Saturday, March 31, 2012


The lonely guy picks up chicks at a vampiric blood extraction clinic for the physical transfiguration; which is the first step towards eternal life for 23 year-olds.

THE LONELY GUY opens with the lonely guy working as a greeting cards writer, who drinks 7UP. His big promotion came from writing cards for people's pets, including rabbits etc. Later, the wedding limo scene bears '617 PPL' plates for no.7's 617th image at cfake that depicts her as a bunny, at:

It takes a $500 deposit and a [sire us] sperm sample for the lonely guy to get a telephone installed in his new apartment; before he can start calling the ladies in his little black book in REV.10. During the future time of the day 1290 abomination of desolation, when the country would be getting robbed and held hostage by hoods.

And America's depressed home prices would be at an all time low in inflationary adjusted dollars at:

[Tosh's music is economically depressing in THE JERK, circa Jimmy Carter 1979 meets Jimmy Carter in THE LONELY GUY, circa 1984.]

Here is Jen's 500th image at, positioned next to the fake president, at the social gathering of fake people in Warren's apartment, at:

The lonely guy's little black book in 1984 becomes an instant best seller at the double chronology landmark of the two witnesses' 1260, 1290 days era, etc. called DOUBLEDAY.

Note the fake imaginary Sienna Miller look alike fantasy stand-in body double image at the lonely guys party. Which Warren had rented on the cheap from the LONELY GUY shop at her 81st street birth year reference in the ALFI remake sequel based upon her indie film INTERVIEW preview movie shot in NYC.

After the lonely guy hits the 777 jackpot, the 1984 tabloids start writing stories about him shacking up with movie stars and celebrities. Soon he has three wives with him on the Merve Griffin show. Which then cuts to Griffin by himself, role playing yours truly sitting on the throne of England.


Friday, March 30, 2012


I saw THE LONELY GUY late Thursday, unseen since 1984, that Divinely corresponded with Kate Holmes' new bearded homeless guy pix showing her holding my STARBUCKS thermos in THE JERK's stinky finale at:

Per THE LONELY GUY scenes where my wife Kate is being held hostage in some Barack Obama [hooded thugs] bank robbery by that huge Hollywood star in GET SHORTY; after the Neil Simon adoption shows us her three '6's that represent the ballerina look alike Neve Campbell. Who keeps hopping in bed with one husband after another until finally she becomes pregnant with some stranger that we have never heard of; e.g. Sienna Miller.

Hence, the [Tom] cruise ship SAILOR DOG scenes where Kate falls for the star of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 9, and then tells me later that, "I wasn't happy from the moment I said, I DO "

Think Ornella Fresh from Napoli meets Laurence Pierson from Epinal.

Actually, Iris' character in THE LONELY GUY would have never come to such a profound faith and understanding, after having 6 major husbands and lovers, like the 30ish looking Jennifer Aniston has had, if not for the fact that she was so turned on by the horny guy's symbolic sudden loud sneezes that represented the explosive nature of the three woes in REV.11.

Naturally, all this is predicated upon the horny guy's TV revelations about the physical transfiguration that have the dude dying on his sofa with a tv remote in his hand.

After seeing his smiley-face teenager wife 'Miley Sire Us' in the nude at:

And then in my BODY DOUBLE queen sitting on my double size sofa throne mini love seat sofa in front of my iPAD window icons at:

THE LONELY GUY, who calls himself "Tarzan" opens with a bouquet of Sienna's 12 smiley-face Miley Cyrus style round-face balloons on my born again birthday. So later, the film's foolish PARTY OF 5 virgins ballerina dancer figure in London finally realizes that I AM, in fact, the future King of England. Wherefore, she tries to crash my party of five wife hottie virgins fuck fest.

And so her lowly and humiliating job for now is to take out all the body bags of trash. And it's see you later bitch in the first resurrection.


NOTES: Every arrogant mindless liberal media news clip of Obama's nigger thugs in hoodies is a free billion dollar campaign donation to the Republican Party.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


If you are a white man church-goer who can not handle the truth regarding the abomination of desolation in the Bible, then you have a deep rooted spiritual and intellectual sickness that goes way beyond any upcoming collapse of America's casino economy, or the looming threat from the three woes in REV.11.

Basically. Your mainstream religious problem is, ironically, that you lack faith in the power of the Word of God.

Because in REV.19:10, "... the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." And the spirit of prophecy is not in your heart. Because your self righteous and petty cheap-ass religion heart-of-hearts are set too much upon the things of this world; i.e. the new Sodom and Egypt of the impressive new 666 beast.

As long as you stonewall the truth like Arizona's former political prisoner in North Viet Nam, who was sodomized by his old school 666 guards for so many years that he is now just an old white man version of the homogaysexual freak in the White House, you will continue to be fucked in the ass by the 666 niggers who are oppressing America.

It's high time that the sons of Israel start becoming more realistic.

That fake 850k White Horse Prophecy painting that Steve [Martin] bought from the new German painters back in 2004 was a prophecy about how he would be fooled by the Barack Obama forger in 2008. Per:


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Motherfuckers have the right to kill any nigger who jumps on top of THEM, like that 7-mountains wildcat confirmation in Paradise, Florida for California at:

My beloved house nigger shorty, Spike Lee, is just one more no.44 reason why all those inexperienced corporate cock sucker tasters, fresh out of Obama's Harvard MBA meat grinder, thought that STARBUCKS should introduce their shitty middle of the road kill SPIKE blend coffee. Since there are more Lees in a Chinatown phone book than there are Johnsons in the Divine Trilogy TRI telephone company ECO-150 van that shows up right after the great and abominable church of the ho bitch gets torn apart by the alien hoodie thugs who are invading America from down in Sanford, DISNEY WORLD.

Therefore a [ASPEN FILM SOCIETY] wildfire erupted around Obama's Conifer, Colorado con job landmark around the same time that the abomination of desolation was in the Korean peninsula's penis stump prophecy connection to that MLK wildfire coming out of Florida's swampy penis stump landmark in Baker County.

Ya follow?


When Spike's niggers try to burn down America for the third time, since the new FDR beast was resurrected from the dead in WWII, then it will be 'Three Strikes and You're Out!"

[THE NATURAL's prophecy about the kid who returns from out of nowhere from Provo, Utah.]

Just like the time when I saw that VASELINE ball cheater from the south, Gaylord Perry, strike out the YANKEES' no.44 shorty in Seattle's KING DOME. Then go on to his 300th win.

How do I know this?

Well, Paul Nestor himself let me hold and feel Gaylord's greasy hair baseball cap that was saturated in VASELINE gel on it's right side. At Paul's rental beach cabin in Medina that was located just seven doors down from the new construction going on at Bill Gates' new Branch Davidian WINDOWS software compound.

That was later confirmed by the words of Barack Obama's own African grandmother, who said on tape that the black baby Jesus from Chicago "passed through my hands" in that Kenyan hospital back in 1961.



That balloon in the 5.6 Jerk's mouth was a colored BJ rubber.

THE JERK's crazy Michigan militia sniper, who just got off, was an upcoming Cans Film Festival prophecy about the Mickey Rourke Jerk who abuses the beautiful plant of Judah in ISAIAH 5:7 in the DVD's extras out-takes from the Catholic priest's ugly film presentation.

"I AM GOING TO FUCK YOU FOUR WAYS TO WEDNESDAY!!" I.e. from Lebanon, Gaza, Jordan, and Syria. Per:

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


In THE JERK's 1979 prophecy, my 1953 Sailor Dog forerunner look alike appeared at the Missouri motel room door barking "Relf!.. Relf!.."

