box in my Jennifer Connelly kitchen counter dream.

Gregory Scott Relf


Here's Kenan's 'dip the ladle' kitchen sex DVD, featuring his lost Amber Alert girl assistant. Note the King of Beers Smut King reference, the gold NIAGARA therapy chair, model 757, etc. at:

The nice brunet in that 'love hurts' NISSAN preview video ad appeared in a dream I had Sunday morning. Wherein I had just moved into a house full of college kids in Seattle's U-District. I could see her outside on the rear patio having sex with some guy, while she was looking at me and smiling. Kind of like that chick who is willing to make love with the Jesse James look alike in CRY BABY's Smut King extras, while thinking about Cry Baby.

The Kingman Motel in MANAGEMENT was based on Hwy.410's KINGS MOTEL in Enumclaw, WA. Now called KING VALU INN at:

Last week I had a GREGORY'S 2 GIRLS dream that took place in Seattle's Ravenna Park prophecy. Wherein Shenae was charging the soccer goal with expert ball control, zig-zagging against a very good male defender, Justin Timberlake. She quickly gave him the slip, and fired off a great hook shot towards the net, but the goalee grabbed it. Then I took a closer look at the goalee. Who was actually a huge dark gray lizard like beast with head horns, the size of the goal's entire opening. Flowing under his legs, were the pure spring waters of eternal life in EZE.47 etc. That the 'dip the ladle' beast was not letting anyone get near.

Saturday, I found a 1989 dime on the ground, that was just a little bit grimy on back, in one tiny spot.

This is a nice three sisters shot from the same event at:

Little 9 year-old Elizabeth O/lten went missing near Jefferson, MO on the same day Nicole Kid/man was speaking in Wash DC about violence against neomarxist women. Because Jefferson would be rolling over in his grave if he saw the illegal day 1290 abomination of desolation being pushed by today's daughters of Israel. Like at:

Friday, October 23, 2009


New York's 3573 ft Indian Head Mtn is located on the south side of the state's Blackhead Mtns; northeast of Doubletop Mtn and Slide Mtn, near the Woodland Valley campground. So that Smut King art picture of Kristen Stewart, ready to put the top of her black nail Ringo finger into those raspberry mocha lips in the new INTERVIEW, gave me a minor 2.9 earthquake Wednesday, at:

I believe this is the area where Jennifer Connelly and her husband like to go hiking and camping in the rain. Whatever, a few weeks ago, I dreamed that I was in their cosy kitchen while Jennifer was taking a shower, and her friendly husband was answering the front doorbell for a delivery of some large taped up UPS box. Noting I had $150 bucks in my wallet, I saw a partly naked 19ish Kristen babe spreading her kitchen fork on the edge of their vintage counter next to me, like at:

The only thing I can remember before waking up, is that the hight of their counter was just perfect for sliding into some of those SNL Smut King sex DVD push moves. Looking back now, I see CRY BABY's pink car guy sticking his big nose in your business. Who dont care if they're married, and picks up Tracy Lords' teenage runaway at the curb.

Kristen's play on my ELLEN GOT FINGERED flash vision touches directly on TWILIGHT's prophetic Forks, WA landmarks. Like the sweet Sitkum River trout water that flows west below Cool Creek and Hyas Creek, just outside of Forks. I'm sure I've seen the hilarious black Kenan Thompson on SNL demonstrating his La Push moves around TWILIGHT's wolfman Indian reservation, next to Branch Creek and Dickey River.

This is MANAGEMENT's Hwy.101 Olympics country. So Kristen's royal Scottish surname must have some kind of a professional Fife, Tacoma connection. Go a little north on Hwy.101, and you come to Ken McLeod's secret Beaver Creek cutthroat hole, below Deadman's Hill.

Kristen's plastic wrapped TWIN PEAKS Laura Palmer portrait was confirmed for me Thursday afternoon. When I walked up to a broke-down log rig hauling a huge double load, stopped dead in the middle of Hwy.410's divide.

In case you're wondering, that's Emma Watson's Scottish plaid label trench coat by BURBERRY on Kristen in the above link. For Brandeberry Creek's convergence with the Sitkum River below Hunger Mtn and Pistol Creek.

