Saturday, May 30, 2009


Black Tyrese Gibson changed the words in his NBA national anthem Wednesday evening, at LA's street number 1111 STAPLES CENTER game 5; singing "...and the Lakers were still there..." instead of 'our flag was still there'. Thereby confirming my Michelle Rodriguez Yugoslavia mission dream, about changing America's 50 states flag into a foreign flag with just one red star, for today's desecrated Washington, DC.

That same Wednesday, 5 people died in a handicap van collision near Gibson and Egypt, Ark; northwest of Memphis, Egypt, USA. For the abomination of desolation in the missing ark at Mel's new Malibu temple mount, at:

Compare Obama's inspired lesbian pick for the high court of Sodom and Egypt to [red] Rosie O'Donnell at:

Mr O himself followed up the ominous game 5 sign on game 6 Friday. Ordering a juicy fried homogaysexual cheeseburger stuffed with 47 year-old virgin Larry Sinclair's favorite hot jalapenos icons, at FIVE GUYS burger joint in DC. No word if Obama ordered a PEPSI CENTER drink from their employees, all dressed up in red. But the final score, between the ten virgin contest of 5 players each, was 119-92, marking GROUNDHOG DAY's Hwy.119 and sending the LAKERS to today's Ch.09 gran finale.

One thing leads to another in the Craighead County, Ark temple locations, like; Bono, Kings Hwy.91, and THE FAT SPY's Herman prophecy.

Virgin readers will notice the KOOL British fag, and 1960s motel carpet, when they watch WILD AT HEART's New Orleans, Cape Fear, Hurricane flood prophecy at:

This VICEROY HOTEL California portrait's cobra bracelet is for the film's mighty line:
"The cobra's waiting to strike Chicka..."
Wherein the mother of whores figure keeps getting her VICEROY fag fired up when one strikes the explosive wooden match sticks of Judah and Ephraim. Sienna Miller's upcoming GI JOE: Rise of the Cobra, will probably deal with some of the same prophetic themes.

Here's another take on the 1990 film's vomit carpet motif on Megan Fox at:

WILD AT HEART opens inside the great church of the devil. Featuring a black Obama figure holding a wad of government money in one hand, and a knife in the other, with orders from his white Israelite whore to finish off America's conservative sailors. You will have to see the prophetic David Lynch movie to see how that turns out. When I stuck the old tape into my VCR Thursday morning, I looked over and noticed that the clock read 1:19 am.

When the story gets to New Orleans, we see a fat pre-Obama Oprah singing at some underground secret combinations night club, that goes:

"I fell for you baby like a bomb...
Now my love's gone up in flames..."

Then it's my future SAILOR DOG character telling Lula [Lohan] about some jet-black hair whore he once fucked. Who had been helping Obama confiscate the people's right to bear REV.16 arms:

"I had a boner with a capital O..."

Can you blame me?...

Gregory Scott Relf


Check out the red FIVE GUYS type T-shirt Gibson wore at:

The scary pagan tattoo-faced Mike Tyson is 42. Everyone who knows him says that he is actually quite a very sweet guy at:

This year it's Shittsburg and Detroit on the ice for the STANLEY tools cup.

There was a powerfull day 1260 July 3, 1996 earthquake down in Mel Gibson country, hitting 7.3 at:

I like this "double nickels" video at:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Word up to all you good Christian conservative virgins out there who are ignoring and denying the latter-day revealed word of God in the Bible and the Book of Mormon, etc. Day 1290's black Jewish abomination of desolation prince has nominated a brown [shirt] skinned race-based lesbian fascist to the Supreme Court, so that you all will spit the diseased MLK Jr cum out of your open mouths.

Lady Sotomayor's single star Puerto Rico flag resembles the red star flag of my Yugoslavia mission dream. Because there are no longer 50 independent Constitutional state stars in the USA flag. Now there is only the one centralized fasciated state of FDR's [federal] Washington, DC, at:

God is now grabbing you polite society fools by the back of your necks, and pushing your noses down hard into that fly infested pool of vomit featured in Mr Lynch's inspired WILD AT HEART Big Tuna, Texas prophecy.