Obviously, Larry David is the dead 'Chicken Man' walking UFO look alike from Roswell, NM meets Roswell, Georgia, at:

This is Princess Chloe returns to Hollywood at JFK in my protagonist's sweater that I wore in the FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD porno film prophecy in BODY DOUBLE, at:

The same one that I was wearing when I met Gus Van Sant in Portland, Oregon in the late 80s. And there was actually a can of his MALA NOCHE film on the floor by his feet, featuring that black&white movie poster of Miley Cyrus with a GET SHORTY broken nose, at:

Note Chloe's matching leather jacket suitcase that matches the maroon leather 70s porn star 3-way jacket, size 3XG, that GG recently found at MARSHALLS for me for just 7 bucks.

Yeah I know, Miley looks like my cute little body double monkey cheater sidekick in all of my Tarzan movie prophecies about the elephant stampede that begins after today's big ape from Medved's Mercer Island ends his 42 months long butt fucker prophecy after the end of LL's DUI probation bull shit.

The jerk gets a call on his pinko 80s telephone in BROKEN FLOWERS from Mrs Kimball right when he brings home that nude portrait of a REV.17 darkie hottie who represents Eva Longoria's final four episodes of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

I shit you not.


Monday, March 26, 2012


Probably the main reason why my Old Testament wife Chloe Moretz feels like drinking from my cock's H2O bottle thermal jug dispenser in all those episodes of THE OFFICE meets OFFICE SPACE meets THE JERK, is because somewhere, somehow, somebody told her about the Rt.18 signs and wonders along Gregory Drive that lead up to [Sienna] Miller Canyon; on the west side of Grass Valley Road, like at:

Don't shit a brick. I know exactly how to make an artistically acceptable XXX movie with underaged REV.12 talent spreading eagle in my own private trailer on the set of my latest HOLLY DOES HOLLYWOOD picture, circa 2012 meets 2013. And you are going to like it. And you are going to go back again and again to see it at your local art theater. In order to see what you have coming in the future; if you play your private party Ben Affleck cards right.

If my barely legal-age spoiled brat babes show up at some event that benefits the illegal homosexual politicians in REV.11, because their REV.17 mothers said so, then I will get to have my own way with their illegally aged daughters of Zion in 2NEPHI 8, etc.

You commit constitutional statutory law rape, and I will be allowed to legally fuck your own little slutty virgins in the same hard ass all I want. Who barely have enough pubic hairs on their tight little pussies to even make it look Old Testament.

Have fun. I know I will...



My "halfbreed" sidekick's mother in THE JERK informs him that he is not a "natural born child" [citizen] on his birthday. I.e. he was just dropped off on the doorstep of the White House, and no one wants to tell us where he came from.

When the Jerk's black African father explains the difference between shit and SHINOLA, there is a White Horse Prophecy standing in the background. Then the Jerk steps in a pile of horse shit. Which leads to the free ride he gets from a yellow septic tanker shit-pumping rig. Then he gets another free ride from a shit colored brown sedan. Which ends with his ride to the FIREBIRD MOTEL for cheap hookers in a 60s Free Love Bug VW. Where some Chinatown man names his amazing talking Sailor Dog look alike "Shithead".

Mrs Kimball, the REV.17 mother, calls the Jerk to charge him $75 for Marie's phone number at the MAY CO. Where they do physical transfiguration blood cleansing work. [SHINOLA shoe polish is made with ox-blood; the 12 tribes are often represented by 12 oxen; the Jerk lived on cookies and OJ that he got from blood extractions; etc.]

Then they get married in the LA endowment house by a mormon Negro priesthood holder. In confirmation of the mid 70s revelation from the devil to LDS President Spencer W Kimball about giving the sons of Ham the priesthood. As explained in various spoken-word revelations from God that are recorded word for word in the 2BC.

The Jerk is amazed how Marie's skin has bounced back from her physical transfiguration work. Mentioning that the natural weight loss from her rejuvenated 29ish metabolic rate must almost feel like weightlessness.

At the beginning of THE JERK, Obama himself delivers the Jerk's future white wife tuna sandwich that has been sealed for all eternity.

Marie counts, "1-2-3 for 56" before she throws the knife at the Jerk's big dick, during the future three woes period of the 5.6 White Horse Prophecy revelations in REV.11 etc.

Will Ferrell played up the KING RALPH angle big time in his recent role as the Mardi Gras King in the Big Easy. Since the actor who played my King Ralph role in London lives in New Orleans.

Happy Birthday Princess.


PS: The 1970s protagonist in ERASERHEAD is named Spencer.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


That famous 80s Granny Grass forerunner figure in all those WENDY'S ads, who looked like Queen Elizabeth II, was talking about God's hidden arrow in his [Robin] quiver in ISAIAH 49:2, and more specifically in ZEC.9:14;

"And the Lord shall be seen over them, and his [HUNGER GAMES] arrow shall go forth as the [Harry Potter] lightening: and the Lord GOD shall blow the trumpet [in THE JERK], and shall go with whirlwinds of the south."

[Like the one that destroyed New Orleans with a filthy black water REV.12 flood when the white George W Bush was the forerunner president of the region's Republic of Texas.]

When the lost tribes of Israel's sons of Texas finally wake up and realize, once and for all, that Barack Obama's open-secret fake birth certificate represented the standard of truth and accuracy of the new beast's 666 media, then they will begin to come out of today's new and improved Sodom and Egypt; politically, financially, religiously, and culturally.

Just like Dick Cheney has received another man's heart, so will the sons of Israel in the LDS Bible Belt become the died and born again recipients of a new heart. In confirmation of Skully's best role in a HEART TO HEARTS episode in BODY DOUBLE, after my halfbreed Indian sidekick screwed the rich limousine liberal bitches in LA around Area Code 90210.



The REV.17 year-old [MLK] nigger named Martin who was shot by a Tex-Mex Latino from Cuba, who finally got tired of his hoodie father figure from the hood in Chicago, via DC, beating up on him, has a log criminal arrest record that is being stonewalled by the same fake birth certificate media Jews in NYC etc. Hence, Judea gets fucked up big time at the end of the day 1290's abomination of desolation period in the latter-day temple.

I'm still looking for a copy of that classic EZE.38 invasion A-bomb movie by giant red ants called THEM.

Tired of weak men with short haircuts like Glenn Beck and Michael Medved who can't handle the naked truth in HARD R rated movies? Maybe this will give you some long term big picture at:

Miley Cyrus' royal British Scottish Greek surname is rooted in the ancient Israelite genealogy name of her forefathers from Troy. Who originally settled today's city state of London, which was called New Troy back in the day. Where all those Egyptian love slaves of Israel fled to, long before Moses parted the REV.13 Red Sea that swallowed up the armies of the pharaohs. Who are now looking to destroy Israel

Saturday, March 24, 2012


That REV.17 year-old nigger who looked like his community activist thug step father, Barack Obama, beating up the righteous underneath him, was a DO THE RIGHT THING dead man prophecy, according to:

Therefore the word spread out immediately among Obama's Democrat Party circle in the Third World fascistic media at FOX news etc to spread the word "far and wide" in BODY DOUBLE that his fake birth certificate cover up operation is not going to hold past the end of his 42 months probation period in REV.13.

And for that matter, it's not even holding up anymore between the lines on SNL or in the latest sucker punch Will Ferrell movie filmed in Spanish speaking bullshit.

Last night, I dreamed over and over again that I was looking for a chance to slip my Spanish Fly pill into Miley Cyrus' drink. But she politely excused herself, promising that she would get back in touch with me "in a month".

Then I saw her 50ish father from MULHOLLAND DRIVE loading something, or someone, into a British looking black mini hearse. While I rudely joked like a jerk that the small vehicle looked like a California surfboard woody.