Gregory Scott Relf


They found 7 year-old Somer's body in a swampy dump outside Jacksonville, FL on the same day Nicole Kid/man was speaking in Wash DC about violence against neomarxist women.

In CRY BABY, the apostate Christian squares trash the Drapes' physically transfigured classic car restorations. But in the end, it's actually Obama who delivers the queen to the king on a motorcycle.

That PEPSI machine in GREASE 2's 'prowling' scenes at THE CHECKOUT is "...for those who think young."

Don't miss Ellen Page looking through the future glass [computer screen] bowling lane doors in the marred servant's 'who's that guy' scenes.

Anybody see this hunk a sugar before?..

I just watched 1977's SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT prophecy Thursday. Where Megan Fox's southern 'foxy lady' appears in her pink RV at mile marker 86, on Hwy.85. In 1961's THE MISFITS, Fox's new casino Caddy gets banged up with 23 miles on it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


While the director of CHINATOWN remains in REV.13 captivity upon the mountains of Switzerland; Chinatown, USA's wealthy Roman Polanski people attended a high society fundraiser for the Indonesian citizen, Barack Obama, at Manhattan's MANDARIN ORIENTAL HOTEL.

It was a dinner event. So the suicidal Manchurian candidate must have just finished speaking when that rare 2.9 quake hit the Medusa, New York area below Rt.85, on the north side of the state's Blackhead Mtns. at 09:32:43 pm Tuesday.

Anytime there is an earthquake INSYNC with a key abomination of desolation action, it is a threeway REV.16:19 earthquake sign from God; "And the great city was divided into three parts..."

That's why there was a sudden fire at a massive asphalt spill in Detroit's River Rouge area Tuesday morning. Confirming the same day news that Sarah Palin will appear on Ms O's Chicago Obama show to promote her prophetic red jacket book entitled GOING ROGUE.

Detroit's River Rouge would represent Med/usa's Catskill River connection to day 1290's med/ical USA abomination policies by Mr.44. Who is the .44 sidekick to my San Francisco DIRTY HARRY movie prophecies.

Monday, I dreamed that some black kid, standing next to me, tried to grab a tall man's big S&W .44 sidearm from behind. But the white guy quickly turned around and pulled out his pistol and shot the black kid in the gut. Who screamed, "Why did you do that?!... I don't have any health insurance!" Then I woke up.

The Greek snake-headed Medusa is a female monster who will turn people into stonewallers if they look her in the face at:

Often times, Medusa is depicted with a rather REV.13:11 looking image. Her head matching Larry Sinclair's transsexual snake description in:

MANAGEMENT's 2007 pre-Obama movie turned out to be a prophetic laundry room reference to Larry and Barry getting together as total strangers at the Rt.21 QUALITY INN in Gurnee, Illinois to suck some pipe. Hence the Chinese restaurant theme from Kingman to Aberdeen.

Gregory Scott Relf


Note that the defacto homo squares in CRY BABY march down the street like middle-of-the-road Republicans. Thankfully, my gay Batman sidekick Robin is going to change that.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Balloon Boy puked during his morning interview in confirmation of the corrupt southern Judge Land getting puked on from a hovering helicopter in the sky in CRY BABY's DVD bonuses.

The entire UFO event was also a statement from above about Judge Land ridiculing Orly Taitz; accusing her of believing that Barack Obama was "an alien from Mars..." i.e. the Red Planet, the famous chocolate candy bar cock icon, etc.

People said the silver UFO balloon also looked like a giant jelly fish. In reference to the REV.9 stinger jelly fish invasion in Obama's Hawaii last month, that was an unusually large one.

My Blackjack21 sidekick got together with one of America's top Squares Friday at Rt.21's Texas A&M. Where he shared CRY BABY's Turkey Point stage with famous chicken dancer George Herbert Walker Bush. The same day Uma went on the Letterman show to talk about a steel crucifix they put inside her smashed wrist a couple years ago. She was sporting a black cast Friday. Because they had just taken the nails out of it, in the exact same spot where the nails were driven into Jesus' wrists.

In my Smut King bonus scenes, the Michelle Rodriguez babe in blue is holding Tarzan's spear, that she probably got from Britney. The black gay Santa Claus is standing behind my British throne, next to a crescent moon, and some STARBUCKS stars. To Jo warns him about the mean reindeer named Rudolf.