Have you yellow belly sap suckers had enough yet? I doubt it, since most of you Bible fuckers have your warm$fuzzy pricks so far up Obama's chocolate gentile asshole that you can't stop. Therefore, there are many more 666 orgasms to come.

Now comes the violent Exodus of lost Israel from the latter-day Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. Prophesied by the pagan sacrificial APOCALYPTO lynching of Mike Tyson's innocent virgin daughter named Exodus. On the same old NUGGET CASINO day that Barack Obama was in O.J. Simpson's 2020 Las Vegas.

Right where the prophetic AUSTIN POWERS trilogy began at the 21 blackjack table with No.2 and Alotta Vagina.

The only way to defeat the new beast's unconstitutional race based tyranny is to restore America's original Constitutional right to personally discriminate for any reason whatsover. When you naive white conservatives talk about how much you love MLK Jr etc. you are simply pimping out today's corrupt cultural fascists. Like the Catholic REV.17 Notre Dame lady judge Sotomayor, who hates your looks.

According to his infinite grace and wisdom, God has given you the evil burden of Barack Obama; that the faithless dark evil in your own D&C 86 hearts might be exorcised.

"Where there's shit there's flies..." [God]

Gregory Scott Relf


Here is a former Yugoslavia map of lost Israel, showing the prophetic three-part REV.16 breakup of America at:

The Whitehouse media laughed off questions about Obama's Hawaii birth certificate. On the same day he landed his Casablanca chopper in a Brentwood, CA dog park, and a military OH 58 D chopper crashed at Hawaii's Wheeler Mtn base; killing two. The question was asked for the first time at:

Sotomayor is a member of the future REV.16 group La Raza. The prefix 'Soto' means underground in Italian mafia speak, as in, underground mayor, or underground boss. Her and the 666 media are all members of today's secret combinations culture, at:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I found a copy of ROLLING STONE lying atop the postoffice trash can Monday. Inside I saw that typical Schwarzenegger [Powell, McCain] quote:

"We should all be able to meet in the middle. That's where the [vagina] action is."

Later, I saw the breaking news reports about that Whitehouse looking church fire in Middleborogh, Mass, that cancelled their Memorial Day parade at:

Note that the thematic centrist name of Rev Bruce Smith's D&C 86 church is "Central Congregational Church."

A small town called Rock is just down the highway from Middleboro, next to South Middleboro. To the east is .44 man Son of Sam's Sampson Pound. Sampson was a [Yugoslavian] Danite of course.

Mel Gibson was on Leno Monday night. The mysterious church that Mel is building on the Jewish Malibu temple mount right now represents today's abomination of desolation in America's new Jerusalem.
Reportedly, Mike Tyson's 4 year-old daughter is fighting for her life in McCain's EZE.37 Arizona, the Grand Canyon [Ravenna Park] state, after falling off her mother's 42 months treadmill and somehow getting a cord wrapped around her neck, like a nose, on the day of game 4. It's very possible that the poor child is brain dead. Sadly, this is no fluke either. Given the Providential context of Madonna falling hard off her own 42 months treadmill while trying to adopt a child in Obama's Africa. And the Hangman River goes right by Spokane, Washington at the [Dick] Cheney Cowles Memorial [Day] Museum; near my own personal 2BC landmark called Dishman.

I think at one point Larry Sinclair worked in the Colorado state prison kitchen as a dish washer.

The AP report I read is at:

Tyson is quite famous for his Iggy Pop abs. I had just gotten out my new ABS exerciser some hours earlier, at:

Hey Jimmy, here's another great SNL funeral skit. Cmdr. Hook III, 44, crashed his 320 CESSNA in Fallon, Nevada Friday, killing his three virgin daughters, at:

Remember Mini Me's hangman note to Dr Evil's son in AP II ? Not to mention all those crashing hangman crane sins and wonders during the 2008 election of the illegal abomination of desolation.