Admittedly, I did get to cop a feel when Miley walked into the room to get her pink crystal studded smart phone in her BROKEN FLOWERS prophecy cameo, co-starring Ms Stone and my Mr Murray marred servant in LOST IN TRANSLATION.

Long time TWNers will remember that I saw the prophetic movie in Tacoma with Chris and Elle Wood right after that physically transfigured TOMMY BAHAMAS dude picked up a really tight ass 19ish call girl at the KICKSTAND coffee shop next-door and drove off with her in his wine red 92ish TACOMA pickup.

There will be no turning back once we start shooting Miley Cyrus' Janis Joplin remake. By that time, it will be too late to stop us.


Your 42 months are almost over;

Friday, March 23, 2012


BODY DOUBLE's Michael Medved did exactly what is his "special purpose" on the radio by exposing the NYT's savage hit piece of OCTOBER'S BABY in the Third Way hour of his radio show Friday. In order that the union thug supporters of Nazi abortion medicine might come to an understanding of the 666 Nazis attempt to counterfeit the royal Davidian birth certificate of the new Messiah named Barack Obama.

E.g. A righteous Israelite mother has the Divinely inspired authority from God to kill her baby. If the freakish ERASER HEAD alien spawn is a retarded Sodom and Egypt type bastard that is going to enslave her for the rest of her life; like the abomination of desolation child who looks like Obama at:

You play the neo Nazi bitch in THE JERK. I will play the neo Nazi conservative who mind fucks you when your 42 months are up in REV.13.

"Have it your way!" [BURGER KING, circa the Reaganite 80s.]

In THE JERK, Carl Reiner declares from the pulpit that those self righteous liberal Hollywood actors in the XKE JAGUAR crash would still be alive today, if only he had the foresight to say 'Cut... it out!'


Thursday, March 22, 2012


The Jerk was suddenly revealed in THE JERK prophecy when his African limestone mask in BODY DOUBLE was pulled off and he looked "20 years younger" to Ornella Fresh's beloved mother from IT STARTED IN NAPOLI. Since the movie came out right after my wife left, and then I immediately went to Gisele's Boston area SEARS store at the Natick mall on Rt.9 during Christmas in order to meet my future wife-swapping Plan-B mate in WANDERLUST, circa 2012.

In confirmation of Emma Watson's mysterious quickie to Boston, only hours before, when she was contractually obligated to show up on the LA Hills set of Coppola's THE BLING RING.

Later, my X-wife's future wife-swapping husband Steven Fresh would be living in Framing/ham, Mass and be selling Japanese made boxes in NYC that you could look into and they would tell you about the future of the new 666 beast in REV.13. Based upon your unique iris 666 marker in your eyes.

To paraphrase the private neo capitalist neo Third Way concepts revealed by God in the 2BC, 'When you build up the just Kingdom of God, you are building up your own private Idaho kingdom.'

Therefore Rihanna was inspired by God to make her midnight bootie call at my younger brother's PRIVATE LIVES workshop for Hollywood jerks in the hills to let everybody know that the life of a king's concubine is really not all that bad, at:

When the Jerk sees that all of the 'Relf's in the new phone book were his father's negro slaves, he suddenly becomes the prey of that crazy right-wing militia sniper rifle look alike madman Mormon actor who was the star of that two witnesses radio show based in George C/looney's Cincinnati, Ohio show at:

Whose first name 'Gordon' was Gordon [Beast] Hinckley's body double namesake for the LDS president who helped pave the way for Barack Obama on the various liberal talk radio shows in Seattle and Kansas City, Missouri.


PS: See the shot where the Indian pulls the trigger in BODY DOUBLE, per:

NOTE: You really don't know that the actress in the final vampire shower scene in BODY DOUBLE is actually Dakota Fanning's double until you see her in a blue bathrobe standing next to Emma Watson's double. Who says that she is going to get a lot of secret bootie call dates after her Irish fuck-me-now [before I die] movie comes out; i.e. "Fuck me now Reggie!!" [WILD AT HEART meets Spike Lee's no.44 movie.]


I watched THE JERK Thursday morning, since I couldn't remember much of anything about it; which came out in theaters a few weeks after my French wife dumped me. So I was very happy to see that it was about my "special purpose" calling as the rod/stem of Jesse in ISAIAH 11 etc. Whose postcards improve the vision of Jewish Hollywood liberals like Carl Reiner so much that they begin to complain about seeing cross-eyed.

One of the film's most prophetic visions is the Tom Brady mansion in LA that the Jerk buys when he becomes nigger rich. Which he fills with nude portraits of Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez that feature a light skin Rihanna going down on no.9 Gisele at 1:09 minutes into the DVD. That ends with the Jerk making out millions of checks for $1.09 to his cross-eyed readers.

I did not know that the 1979 movie was directed by Carl Reiner. Who showed a clip towards the end of the same XKE JAGUAR driving off the same cliff in BODY DOUBLE.

Fortunately my private family savings were invested so heavily in the Chocolate Mtns coco futures of the film's "halfbreed" sidekick that everything turned out well in the ending that takes place next to an old movies art theater.

When the Jerk becomes rich and starts attracting charities, a disgusted Catholic priest shows up with a film about the horrible practice of pussy cat juggling polygamy that is spreading back in his native country. This is after the Jerk got married to his Ornella Fresh look atype girlfriend in the LDS LA temple [endowment house] by a pagan Negro who now holds the priesthood.

In the revelation 91, it states that yours truly, the future King of England, was raised by Gentiles. All of whom held valid LDS temple recommends.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


In the Kingdom of God, women can do whatever they want basically. Because their silly and emotionally dominated behavior has little impact in the eternal world anyway; where they are not allowed to vote, or drag their pussy-whipped husbands into some kind of a 666 court situation, etc.

E.G. TMZ' video of Larry David trapped inside an LA parking garage for window shoppers. Because he does not understand the prophetic meaning of a $5 Lincoln bill, so he has to ask the bitches there to save him, like a little emotionally upset Jew boy at:

LD was set up like the Jewish HBO Hollywood sucker in Woody Allen's BODY DOUBLE prophecy so that a Third Way witness could send in her video about that 4.99 hot dog boner bill sign in Beverly Hills, L.A.

You drive a half breed hybrid car, I'll have my halfbreed nigger drive his long brown TAIL OF THE PUP wiener dog with fangs so far up your Baldy Butte, Oregon ass you'll never know what hit you.

Because you were not looking at anything else except your own reflection in the mirror.



At least two of my Israelite wives will be allowed to watch me breeding in HBO's cancellled LUCKY horse stables show with some of my select White House master milk chocolate concubines, like Rihanna, in the Kingdom of God. And when I'm finished with the job, both of them will be allowed to let Rihanna go down on them and finish their job too; just to make it fair. Ergo, the 'I like to watch' prophecy in BEING THERE.

That debuted on the 1.12 birth date of the two witnesses of Judah and Epjraim in 1971 at:

This is not lesbianism. This is keeping the love alive and in the family in the ALL IN THE FAMILY prophecy that took place in Queens, New York.

I realize that my ignorant and uneducated uppity niggers out there don't like the sound of this. But stop and think about it.

Since you all are going to inherit forever and ever the exact same fabulous Israelite built brownstones up in Harlem that God told the Rev. Manning to dedicate unto His millennial kingdom.

Which were Divinely confirmed by Woody Allen's inspired new move into a million dollar brownstone up around there just to make his darkie honey happy.

For a Divine follow-up to Sandy's slim and fit 27' wide brownstone with 4 stories down in queer town, that she bought for a million bucks.

Let me make this clear in the sense of the Word. Those two Negro babies that were adopted by their rich white REV.17 mothers are going to be their spoiled brat house slaves forever.