That's little Emma Watson in the crowd watching Cry Baby sing 'King Cry Baby', along with Allison Roth. Which climaxes with former porn star Tracy Lord in a threesome shot, ringing her three sided 211 triangle. Rock'n Roller Juliette Lewis can also be seen on the right side in some of the Jukebox Jubilee shots, like at:

Speaking of Tarzan, that's him on GRANTS' three sided 'Stand Fast' label from Scotland, holding a jungle baseball bat-club. The same one that they recently exploded on Jimmy Kimmel.

I read that Keira's upcoming West End stage play,
Le Misanthrope, sold out in four days. I think previews start in December. London Boulevard is supposed to be out soon, according to:

Yours, GSR/TWN

Friday, October 16, 2009


America's historically early snow freeze was a Divine [Senator Snow] snow job message about Washington, DC's illegal plans to make health insurance mandatory. Brought to America by an unconstitutional African born homsexual who is not even a legalized US citizen.

America's alien 7 peaks beast, pushing a foreign harlot's agenda, was exposed by the alien UFO warning sign sent up by God over Obama's political birthplace of Colorado; which means 'colored' in Spanish, as seen at:

Reports indicate that the UFO flew near the royal British landmark of Windsor, before coming down around the Denver airport, in Adams County. Because the UK is now dominated by marxist lesbians and PC homos who wont even permit white guys like Michael Savage to have a manly man-to-man debate at Oxford.

Thursday's Providential manifestation went down at the same time Obama was visiting Brad Pitt's flooded out 9th Ward in the Big N.O.

For a second same day USA-time witness, a 6.1 earthquake struck Obama's native homeland of Indonesia. Marking the abomination of desolation's 1961 birth year flag in GREASE 2. Let's call it 'The Spirit of 61' for now.

While God launched his UFO warning from Rush Limbaugh's famous historic Fort Collins, Colo 'Dan's Bake Sale' stronghold, the ominous news was rolling out about the NFL chicken shits who need to get kicked in the nuts some more. One can read about Dan's cookie bake prophecy at:

This is that massive dust storm pileup on I-5 outside Bakersfield, CA, near Pumpkin, soon after Gov Schwarzenegger made May 22 Harvey Milk Day. Confirmed on Thursday by Taylor Swift's baked milk&cookies portrait at:

CRY BABY's Mr Walker was sentenced in 1990 to 666 prison until he turns 21. When Blackjack Barry's lucky 21 card would drop on the table and set me free from the D&C 86 Squares gang. In the 1961 GREASE 2 prophecy, the first guy to get knocked over is that Jewish square standing by the school bus doors.

Gregory Scott Relf


Cry Baby's dad was the 'Alphabet Bomber' who killed all the letter men.

Check out my 'Smut King' photographer in the DVD bonuses, wearing tan shorts, sporting a GSR scarline, etc. Who posts all those dirty $3 tittie pix. Like the blonde babe in a glass he loves to fuck; the square chicken dancers who flash their RLDS temple veil garments, and that strange bi-flexible plural marriage girl at the talent show, etc.

That's my Obama sidekick in the lamb-fur vest, who buys a stolen muffler from Granny Halloween for $15. After she tosses a dart at her Queen Elizabeth target.

The 42 months clock is ticking...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Last week, Granny Grass asked me to go with her to a neighborhood house moving sale, to help her load some junk into the car. Turned out the folks were real southern hillbillies, who had a box of old movies for sale, including John Water's 1990 prophecy CRY BABY. That stars Johnny Depp and his regal Billie Piper look alike queen Amy Locane, who was in 1998's ROUTE 9.

I watched the southern GREASE parody of Elvis 'The King' Tuesday morning. Then later in the day, I read about that corrupt southen judge who wrote a parody judgement against the dumb hicks who dare ask questions about Obama's African birth, at:

Water's pre-GSR/TWN prophecy, that was released on the Lord's 4.6 crucifixion anniversary, starts out with all the crybaby high school kids getting their luau pig flu shots. Which had just begun wide distribution around the same day I bought the DVD.

Johnny Depp's king is the leader of the 'Drapes' temple veil gang who are opposed by a Bible Belt faction of defacto Christian homos called the 'Squares'. That's the upcoming civil war temple veil from TWIN PEAKS at:

Note the video's two DANIEL day 1290 horns from REV.13:11. And don't miss my Nicole Kidman NYC dream about her sliding those panties off from under her dress.