Speaking of the brain dead among us. The Boss is planning his 57th, and last, concert in Giants Stadium this fall. According to:

Hey Brad, I dreamed Sunday that a smiling Michelle Rodriguez kissed me, while doing her laundry. We were getting ready to go on a 12 month service mission to "Yugoslavia". The late country's red, white, and blue, flag should be America's new flag under Obama. So it was probably a dream metaphor of the USA, at:

If you're in the area, I have a new photo that I'd like to frame and hang inside my closet, at:

You can put it up next to this one at:

I stopped by HOLLYWOOD VIDEO Monday to rent THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS. But felt impressed to buy a used copy of Naomi Watts' EASTER PROMISES London mob movie, shot in 2006. When I saw that pre-Obama rising sun tattoo on the 666 hand at:

"Every sin leaves a mark..." [Of the beast]

Yours, GSR/TWN

Monday, May 25, 2009


Spokane, Washington police arrested Terry Thomas Saturday for raping a 27 year-old woman in broad daylight beside a large stone, shaped like the Rock of Gibraltar, in Riverfront Park, at:

THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS' Rock of Gibraltar opening was confirmed the very next day by General Colin Powell's advice about screwing the Republican Party in the ass. According to the 1987 film's plot about a traitorous general who embezzeles government funds and plays both sides. Sharon Stone's vagina/anus tunnel of love colon poster is at:

One may recall, that Gibraltar is the only place in western Europe where native wild apes live. In confirmation of the Obama backing general's red rock Lake Powell landmark in the PLANET OF THE APES prophecies. You can see their unusually light skin at:

Based on DANIEL's I-70 weeks chronology, the time will come when the black officer Powell and Bruce Willis will no longer be able to keep Obama's birth certificate locked up in a safe on top of Hollywood's FOX tower. Which has now been relocated to Obama's DIE HARD hometown, and renamed the WILLIS TOWER.

It's no fluke that Granny Grass had the movie's air ducts cleaned by an Arab looking Bruce Willis on the actor's 54th birthday. Nor was it a brain dead fluke that all those kids, on a skiing trip, crashed into a cemetery in Butte, Montana, on the same day of Natasha's cemetery memorial. Who died herself from an extremely symbolic skiing accident on a kids' beginner slope in Canada.

For any new readers, here's a look at Colin Powell's thematic stonewall Hole-in-the-Rock roadside colon attraction, at:

For yet another biblical son of Ham confirmation, I saw Sunday's report about Kevin Bacon getting his Barry Obama BLACKBERRY stolen while inside the beast's 7th Ave tunnel-of-love subway stop; on the blackjack 21st no less, at:

Bacon was scammed by Barack Obama backer Bernie Maddock, just like Steven Speilberg, etc. Confirming the vision I had of his wife, sitting alone inside an old VW parked outside Bonnie Lake's BLT tavern. [Bacon, lettace, and tomato vagina sandwich.]

The LAKERS series with Denver's NUGGETS means it's time to review the giant gold nugget meteor prophecy in AP III: GOLDMEMBER. The one that starts out around Lake Powell, and features Larry Sinclair sitting in front of Obama, next to a tall NBA player, before Dr Evil's prison rap video #42. That homosexual monkey, who sticks his finger inside his butt and then falls off a Branch Davidian tree, was some 'very important information'.

Remember, GOLDMEMBER's hilarious Mel Gibson figure sports a chocolate mole right above his homogaycelibate lips. While Mini Me goes 'mental' over Obama's Chocolate Mtns miracles. [I doubt if Mel voted Republican.]

The 'H' in Dr Evil's "Preparation H" feel-good butthole plot stands for Hollywood. That's why he gets sentenced by a black female Judge Oprah at the United Nation's world court.

Mike Myer's flexible solid gold GSR Goldmember sire, with the big 'G' logo, is introduced by slapping each one of his wives on the ass. Now confirmed in 09 by the fact that one of my royal offspring is working for NIKE in Goldmember's Holland. Isn't that weird?

Of course, Foxxy's gay translator at Jenny's Club 69 is a prophetic Larry Sinclair information spy character.

"Smashing Basil!.. A pimpmobile!" says Austin Powers, on his way there.

Gregory Scott Relf

Saturday, May 23, 2009


The LAKERS' basketball playoffs are always a big Hollywood party. When they take place in the NUGGETS same PEPSI arena where Hollywood's homgaysexual leader Obama was illegally nominated, one should keep an extra sharp eye on the score board.