Just why do you think that God inspired Sandy and Angie to buy their huge New Orleans plantation mansions where my great great grandfather Daniel Relf forerunner granted his surname to virtually all of the black people in your 50 states phonebook whose last names are Relf?



I found a 4-movie DVD set for 12.95 Wednesday at WAL*MART that includes Steve Martin's prophecy entitled THE JERK.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The liberal LA neocon Jew phonies wearing a conservative mask at BREIGHTBARK are continuing with their polite society mind fuck about Barack Obama being born on FANTASY ISLAND's 50th state of the union. Who are still inspired by Abr/ham Lincoln's Biblical civil war against the more straight-shooting Ephraimites. Who historically were still aware of the threat that the LDS Templar niggers of Egypt posed in the latte-day saints prophecies in EZE.38 etc.

Therefore that NYC based Hollywood shorty named Rob [you] De Niro asked America if they were ready to have a nigger bitch in the White House as your sex slave in Washington.

What the fuck do you think?

Is my 23ish Rihanna root-beer pop cycle concubine not my stud horse sperm lover for creating more of Charlize and Sandra's new adopted love babies?

Watch Spike Lee's light skin nigger-rich breeder babe fuck his skinny dog bone all night long in DO THE RIGHT THING in Jewish Brooklyn, meets SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT, if this bugs you.

I repeat, I would never have gotten interested in independent film if not for that night in Denver, Colorado. When all those loud mouth niggers were all walking into SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT for at least a half hour after the movie started.

Most Third World niggers love them a nice display of fuck you power, even if on a local level. Back in the day, Spike Lee's DO THE RIGHT THING was a pretty big deal.



In the FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD shoot, the conservative looking Frankie gets walked on by no.44's supporters, who will tread upon the righteous for 42 months in REV.13.

Mirrors are everywhere in BODY DOUBLE, which is now being revealed in the days leading up to the opening of MIRROR MIRROR, at:

For example, the master bedroom mirror gets screwed in BODY DOUBLE by my 'marred servant' sidekick who was voted into office by Julia Roberts et al.

Brian De Palma was born on 9.11.

Holly tells Skully that she has friends who will break his legs. In confirmation of my learning on Monday about our dear Mormon friend who just broke his leg at the LDS bishop's storehouse in Kent, Washington.

Those two joggers in radio head sets represent the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in the latter-day Sodom and Egypt of the land of the USA eagle in REV.12 etc. Hence the eagle at the actors workshop above the giant mirror.

Michael Medved's double in BODY DOUBLE is also wearing a radio broadcaster's ear piece.

That is my good part Indian, part Jewish, pilot friend in his trademark Alaska vest who is waiting for his audition, while Skully is on the phone next to a blue model airplane.

The LA detective reminds Skully that my future half Jewish no.44 sidekick is his "blood brother".


Monday, March 19, 2012


I read in the BOSTON GLOBE that Emma Watson will come to Hollywood today to start doing Coppola's new BODY DOUBLE remake. For a Divine HOLLY DOES HOLLYWOOD confirmation of the future King of England's blog notes about the film-in-a-film's FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD's wiener franks private porno movie prophecy.

E.g. If my freaky no.15 Little Miss Sunshine girl from South Africa is still too hung up on the big nigger babies and little Jew boys in Hollywood, Jesus himself will make a certain 1980s date for me to be fucking my 15 year-old plus wives on the deck of her mother's REV.13:1 beach house in Malibu.

In the 1984 BODY DOUBLE prophecy, Emma's Holly Body double stands in for the Davidian Holy Body of Christ's Holy Grail prophecy about the rod of Jesse King of England in 2bc.91 and D&C 85/86 etc. etc. Based on the movie's 86 police file case about the one mighty and strong who sucker punched the Mormon church's queer leaders in all those drive-time KALL radio ads back in 1994.

If you want to act like some old aging Christian church lady bitch in REV.17, then I will make you my own private abomination of desolation bitch. And none of you will ever be allowed to be in a position of leadership again during this mortality.

While the rest of you LDS saints will be given 12 months to repent of your political correctness and be re-baptized again, or be taken off the membership rolls of the Kingdom of God. Where only real men need apply for membership.

When all queers, Jews, niggers, and 'Christians' will be invited to go to the back of the Love Bus in places like Relfs Bluff, Arkansas in Lincoln County; south of [New] Yorktown and Star City, along Ms Z's Hwy.425.




My future Indian sidekick in BODY DOUBLE robs Annalynne McCord's government credit card key upon the REV.13:1 sands of Israel in order to gain entry into the Buddhist House of Israel. When the deficit spending would explode during his usurpation of the presidency. And all the white men would be too weak to do anything about it; to paraphrase the whitey LA detective, 'Gloria would still be alive if you had called the police on the Indian.'

An unusually located 3.3 quake happened Sunday at 11:48:45 am east of Washington's Hyw.101 in confirmation of Ellie Kemper telling Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon or whatever Hollywood sucker, that she threw those two bloody dog fangs out the window somewhere along Hwy.101.

After BODY DOUBLE's gay vampire opening, Skully gets a brown boner hot dog icon with onion rings for 4.99 and tells the guy to keep the Lincoln penny in change for his Lincoln bill. The 1999 Larry Sinclair blow job is put into context by the lady giving her boyfriend a hot dog BJ in back of the Beverly Hills joint.

BODY DOUBLE's acting guru is Van Brooks, circa 1990 at the SEATTLE ACTORS LAB. Last I heard he was still at it in Austin, Texas.

The credit card key magically opens the Revell house like a magic wand in Emma Watson's fantasy Harry Potter movies. The satellite dish, the Space Needle house, etc represent the amazing talking technology of the new 666 beast in REV.13. Which temps man to worship their "mind fuck" idol instead of God.

There are REV.16 Egyptian tents on the beach in BODY DOUBLE.

A large wildfire erupted north of the Republican River in Obama's Colorado on Sunday.

When Holly exits the Space Needle house, you can see a large spooky face in the college ivy. In the final vampire body double shower scene, Emma Watson's double is wearing an England red leather skirt.


Sunday, March 18, 2012


The nice thing about casting Lindsay Lohan and Emma Stone as the same character, with real time non-falsies, in your WOODPECKER WITH STILL WIFE rip-off, is that you just know that she is going to show up late, or maybe even be on time and is just too exhausted, whatever, because she was out all night just two hours earlier.

So now, according to Hollywood union regs, you get to have your mid-morning exploitation coffee break in your trailer. Where there is nothing in the world like a nice and tight early boner blow job wake-up call by some gorgeous starlet with big tits and no makeup who you can legally fire on the spot. If you feel like reporting her spoiled brat tardy sex habits. Knowing full well that all you are contractually obligated to do is shoot a few quickie pick up shots of her, and worry about it later in post, or not.

Either way, your ass is covered. Even if LL decides to haul your ass into court. Because all you have to do is show the judge the latest TMZ video of her stumbling out of some LA nightclub, like 45 minutes before call time, and you still get to use her in your production trailer, and in the movie trailer. Which will feature her really sexy scenes that are not going to be in the movie anyway.

Talk about having your chocolate cake and eating it too.

Whoever thought that the day would come when Paris Hilton replaces Lindsay Lohan in some PLAN B-movie horror film at the new and improved SUNDANCE festival in Utah for mega media communication corporations due to budget considerations?

Oh yeah, "I want you in my next picture."

You make me look like a sucker. I'll make you look like a sucker.



There were four peculiar 5...size virgin earthquakes in the REV.13:1 Indian Ocean, back to back, when my Indian sidekick notes rolled out. The first hitting at:

This famous REV.13:1 beach boner landmark is in the area at:

That is yours truly sitting next to Skully in the first act's acting job interview scene.