Eventually Johnny's HARLEY DAVIDIAN motorcycle rider, Mr Walker, is thrown into today's 666 prison. Where he bunks next to his black homosexual sidekick who has a "Skinny" sign on his bed. In confirmation of Larry Sinclair's 'long and thin' snake description of Barry's dick at:

While in captivity since 1990, Cry Baby passes his time making piles of personalized Hwy.410 license plate signs and wonders, bearing 'ALLISON' Roth's name on them; who I met in 1990.

Fortunately, the corrupt southern judge has a hard on for the film's REV.17 MOTHER OF WHORES, so everything works with a 42 months long game of chicken.

Gregory Scott Relf


That massive Hwy.410 landslide happened near Rattlesnake Creek. For the Danite rattlesnake mug that's always sitting on Craig Furgenson's desk.

1981's GREGORY'S GIRL was a very sweet BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM prophecy that had an amazing follow up in 1999 caled GREGORY'S TWO GIRLS at:

The fact that the Keira look alike doesn't age on the two movie posters is a Divinely inspired eternal life message.

BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM's funny threesome poster is at:

Here's the cry baby poster at:

Tuesday at 12:28 pm, I awoke from a dream about Naomi Watts laying in bed with Nicole Kidman, inside a cruise ship cabin. She told Nicole, "My mother is getting sentenced today for burning down the boat..." Which turned out to be the corrupt southern judge's 20k sentence for Orly Taitz, because her actions are burning down the SS OBAMA's fantasy cruise ship to paradise. Looks like her Orange County case at the Reagan Court House is still on for 1.11. The judge in that case is a retired Marine who doesn't like the stonewalling media's bullshit.

In confirmation of my Fife, Tacoma porn star in MANAGEMENT, a large cherrypicker crane, working above a [Scottish] Prespyterian church in 1776 Philadelphia, fell over on the corner of Walnut Street Monday; killing it's 40 year-old operator. Talk about getting kicked in the nuts.

Monday, October 12, 2009


I found another prophetic Obama figure, in GREASE 2's opening number shot of those three guys playing with a red, white, and blue, USA basketball. After yours truly follows up the grass dog in a game of fetch with their coach. Which number ends with a large string bass A-bomb case hoisted up the '1961' school flag pole, like at:

GREASE 2's 'Deadman's Curve' scene is a DANIEL 9 road construction thing.

Here's a shot of Megan Fox wearing a peace T-shirt by a royal flush garbage bin the day before Obama won the Nobel's Peace Prize trash at:

Reportedly, Scottish Craig Ferguson regular, and pink lady par excellence, Paris Hilton, has been in the weeks-long process of adopting a pet pig. While the latest Hawaii luau signs and wonders started rolling out.

That's Britney Spears' Christian Baptist father 'Mr Spears' who gets baptised in GREASE 2's final luau pool number: "...they are drunken, but not with wine; they stagger, but not with strong drink." [ISAIAH 29:9] Therefore, they can not read D&C 77's sealed book of John's REVELATION. Which Joseph Smith said was one of the most plain and simple books that God had ever caused to be written.

Check out LL's new 69er FF boots. She puts the hot in 'hot mess'. But don't worry, a little birdie told me that the GREASE 3 star cleans up good; at:

The other night I had a nice motorcycle dream about a 29ish Jodie Foster, a.k.a. no.19.

Once I printed out an image of Penelope Cruz at the library and looked at it, right as a lady told her child, "Yes, you can do it.. Have lots and lots and lots of fun..." like at:

Speaking about going back to school. I worry about Emma Watson attending that lesbian marxist cesspool called Brown University. Hopefully, she'll bone up on some of the more enlightened works, like:

I would also recommend Mark Levin's new kick ass book to the surprisingly smart LL at:

Levin's info packed radio show is like attending a one hour college lecture inside 19 minutes. His schedule is at: .

"Saturday night" the American Fork High School band bus crashed near Utah's 42 months border on I-15, around Exit 402. To the west of those NAPOLEON DYNAMITE Preston, Idaho cave landmarks that look like the DC capitol is melting from the heat of an A-bomb. The school's string bass instructor died with her hands on the EZE.10 "wheels" theme in GREASE 2, according to:

The above GREASE 2 bus crash was about Drew Barrymore's ignorant threesome GSR/TWN skit at a BORDERS BOOKS place on SNL.