After all, Kobe fucked that REV.17 lady in the ass at some Rockie Mtns resort off DANIEL's I-70 weeks route over the prophetic REV.16 Continental Divide in the G7 peaks zone of REV.13 at Loveland Pass.

To mark Thursday's Rev.16 to REV.13 score of 106 over 103, Sharon Stone [rock] wept for her good friend Natasha at Thursday's AIDS charity snow job in the G7 city of Cannes, France. Who died from her thematic Aspen, Colo skiing accident that was confirmed by Bruce Willis' ski lodge fire off I/da/ho's Rt.20. Then there is the nearby Mt Blanc inferno French connection in a symbolically suggestive tunnel of love hole.

To the sleepy latter-day virgins like Sharon Stone, or the Pope, or President Monson, Natasha's extremely symbolic brain dead confirmations were all just a fluke. The fact that Thursday's CINEMA AGAINST AIDS fund raiser highlight was the sale of Bill Clinton's famous blow job sax icon means nothing to the brain dead zombies of La La Land.

Larry Sinclair did not spend years in a prophetic 666 Colorado prison for nothing. I guess the beast is still calling him at:

Two weeks ago down in Larry's Florida, off Mike Myers' space rocket beach, a local film crew for HOW TO DO FLORIDA almost got spiked by a REV.9 stinger when a spotted stingray jumped into their camera boat, at:

Looks like it happened on the north end of Lover's Key in [Spike] Lee County. In Divine reference to TIFFANY's inspired EZE.37 skeleton keys promotion.

Check out Sharon's amazing necklace of vaginas and anuses she wore for the AMFAR event at:

Gregory Scott Relf


I saw an amazing Evangeline Lilly look alike grab a box of 'CHEWY' granola bars at THE CHECKOUT Thursday. Then I saw the looker playing with her chewing gum on the cover of WOMEN'S HEALTH Friday, at:

It's enough to make one reach for a fine tumbler glass of CANADIAN CLUB.

Guys are always complaining that you never get to see Evangeline's natural freckles. Here's a shot in the context of a no.34 church message at:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Getting ready to shower Tuesday evening, Granny Grass called me outside to see two red-head woodpeckers sneaking around in her walnut tree. Earlier in the day, she bought me a pair of COLUMBIA brand Woody Allen corduroy pants at [Federal] MARSHALLS, on close-out for $3.

I have not worn a pair of corduroys since I was a teenager. So it must of had something to do with all those new courthouse pictures of famous corduroy man Woody. Winning $5,000,000 in prizes for that American pants company billboard that used his Inspector Clouseau disguise from ANNIE HALL at:

Because that night on Letterman's WORLD WIDE PANTS show, they had three Annie Hall chicks on stage who had won some bird calling contest. Demonstrating their winning mating calls of some exotic red beak jungle wood pecker looking bird confirmation of that flying "pecker" rocket in AP II: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

Right before Letterman, TMZ had clips of Mickey Rourke telling a zapperazzi that he hopes the REV.17 bird in his wrestler movie will eventually die; which I have not seen yet. Mickey's poetic justic tattoo pix are at:

He has a BRIDES OF DRACULA crown on the right side of his neck.

Jane Fonda came out after the bird ladies, hyping Michelle Obama's brilliant clothing advice about wearing something you bought more than once, in her opening comments. If I recall, the first ladies' red beak bird was a jungle native of Obama's native Indonesia. Probably the only country where he is a legal citizen. Therefore, a military C 130 plane crashed in Obama's homeland the same Tuesday, USA time, killing scores near Madiun aiport's Madison references in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy, at:

It's about Mark Cherry's albino GSR mad man ending up in the Pink Panther's insane asylum on the season finale of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

Did you hear about that 35 year-old dude who took a ferry over from Rt.104's Kingston, WA last weekend, and flashed his bird at various Edmonds teens he thought might be close friends of Jennifer Aniston? It was definitely a Divine red cherry allusion to Sunday's red college honors for Larry Bird and Steven Spielberg at:

Because that D&C 86 LDS church for single friends at Harvard burned down on the same day Obama spoke at D&C 86 Harvard's Notre Dame campus, at:

You can see the church's medicine wheel featured in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy in this take, at:

GG found SAFEWAY's corn cob special Tuesday, three for a buck. I'm gonna go microwave one and butter it up good right now.