A guy named Allen owns BODY DOUBLE's Space Needle house in the Hollywood Hills, who spends a lot of time in Europe. As confirmed by the film's Woody Allen clerk at the all night porn video shop.

No one back in 1984 would have ever dreamed that Allen would be shooting all his films in Europe when my halfbreed sidekick was in the White House. This being the same futurist house in Obama's Colorado, where Allen made his liberal feel-good dictator movie entitled SLEEPER.

BODY DOUBLE opens as the sun sets on Hollywood's LAmanite town.

Emma Watson is reported to be co-starring in Sophia Coppola's new Hollywood Hills burglary movie called BLING RING.

Annalynne McCord gets screwed by my sidekick in BODY DOUBLE with the same drill that he is not using to produce more energy. When Skully phones the detective in his office later, there is a Bible open to REVELATION on the officer's desk.

Mrs Revell's house among the seven hills beast stands for the House of Israel in REVELATION. Last weekend, Paris Hilton was up there house hunting, according to TMZ. She was one of the BLING RING's victims.

"...the girl in the window..." in BODY DOUBLE refers to the computer WINDOWS program based in the Seattle area.

BODY DOUBLE's mighty line, "I like to watch." is about my prophetic figure in BEING THERE. Who fends off the black abomination of desolation man child with his TV remote movies, etc.

The suspicious security guard in Beverly Hills is Michael Medved's body double from Seattle's African shaped Mercer Island. The one who inquires about my window watching.

5 teens [virgins] were shot Saturday in Letterman's Indian/a polis at some St Patrick's Day event.


Saturday, March 17, 2012


The black Irish George Clooney got arrested in DC, for crossing the line of the law, at the same time that Rosie O'Donnell's OWN talk show for lesbian niggers at 7 was cancelled. Because all the bitches like Charlize Theron need to get their own House of Israel in order before they start worrying about the miserable plight of the Gentiles.

Those who live in the high concept glass houses featured at should not throw stones.

Rich white women who adopt poor black babies are self righteous fools who think that they are high above everyone else.

Therefore, all you man eating bitches must all die now, spiritually speaking. In order for the manly restoration of the House of Israel to come to pass in your Area Code 310 area for JER. 31, etc.

This is the part in THE POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE where Emma Roberts' daddy got his thumb cut off around the same time, circa 1984, when I got my own dick cut off, and believe me, I liked it, like I did at:

Not like that tragic shorty with the high hair makeup in David Lynch's ERASERHEAD prophecy. Who role played the foolish 70s square from Arizona, named Spencer W Kimball, who put the niggers into America's White House temples because he was so desperate to be loved by today's worldly. Who later died in a donut shop in Pasadena, California after some nigger sucker punched him.



The CHINATOWN ending to 1984's BODY DOUBLE results in my half white man Indian sidekick, who drives an O.J. BRONCO, getting pushed into the day 1290 ft Grand Rapids by a white dog. That takes place next to the oil pipeline that he has cancelled while gasoline is rising towards $5 a gallon.

The halfbreed Indian's wife is a great Annalynne McCord look alike in a wig. Hence the 90210 style beach scenes.

Her shorthaired blond HOLLY DOES HOLLYWOOD body double is a remarkable Emma Watson look alike, from top to bottom. Which suddenly becomes apparent after the three-way cum shot scene and the actors talk business afterwards in Holly's makeup room. Where Skully asks her out for a drink and she replies, "I don't even know you."

The clock reads 4:04 in the above FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD porn shoot. In order to establish the film's prophetic 2012 time-line.

Those two vampire fangs in Skully's VAMPIRE'S KISS scenes are the same two bloody dog teeth that Ellie Kemper just told Jimmy Fallon that she found in the basement of her new house. Confirmed on Friday by her thematic role in 21 JUMP STREET.

My sidekick in BODY DOUBLE wears large jackboots.

I met John Henry Browne around the same time that BODY DOUBLE came out. When we were hanging out at his waterfront shag pad.
Have you ever seen a wide angle photo of Seattle with no Space Needle in it? See the mind fuck image at:


Friday, March 16, 2012


Those 4 frozen popsicles I bought at THE CHECKOUT were of the double stick boner kind, in 4 different color flavors of the rainbow; lemon, lime, strawberry, and blueberry.

If I have to, I'll double cast my WOODPECKER WITH STILL LIFE rip-off using both Lindsay Lohan and Emma Stone for my brilliant fuck you indie film debut.. E.g. I'm fucking Emma in the toilet on the flight to the bullshit Hawaii convention, using insert shots of LL's big tits. Juxtapositional to the introductory scenes where I sit down next to Lindsay, and the reaction shots in our witty 007 double intender conversation cut between Emma Stone and LL; utilizing makeup and hair of course.

And if we don't have that kind of makeup team budget, then we'll just use sunglasses and falsies, like at:

Besides, all the teenager film critics on the information super highway will give us a pass anyway when I get both Emma and Lindsay in bed for a genuine 70s three-way, that was cheaply done by some phony second redhead pick up shot that obviously wasn't meant to be real.

In the original BODY DOUBLE mind fuck movie, my guy from Seattle's Actors' Workshop sets up the liberal Hollywood double talker cock-sucker Bill Maher look alike, who takes his physical transfiguration fall off of that high elevation SPACE NEEDLE look alike house in the high hills of L.A. at:

If the dailies turn out to be as good as they look on paper, I may even sneak in a cum shot or two of me and Paris Hilton wearing a redhead wig and a VICTORIA'S SECRET push-up bra. Probably with a really mean hot looking Rene Zellweger bitch shooting us on video. Who looks like the kind of latina lesbo in a low budget Mexico movie that you just wish you could fuck all night long at:


Thursday, March 15, 2012


If you read between the very DEEP THROAT threads at WND and FREE REPUBLIC, etc. you will learn that the Masonic city state of London is going to take over the world during the millennium. Starting with me and my five wise virgins from around my world empire; that the sun has never set on since Keira Knightley's PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN series.

Which now are being wrapped up by my same sidekick movie star in THE ALONE RANGER.

Hence, my own stiff necked wife Charlize Heron, whose REV.17 Malibu mother stiffed her own father, adopted some black African tribe baby, named Jackson, at the same time some 22 children violently died inside a high elevation Alfred Hitchcock vagina icon in a Love Bus from Dr Evil's chocolate Belgium. And those innocent children who survived the prophetic crash, that God himself had caused, were sent to a hospital in Sion. Which is just another Elizabeth Smart spelling be version of the word Zion.

Talk about the EUROPEAN VACATION confirmations in EUROTRIP that are now being reshot in that final four college spring break madness old school movie, starring Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hagendaas.

Oh yeah, daddy wants a nice and thick deli sandwich slice of those two French Italian cheese wheels. Stacked up high on whole wheat with sliced corn beef.

Since all day long Thursday I was seeing nothing but number '23' license plate signs and wonders. Including that 22-23ish Philippine hottie at THE CHECKOUT who was bending her nice little ass up high while she was restocking the cheese out of her prophetic English Boxing Day boxes.

In confirmation of the wise virgin in SABRINA who was originally born in London.

Which is exactly the kind of thing that inspired Letterman's regular green room star of CASA DE MI PADRE to so proudly point out his middle-aged spread relationship to my AMERICAN GIGOLO daddy. Who likes to watch Jennifer Aniston take it in the ass at her high elevation shag pad in Palm Springs, in movies like SEMI-PRO and THE OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION meets ALONG CAME POLLY meets the alternate ending to THE BREAKUP.

That was just confirmed by Gov Elvis' decision to honor the omertà code of the new and improved Chicago Obama mob, even if it meant that he had to throw his two virgin daughters under the bus.