A landslide buried Hwy.410 for a half mile near Nile, Washington at:

Nile is the historic area where a community of Scottish [Fife porn star] immigrants settled and established some large fruit orchard operations.

BOYZONE's gay Stephen Gates, 33, died in Spain on the same day of Barack Obama's Washington, DC sit down with the latter-day Sodom cited in REV.11. Gates was on vacation at a CLUB MED type paradise resort town with his husband. Look at it as a COUPLES RETREAT stingray thing.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Saturday, October 10, 2009


"The goddamn plane has crashed into the mountain!!"

Shouts Mr LeBowski, as he tries to scam the scene's "Mr Relf" dude inside his presidential limo. Who miraculously keeps the melting ice in his black White Russian from spilling over. Basically, it's the same budget switcheroo going down right now in Washington, DC. Given their plans to save money by spending and printing more of that BEVERLY HILLS COP theme park paper, with Obama's African born face on it.

Sadly, 11 pointless peacekeepers died on Friday when their UN peace plane crashed into the mountain on Prince Port's African island of Haiti. Look at it as some kind of Vince Vaughn COUPLES RETREAT therapy in paradise. Because people were saying Friday that my Tarzan sidekick's inspiring speach at the UN was typical of the monkey malarkey that won him and MLK the TNT funded Nobel Peace Prize, featured in the NAPOLEON DYNAMITE 42 months prophecy.

Many of the above Spanish CASA 212 planes are now manufactured at a plant in Obama's native land of Indonesia. Because the alien abomination of desolation in the American Casablanca is an Indonesian citizen; and everyone and his dog knows this.

The legal removal of Honduras' unconstitutional president, by their supreme court and legislature, was a prophecy of what is COMING TO AMERICA. But not until the homosexual prince in DANIEL has had enough time to kick Sean Hannity et al in the nuts.

After months of maneuvers, Friday the 666 lunatics crashed some empty 5000lb rocket into GREASE 2's crater face on the lunar surface, looking for ice, in confirmation of Friday's empty Nobel prize lunacy.

"Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon.
The little dog laughed to see such fun
And the dishman ran away with Reese Witherspoon!"

Like back in 1999 at:

Here's GREASE 2's marred servant figure with GSR scar hair lines, circa 1982, at:

Gregory Scott Relf


My 5:16 receipt, and that fine brunet's FOX pickup decal outside HOLLYWOOD VIDEO, turned out to be about MANAGEMENT's British fox hunting motel paintings theme.

Rm 110 called two times to complain about the loud grinding threesome in Rm 111.

My Fife, Tacoma dream was a reference to Fife, Scotland. Confirming the traditional Scotish plaid in the GSR/TWN woodsman movie.

Check out the threesome twins talent show audition with a future Brad Pitt fantasy figure in GREASE 2.

In GREASE 2, the marred servant's face is reflected in the bowling lane's ISAIAH 22:22 door, below my future England red crown pin; next to the red KING OF BEERS sign. That's a future physically transfigured mint 1958 car icon next to him. My first car, that I bought for $100, is the baby blue 1953 CHEVY in the background. It threw a rod [of Jesse] the first time I turned it on and popped the clutch at the curb.

Right after those letterman letters fall off Emma Delores' pink jacket in dialogue, Paris Hilton's pink car almost runs over the David Letterman look alike teacher; standing by the CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM spot next to Michelle's genealogy tree of Israel. See the future 'wheels' at:

The only black guy that I saw in the all white GREASE 2 Israelite movie, appeared as the future Barack Obama dancing past an erupting volcano when the sun goes down on their Hawaii luau pig roast. Then we see a black Michelle Obama figure by the pool of enchantment.

I'll try to get to the Coens' new FIDDLER ON THE ROOF movie. Princess Diana gave me a nice REGAL gift card Friday.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


You know who was making too much noise with a grinder in Rm. 111 at the KINGMAN motel. The day after I laughed at that, Granny Grass was on the phone talking about getting a $129 wheat grinder she saw advertised in the LDS weekly newspaper. It arrived in a limestone box on the DVD's rent-to-own due date back at HOLLYWOOD VIDEO; with a "Multi-Grain Miller" hint on the side. Plus an image showing it's unique 211 steel "milling head" grinder blade.

Before returning MANAGEMENT Tuesday, I decided to check out the DVD's extras. Wherein the dick-head porn king from Tacoma is watching his latest firewood chopping picture on a loveseat couch with Sienna Miller and Jenny. His wooden ax being virtually identical to the one stuck in a tree stump on my Snow Mtn motel painting by 'Prince 84'. As I mentioned earlier, if you are thinking about breeding, be sure to include a regular daily serving of real whole wheat in your diet. If everyone did that, we would eliminate about half of the homeless population; who are mentally dysfunctional.

The proper name of Susan's wacky stalker in MANAGEMENT is Michael.

On my SONY player, MANAGEMENT's bogus wedding scene starts at exactly '1:11' into the movie. In confirmation of Jenny's divorce from Brad at the '111' LA court house; on the same day there was a swarm of earthquakes around Rt.111's Bombay, CA, below Obama's Chocolate Mtns of Mecca, etc.

"Here's to people being happy..." was Michael's Christmas re-gift wine toast to Jenny in Rm. 203. For that passing blonde daisey 'DRVHPPY' Luv Bug on Hwy.410. [Not 'DRVHAPPY', which makes it a better Sienna hippie chick pussy letterman thing.]

Sue drives Chris Wood's WILCOX rental car in THE CHECKOUT movie.

Back on 8.2 at 11:32 am, I dreamed that I was in a motel room with Jenny on Old Hwy.99 in Fife; on the north side of Tacoma, off I-5. She was laying in bed naked, and then got up to get dressed, revealing that she was very pregnant. She asked me to keep an eye outside the door for the arrival of her silver MERCEDES rental car. Because she had to get to a [porn movie] "performance". I always wondered what that one was about. In the DVD extras, I'm an adult film actor from Tacoma who gives Mike some advice about fucking. That I apparently learned from GI JOE's Rachel Nichols.

Jenny's famous sexy GQ hat pictorial was a Twin Hat rogue fire off I-40 thing. For an Orthodox hat Sukkot temple desecration preview, of course, at:

As the babes say in GREASE 2, "Think Pink!!"

Yours, GSR/TWN

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I rented Jennifer Aniston's Kingman, Arizona MANAGEMENT motel art movie Thursday at HOLLYWOOD VIDEO, and watched it Friday morning. By Friday evening, that managed "Twin Hat" forest fire to the east, off I-40, went rogue at the base of Bill Williams Mtn road marked 'FR 111'.

They call this Williams, AR area 'The Gateway to Grand Canyon'. More accurately, it should be called the gateway to the South Rim.

I had no idea that the film winds up in Aberdeen, Washington, with a parachute jump into an Olympic pool from the end of Hwy.101 via Olympia. Which corresponded perfectly with Obama's Chicago Olympics boondoggle in Copenhagen. That was preconfirmed by Napoleon Dynamite's pouch of COPENHAGEN jerky meat chew in the boys room at the killer Forever Young dance.

Anyway, the day I got my hands on the so-bad-it's-actually-kind-of-funny Rm 203 movie, the DOW went down -203, and the civil war S&P 500 did my D&C 85 birth date at 1,029.85.

Stepping outside HOLLYWOOD VIDEO, I noticed that my symbolic rent-to-own receipt was stamped with the '5:16' birth date of the star of JENNIFER'S BODY. Then I looked up and saw a fine brunet pumping gas into her silver pickup with a 'FOX' decal on the rear window. That yellow daisy flowers 60s Luv Bug with the 'DRVHAPPY' plates zoomed by out on 410. [I had seen that personalized 'DREWTWN' plate a day or so earlier at the Britt drive on Church Lake.]

Like I posted during the Oregon based production of MANAGEMT, there is a cheap motel oil painting of a snow covered mountain log cabin, with stack of cut firewood, that's been hanging outside my bedroom door for years; signed by "Prince 84".

Since I had the DVD, I went to look at Kingman's nearby 5879' Snow Mtn sign more closely again. But discovered that Granny Grass had stuck a new 2010 [Grays Harbor] phallic shaped lighthouse calendar into the painting's barnwood frame.