Reportedly, the DIE HARD Barack Obama supporter is going to fulfill his same political 'captivity' prophecy in REV.13 in the same federal Colorado prison where Larry Sinclair spent about the same amount of time sucking on the cocks of niggers.


Two nights ago, I dreamed that I bought 4 popsicles at THE CHECKOUT from a new female cashier there, like at:

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


CASABLANCA DE MI PADRES comes on Friday. In confirmation of that sucker punch in SEMI-PRO that finally released the vomit inducing game-changer plan inside of the desecrated Los Angeles LDS temple in SEMi-PRO's FINAL FOUR 4th place prophecy. Which came out on Leap Day 2008; right about when Obama came out of the political closet of the latte-day Sodom and Egypt in REV.11.

[Actually, those basketball court scenes were shot at the Los Angeles Fire Dept's old school training center gym.]

Talk about a DEEP THROAT informer meets a BARTON FINK infiltrator from Orange County who is now BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR in the green room on David Letterman et al.

In my SABRINA 1995 remake prophecy about my future virgin wife, who I knew since she was born in 1994, the George W. Bush meets Barack Obama wanna be Branch Davidian is so weak that he doesn't even have the balls in CASA DE MI PADRE to endorse his own Mitt Romney wanna be Mormon Baptist Christian politician clone figure.

[SABRINA opened in late 95, and rolled out in 1996, for a "2 years-old" confirmation of when Dakota Fanning was born to be the future queen virgin of the King of England.]

Therefore, now is the time for the Third Way corporation government board culture remake to 1954's original SABRINA suicide prophecy, that takes place on the vast estate of Jerry Seinfeld in the North Beach regions of the Long Island garfish prophecy, circa 2012. Since the new 666 fascist beast in REV.13 could have never come to pass if not for his love of the Jewish soft ball media based at the NYT.

Sabrina says that I AM some kind of a Picasso painting on a wall. After she showed up in a crystal time machine gown from the future at the old gray lady's birthday party. Where all those high society NYT types looked like they too deserved to be shot on camera like that ombré in CASA DE MI PADRE.


SABRINA is about a man who is stuck inside the CASA DE MI PADRE, like at:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


They arrested that redhead slut at FOX news who was obstructing justice in the investigation of Obama's fake birth certificate on the same day that the Bible Belt's church ladies who listen to Glenn Beck et al were doing the best they could to get Mitt Romney elected as the whitey version of the abomination of desolation.

In confirmation of Lindsay Lohan's inspired new WOODPECKER WITH STILL LIFE hair job prophecy after her hosting SNL at 30 ROCK.

After seeing that Tuesday afternoon on drudge, I looked down and turned my head in disgust, and lo and behold, I looked right at the 1995 SABRINA remake lying next to it's black&white look alike HITCH DVD cover art on top of my pile of unwatched movies. In confirmation of the new TMZ type rumor I saw at WALL*MART that Will Smith is getting his H&K cock sucked by my sidekick nigger behind the Casablanca White House in DC, at:

Where my 53ish templer movie star, with a scar on his Chinatown chin phonebook namesake, from Sandy's Big Hole, Wyoming hooks up with his underaged teenager lover on Howard Stern's Long Island, NY.

Which naturally freaked out David Letterman so much that he actually had to go on air Monday night and tell us that it's not funny. Even though everybody else around him, including Paul, knows that it is.

Have you ever had a silly girlfriend who didn't think something was funny?

And even Leno played a clip of that liberal Jew media fink who got sucker punched by Dave's fed-up staff from a 211 steel NO PARKING sign post while he was trying his best to scandalize some desperate small businessman Republican with money problems.

Basically, SABRINA 1995 is about a much older Harrison Ford, circa 2012, getting his rejuvenated cock sucked dry by Dakota Fanning, while Chloe Moretz is in the kitchen getting drinks, in the middle of the night.


My higher elevation revelation about Mel's D&C 86 seminary compound being worthy of support in six months was about the School of Prophets in Salem, Utah as well. All of whom will be given the strong medicine that they need at the end of the 42 months in REV.13.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Whitey's girlfriend, Cathy Greig, finally admitted in THE BOSTON GLOBE's Saturday edition that she was my Area Code 310 wife who protected me for 16 to 18 years in the MY BLUE HEAVEN federal protection racket movie prophecy on 3.10, at:

Because Granny Grass had just received her new Sharon Stone cover girl copy of an AARP porno magazine like that fat C.H.I.P.S. cop found in the back of the honking Love Bus in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE meets DEEP THROAT BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR, in 2012.

Perhaps the funniest scene in Will Ferrell's semi prophetic SEMI-PRO prophecy is where yours truly quietly sneaks in to watch that relatively short NBA player going at it with my future wife at the STAPLES CENTER in LA at street number 1111.

You fuck my teenage Girl Scout, I'll fuck your teenager girl named Scout in the LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE movie. Per my Mel Gibson backyard prophecy where you gave me that H&K cock go ahead to fuck those two teens in AMERICAN GIGOLO.

After all, you set her off to Brown University, along with a check for over 200k, and then she paid you back in a public humiliation for the favor; about how much she hates your guts, and the phony Third Way America that you stood for, in your 1980s Democrat Reagan DIE HARD debut.

You got what you deserved bro. No amount of Demi's 1960s hippie Love Bus bullshit that you raised them on will ever take the place of the truth that the two witnesses and I gave you during their 1260 days period in REV. 11-12-13.

Just ask that colorblind apostate Mormon Glenn Beck, who recently relocated to the apostate Christian Bible Belt bastion of Dallas, Texas.

Like in this new physically transfigured cover of me and Adriana Lima flaunting the way we look in THE WAY WE WERE meets BACK TO THE FUTURE at:


Saturday, March 10, 2012


Months ago I found a 50-episodes set of THE LONE RANGER for just a $5 Lincoln bill. Only one episode of the White Horse Prophecy hero, from 56, is in color, entitled A MESSAGE FROM ABE. So I watched that one Saturday night, after having seen Johnny Depp's new colored "zebra" face mulatto sidekick.

A MESSAGE FROM ABE takes place on Barack Obama's log cabin Republican holiday for Lincoln's Birthday. Wherein a Steve Bridges impressionist in wigs and makeup performs the Gettysburg Address as Lincoln. Only the presidential impersonator himself is being impersonated by his partner thief, while he goes and robs an old man's money hidden under some Lincoln logs.

The phony president plot to steal some Obamacare money, that his sick wife needs, comes to an end when Sheriff Arpaio uncovers the plot with the help of the masked Lone Ranger in blue and his obviously gay sidekick in MIDNIGHT COWBOY getup, circa 2012.

My prophetic DVD collector's set of the 50 episodes that stand for the 50 states of America is called "GUN JUSTICE", available at:

The presidential imposter in A MESSAGE FROM ABE is called Phil Beach. When Phil's partner was on the run, Sheriff Joe says he looked " the devil was after him." E.g:



LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE's pre-Obama first act features Larry Sinclair style long brown blow job popsicles for desert after their Funky Chicken dinner.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Recently I posted on this blog that Johnny Depp didn't have my kind of money to make a movie about my crazy half-breed sidekick in the ALONE RANGER Waco, Texas White Horse Prophecy prophecies from the si-fi 50-60s. But now I see that he did, perhaps because I challenged him, doesn't matter. Because I really don't give a fuck where he got the money; and neither should you. It's none of your Jewish IRS 666 asshole business anyway.

See the MARK 13:14 war paint in REV.19 that I AM talking about at this SUPER FREAKY GIRL face makeup link. And then go die off like the filthy dirty Jewish D&C 86 flying-rat finks that you look like at:

I'm truly sorry if fucking Miley Montana in the front seat of her mint condition 69 hatchback MUSTANG offends your polite society liberalism at:

If it helps at all, please just send us a courteous email with your current street address attached. So that one of Oliver Stone's future 2012 NATURAL BORN KILLERS destroying angels from the Bible can come over and give you the kind of physical massage therapy in DOUBLE WHAMMY that you so richly deserve.

So see:

They're asking 23k for Miley to RIDE THE PONY in the TMZ video, based on the Exit 23..' Rt.74 "Carefree Highway" in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. Where daddy 'Greg' gets up on stage with his super freaky odd looking little DISNEYLAND TV girl and starts doing the funky chicken with her.


St Patricks Day is coming:

Thursday, March 8, 2012


From out of the blue, Dakota Fanning is starring in a new British production about the death of her look alike 17 year-old Twiggy forerunner virgins. Who eventually need to attend their closest endowment house to complete their dying blood cleansing rituals. Per the film's new MY BLUE HEAVEN movie poster art at:

The born again movie takes place in Ireland. In confirmation of Chili Palmer's second time appearance inside Karen's posh pad like a thief in the night. Just after she had spent all day on some PLAN-B movie set crawling out of her EZE.37 grave, take after take. And it still was not working on any emotional or spiritual level.

NOW IS GOOD's new trailer features the dying actress sitting above the coast of Catholic Ireland for Mel Gibson's Branch Davidian compound location high above the coastal bluffs of Malibu at:

Where Dakota's future husband climbs through her private computer window without anyone else having to know a thing about it. Kind of like all those GSR/TWN readers who have secretly infiltrated Hollywood and the NYT etc. before any of the sucker punched fools there knew what hit them. And now it's too late for them to put the genie back into his bottle, that just sold for $14,000,000 plus in their own full page ads.



Little Miss Pearson from Taylorsville, Utah died on I-215 Wednesday for the "2:15" stretch down the Interstate to reach the LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE contest by 3:00. Per:

The family Love Bus goes under a maze of Interstate bridges after the old FDR grandpa dies, and they stuff his body in back with a stack of porno magazines. Hence the ominous sudden passing of Steve Bridges in his last symbolic performance as Barack Obama.

Grandpa's body is taken away from the hotel's number 12 [tribes] parking spot as "America The Beautifull" is sung with the 12 contestants, having signaled out contestant no. 12.

A turkey roasting infomercial is on the hospital lobby TV when we learn grandpa died. And the doctor calls for the black "Alice!" in wonderland first lady of Arizona.

Little Miss Olive ordered a mountain of chocolate ice-cream to go with her $4 waffles. Since their I-10 route to Redondo Beach took them right past the prophetic gentile Chocolate Mtns.

Stan, the independent book publisher in Arizona, is a Kenny Kemp look alike.

The "HONK IF YOU'RE HORNY" pull over scene takes place against a backdrop of oil drilling pumps. Where everybody starts breathing hard when they push it.

That faded 'UNITED WE STAND' billboard in the colorblind scene stands for the abomination of desolation who is in the process of curing Glenn Beck et al's weak colorblind vision. E.g:


Wednesday, March 7, 2012


To be honest with you, the sudden unexpected appearance of Girl Scout pussy galore selling cookies at THE CHECKOUT and WAL*MART and everywhere else was the thing that motivated me to finally watch the LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE prophecy.

Because I really really do love their dark chocolate coconut ring virgin vagina cookies that they call "Samoas", which feature this hot babe look alike that I saw at STARBUCKS on the same day, wearing a burned firefighter's hat. That was immediately confirmed by that Fort Bragg Green Barrette who sacrificed his life for his two Little Miss Sunshine girls. Who were probably being raised up to become like the super freaks in the above apostate Christian movie anyway.

[Hot wise virgin girls like Michelle Rodriguez and Adriana Lima have rather dark vagina lip rings.]

Speaking of wet 15 year-old pussy;

Here is Amanda Kerr in a pair of leather pants by Chloe Moretz, holding the same umbrella in that knit sweater episode of THE AVENGERS, at:

Then there is this royal princess from the mirror at the BL STARBUCKS off 211th. Who is sporting LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE's wildcat outfit, complete with pushed out REV.12 mommy tummy, at:

[Most women stop smiling and get very serious looking right before you fuck them. Which is why Miss Stewart gets the big bucks for the way she looks naturally, without faking it.]

And don't forget about the boys, like this one sitting on my DR HAVOCK's 450 SL, role playing a physically transfigured Mr Bean, circa 1986, at:


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Those two surprise sucker-punches thrown by the devil in GET SHORTY were just confirmed by that double Keira Knightley 4.4 earthquake number due west of Devil's Punchbowl, Oregon on Monday at 10:1/3:26 local time. In confirmation of the new and improved release of her long awaited sucker punch film called LONDON BOULEVARD. Which is about her getting protected and fucked and then protected and fucked over and over again around the same time that her Canadian DANGEROUS METHOD acting movie came out, at:

Therefore, Princess Keira's new neo Hitchcock DVD plot was just elaborated upon by Miley Montana's new LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE pix of her jogging along with her invisible Alaskan pilot bodyguard dog at:

To go with all those enlarged coins on stage at the end of the above show; when Miley and her long suffering Love Bus daddy, Greg, get it on together at the REDONDO BEACH SUITES.

If I have to, I'll slap together the Janis Joplin screenplay myself. And then I'll shoot the fucking and sucking thing myself on SONY inside of 4 weeks, both on and off camera. Just like they did in the miraculous WAG THE DOG prophecy about me fucking my virgin Girl Scout wives during the time when my sidekick's fake birth certificate would be sponsored by the NYT, and then exposed by that TRUE GRIT sheriff out in Surprise, Arizona.

"You know Chili, I've been think'n... There's really no reason why you and I shouldn't get along. I mean forget about all that stuff that happened before..."

"I don't even remember how all this mess started."

"I say you owe me money. I say fuck that. I say you owe me the juice on the money. I say fuck that too."

"But this is strictly between you and I..."


"You say nothing to nobody about this."


"Whatever you say Ray."


Monday, March 5, 2012


The news broke about the passing of famous impressionist Steve [Carell] Bridges, i.e. Barack Obama and George Bush, on the same day I watched LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE's motel room scene where a White House press conference is turned off. And then we finally see that Dwayne's T-shirt says "JESUS WAS WRONG", i.e. their apostate fake version of "Jesus" at:

Interstate bridges are a major motif in the 2006 pre-Obama film.

Bridges passed away suddenly at 48, for the same iconic founding number of Israel; on the eve of BiBi's meeting Monday with the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14 etc.

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE opens with a tub of KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN from DINAH'S. In confirmation of the Texas Independence Day tornado that ravished the town where Colonel Sanders was born. Henryville, Indiana is located on Hwy 31 FLAVORS, due west of New Washington and Bethlehem. 1001' Round Nob's scoop of chocolate ice-cream is right there to the west, for my recent GET SHORTY 6 notes at 10:01.

Homosexual love affairs are a destructive dead end in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. Hence Daisy Hill was wiped out on Texas Independence Day in confirmation of the prophetic Gay Hill landmark in Washington County, Texas. And we hear about the Jewish gay life of Proust at the end of Redondo Beach's very long pier.

The old dead FDR body of grandpa Michael Savage is taken away at the LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE pageant in reference to West Liberty getting wiped out by a twister in C-Looney's Kentucky, west of Moon [Think Hollywood North meets NORTH BY NORTHWEST Idaho fascist..... conspiracy lunatic.] Hwy.460's West Liberty is in [Piers] Morgan County, for the 46 year-old CNN talk host.

Olive is contestant no.25 at the SUPER FREAKY GIRL ending to LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. That takes place on a stage decorated with Lady Liberty coins. Since Little Sandy [Bullock] is located just north of West Liberty [Now thinking Texas].