GREASE 2's most gay musical number opens the big Barack Obama luau party of the future in the final act; that quotes JFK's famous fascist call to serve the state. The traditional Hawaiian pig festival is stagged inside an Olympics size sports arena, to the prophetic Obama sunrise/sunset logo lyrics, "As the sun sets on..." the 666 beast's last hurrah in 1958's:

Gregory Scott Relf


Those GREASE 2 high school letterman letters that fell off little Delores' pink jacket represent the extortion politics of David Letterman's FDRFFKMLKLBJ... 10 crowns beast.

It's no coincidence that Emma Watson has gone back to school at the same time the 'Back to school...' GREASE 2 music signs are rolling out. Hopefully, Michael has also been whispering certain things in her ear.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


"He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity..." [REV.13:10]

Roman Polanski was arrested on the 0926 date of Larry Sinclair's blog for having anal Oregon Caves sex with that 13 year-old girl he drugged up back in 77. While arriving in Zurich, Switzerland to receive LaFonda's anus hole vagina 'Golden Icon Award' cited in my recent postings. [Barry was smoking the crack pipe when Larry was sucking on his dick at the QUALITY INN in Gurnee, Ill.]

This is Switzerland's famous Egyptian looking Matterhorn mountain landmark on Napoleon Dynamite's T-shirt. Polanski being a French Napoleon citizen.

Polanski was at the prophetic age of 44 when they busted him. For a latter-day secret combinations CHINATOWN prophecy about the 44th administration of the abomination of desolation. Even the homosexual Matter/horn figure who ignores the ladies throughout DANIEL 09 etc.

These are the past 4.4 quakes off the coast of California's King Mountains, Rainbow [Coalition] Ridge, and [South Africa] Capetown. That represented the prophetic 4.4 ass/ass/ination of the whore fucking Martin Luther King, and the advent of Sodom and Egypt's 44th boondoggle president. It's the Bay Area gay bashing .44 used in all the DIRTY HARRY prophecies. This is the REV.16 earthquake that has already started dividing America into basically three parts.

By any legal definition, the part Jewish African born Obama, with African shaped Mercer Island roots, is an Indonesian citizen. Thus all the quakes in his native childhood land right before the Iran A-bomb talks in Polanski's beloved Switzerland.

Sean Hannity told some race-baiting liberal caller last week that he had never heard of Obama being involved in murder. Hopefully, my trusty African sidekick Barry, will be able to ram his day 1290 healthcare cock down Hannity's throat in the very near future. So that the Catholic talk show host will stop fucking Larry Sinclair in the ass. A lot of nuts are going to have to be kicked before the lost sons of Israel wake up and smell the prophetic word of God.

William Safire passed away on 9.27 in confirmation of the 'Gem State' Idaho themes in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. In the last days, God is going to gather his lost sapphire [Irving Krystal] gems of Israel. Like the GSR/TWN time machine looking one at:

As revealed by God in the , Michael is a proper name for the Holy Ghost. Who will give anyone that certain personal witness they need to know the truth about all things, large and small. It's why Michael and Stephanie know for certain their eternal future together, in the final Hawaiian kiss number of GREASE 2. It's the Book of Mormon that Michael hands back to Michelle in the Jacob's Ladder 'Cool Rider' number. As per Moroni 10:4...

"And when ye shall recieve these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these [2BC] things are not true; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of all things.

"And by the power of the Holy Ghost [Michael] ye shall know the truth of all [cool] things."

Yours, GSR/TWN


GREASE 2's inspired Cool Rider earthquake number takes place prophetically on a theater stage. To set up Sienna Miller's current look alike stage work in NYC.

Sometimes it's nice to have a little inside Hollywood scoop from Michael. In GREASE 2's final Hawaii luau number, that's Drew Barrymore who puts the lei on her transfigured Greg Relf partner. Then we see Ornella Fresh sing a few lines. Those end credit Ride Elle H.S. yearbook notes by or to "Leslie" are a prophetic Green Lake gang reference to TWIN PEAKS' Leslie Winn. In the 1982 movie, made for Obama's 1961 birth year, British Michael's first date is with that cute young girl who rides a Harry Potter lightening bolt skate board.

Hey Kit. See if you can spot Frank DiAmore.