Finally I got around to watching LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE 2006 Sunday night, Monday morning, for the first time ever. God damn! I had no idea what I was missing all these years.

The indie film fantasy about me fucking a dozen underaged virgin finalists at Redondo Beach was a Divine 'Oh Jesus!' born-again moment confirmation of the last time I was there. When Tarantino was still working around there at some VHS video store. And me having parked my 'Alfa' at the curb next to the huge power plant there, guarded by high concrete West Bank style security walls. Then walking over to the TMZ beach area, after seeing Charles Bronson exiting his underground parking condo, where a huge crowd of fishermen were hauling in mini mackerel tunafish on the end of the joint's tourist trap pier.

This French virgin wife link will take you to the new SUPER FREAK video of Miss Moretz in Milano for the new fuck-me face of MARAMAX at:

That now fully explains my prophetic Carrey Mulligan dream about my 76ish beige-pest ALFETTA 4-door running out of gas at California's Coronado seawall in the movie's finale. Which was ultimately about my $700 1979 CHEVETTE that often had to be push-started, from the same year that Angeline Lilly was born. Screening on the same day of the NYT no.55,700.

Olive being my own private "TRASH KING" T-shirt girl, now 15ish, who I fell head-over-heels in love with in the IT STARTED IN NAPLES prophecy about 'The King of Hollywood' from 1976 Philadelphia, PA.

Ergo, the film's future 15 year-old Paul Garrison look alike ALASKA native Indian pilot, who is now on a 9-month vow of silence towards me, will finally wake up once he discovers that he has been just as color-blind as that Catholic Mormon apostate Christian radio preacher Glenn Beck.

Because: "...he's colorblind, he can't fly."
Remember, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE's creepy old queer Proust scholar depiction of Larry Sugarman came out way before the Larry Sinclair revelations about him licking Obama's chocolate ice-cream sugar-cone in Gurnee, Illinois.


Sunday, March 4, 2012


Jesus' sidekick made that Georgetown, Washington, DC coed into a national sensation on the eve of my wife hosting SNL because THE LONELY GUY actor in the MY BLUE HEAVEN prophecy likes them, "... a little dirty."

E.g. Sunday morning at 3:48 AM, the distinct soft voice of Renee Zellweger whispered a surprise LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE message into my soft pillow ear; that was quickly confirmed later by TIFFANY's brilliant cushion cut ring for $4,250 in the no.55,700 NYT. Because LL was advised on Saturday night at 30 ROCK by an older, crazier babe, with a much nicer tighter ass and smaller tits, that she could toss her three-way sofa throw-pillows around all she wants; just as long as she doesn't get them dirty.

But then the ever-increasing threatening gun-to-the-head cell-phone calls in GET SHORTY became so FAST&FURIOUS that she finally gave in and invited her hot-tits house-sitter LL to come along with her to the three-way nudist colony bed&breakfast in WANDERLUST.

Meanwhile, Rush published an apology for hitting that dry cleaner cunt in the face the same way that Chili punched Bones in the face for taking his black leather SERPICO jacket that represented Obama's official government law-enforcement birth certificate fraud.

You know that the 42 months period has come to an end when the defeated two witnesses start apologizing for calling a spade a spade.


Friday, March 2, 2012


That slutty coed who is asking for about a grand a year in free birth control was called by America's son of Ham abomination on the same day that Hamilton County, Tenn was raked by tornadoes. This sleazy LA TIMES link contains her GET SHORTY look alike image of that hot and horny dry cleaner whore who got punched in the face by the film's REV.17 beast figure Bones, at:,0,1280757.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+latimes%2Fnews%2Fpolitics+(L.A.+Times+-+Politics)

The shady lady's Shady Grove, Tenn landmark there is located on the edge of Lake Chickamauga, where Hwy.27 runs down to Red Bank in confirmation of the $2700 in juice that she owes the Miami mob.

The above O.J. Simpson juice debt is calculated in the scene where the black Obama cutthroat figure is holding a sharp blade against Chili's throat. Inside RICH'S barber shop that has REV.13:1 predatory fish mounted all over the walls.

GET SHORTY introduces the plot's main Obama figure with a girl licking a Chocolate Mtns ice-cream cone that looks exactly like his bald head. For a prophetic reference to the future illegal alien in MARK 13:14 who got his first fake ID job at a 31 FLAVORS in Hawaii.

We first see the dry cleaner owner 'Leo' sitting on an airplane next to an amazing sleeping Michael Savage look alike. Who is seated in front of a fat lady wearing REV.13:1 aquamarine. Leo's plaid hat matches the drug dealer's plaid suitcase full of "baby food" coke.

Chili gets patted down by the Feds the same way that the mob boss Bones pats him down later.

The filthy urine soaked pool motif represents the filthy 1260 days era flood in REV.12. Hence, Oliver Stone feels like peeing before going down to meet my Surprise, Arizona Jesus figure in the middle of the night.

God's killer tornadoes swarmed across Texas City, Illinois, America on Texas Independence Day. Think Washington County, Texas, where Gay Hill is located near the state's 42 months landmark called Lake Somerville.



Those Divine miraculous images of the great front door to St Joseph's Catholic Church are about Oliver Stone's Ephraimite priesthood DOORS prophecy at:

Generally speaking, Tom Brady's adopted home town of Boston, Mass is thought of as a Catholic Irish Italian landmark, [think Lindsay Lohan] surrounded by the same apostate Christian Protestants featured in Mel Gibson's THE PATRIOT prophecy.

Now confirmed by the near completion of Tom's grotesque Third World mansion in Brentwood that confirms Oliver Stone's three GROTESQUE plan B-movies in GET SHORTY.

That astonishing pile of Israelite Egyptian Masonite templer bricks in the above images looks like a no-shit-Sherlock clue to some C-looney conspiracy nut from Kentucky who wants to assassinate Mitt Romney in order to stop the Messianic No.33 level Masonites from taking over the world. [E.g. see the underground basement threads at WND and FREE REPUBLIC.]

Because a few weeks ago I dreamed that a fellow fly fisherman asked me streamside who I wanted to see as the Republican candidate. I replied that I like Newt Gingrich the most, but that I had a recent dream that the Catholic Rick Santorum would be the party's candidate. [[A rare dream within a dream.]]

Prophetic dreams are very metaphorical and symbolic. So we'll soon see what that one was all about. Because right after my encounter with the above fisherman, I decided to start wading upstream, due to the upper North Stilly's roaring waterfall that was getting louder and louder downstream aways.


Thursday, March 1, 2012


Andrew Breitbart dropped dead in trendy Brentwood at the end of 30 ROCK's Leap Day holiday episode because his kind in polite society had come up so short over the years on Barack Obama's fake birth certificate.

The Obama snow job that FOX news et al have been conducting is also the reason why Ms Snowe is leaving the U.S. Senate while the getting is good. Her announcement was Providentially timed to go with those Leap Day tornadoes that killed 5 foolish virgins on [Tom] Brady Street in Rt.34's Harrisburg, Illinois.

Which snow job continues as AP et al are still reporting that Hawaii has confirmed that Obama was born there. Based on the state's former health director Ms Fuckimo who stated that she has seen his birth record; describing it very specifically as being half typed and half hand written. Meanwhile, no one in Hawaii government has ever confirmed that Obama's April 27 computer document is a genuine original.

There has never been one specific comment from a Hawaii state employee in regards to that obvious fake image that was published on the front page of the NYT.

Meanwhile, Brentwood's Jennifer Garner just delivered her baby boy for a REV.12 baby story plot about the post 1260 days war that the devil will wage on the righteous after the 666 flood in Washington, DC is mopped up.

This is the death of the phony Republican Party that has been involved with this high society charade from the beginning.