Gregory Scott Relf


Sunday's EZE 4.7 waters of life earthquake hit next to Kristen Stewart's Hollywood Park horse track in Inglewood, CA at 8:39 pm. Located in south LA along Bonnie Lake's symbolic South Prairie Rd.

Catnapping before Cameron Diaz was due out on Leno Monday, I had a flash vision at 11:52 pm of the actress hugging a giant redwood tree. That was so wide, it looked like she was trying to hug a wall. So I thought, fuck it, and went back to sleep.

Check out these funny pix of Sienna at some flower show, in a old granny coat statement, at:

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Some weeks ago, I picked up an old tape of 1993's GROUNDHOG DAY for $1. That has Bill Murray flashing my four pairs of wives threesome sign, for a total of eight, on his bedside clock at:

That's what I call change.

The prophetic US President movie, filmed in presidential Jefferson County, PA, actually takes place in the future year of 09. Based on Shittsburg's channel 9 news microphone in all the stump varmint town square scenes, featuring the fat men wearing stump hats. Where Phil tells the people attending Barack Obama's bogus 09 inauguration:

"This is pitiful!!... A thousand people, freezing their butts off, waiting to worship a rat... What a hype!"

"You're hypocrites!.. All of ya... They used to mean something in this town!"

"Am I upsetting you princess?

At one point, Phil asks his gay camera man Larry [Sinclair] to speak up and tell us what he knows in his heart; played by Chris Elliot. Continuing:

"I'll give you a winter prediction. It's gonna be cold. It's gonna be gray. And it's gonna last you for the rest of your life..."

After which, Phil kidnaps the varmint and drives off the edge of Ravenna Park. That cuts over the flaming image of his 5 virgins bedside clock reading '5:59' for the park's location beside Seattle's 5900 16th N.E. block.

This is the same cliff that Cameron Diaz' character jumps off in her haunting church of the devil movie, entitled THE INVISIBLE CIRCUS. As prophesied in the 2BC, many will wish to commit suicide when their beloved church of the marxist 666 whore falls. Having no hope and faith whatsoever in God's revealed economy and health care plans.

Eternal GROUNDHOG DAY tyranny ends when people can see that true compassion and charity is not the spiritually poisonous compulsory state. That the 666 church devil 'accuser' in REV.12 proposed in the pre-existance.

Towards the end, Phil teaches his wife how to throw her playing cards into the future stump-hat holding the Manchurian candidate's Queen of Hearts. Telling her that tomorrow, she will probably forget everything she learned, "and treat me like a jerk again".

Later, crazy man Phil carves out a wonderful ice sculpture of Jennifer Aniston's face, that he wishes to top off with cherry syrup. For the old lady's B&B house he is staying at on Cherry Street's future DESPARATE HOUSEWIVES location, produced by Mark Cherry.

Gregory Scott Relf


THE INVISIBLE CIRCUS' threesome poster is at:

GD takes place on February 2, for the 'Feb 2' desk callender page hanging in my room since 2005; marking the last day I saw my father alive. Next to it is the crucifix logo SWATCH watch, that froze at 3:00 exactly some years ago, which someone stole from the guy in SNL's season finale funeral skit. Who requested that the guilty party drop it inside of Naomi's lamb skin UGG boot that he placed on top of the coffin.

Here's a great shot of Michael Savage's groundhog dog on the cover of PSYCHOLOGICAL NUDITY. He has complained recently like his show is like GROUNDHOG DAY, at:
Compare it to:

A filly won PREAKNESS for the first time in 85 years, in confirmation of Kristen Stewart's 409 race track prophecy:
"No one can catch her...
No one can touch my 409..."

Phil tells Rita that he has been killed off a zillion times; stabbed, shot, run over, drowned, etc. Here's the latest insane asylum, PINK PANTHER, movie director example in Woody's new film about Seattle's 5700 block man. And his naive teenage girlfriend that he found in his basement, at:

I saw this post's 1:19 time-stamp when I logged it. GD starts out in the first act with the Ch.9 van turning onto Punxsutawney's Hwy.119. The place is located by Stump Creek, east of Hamilton, north of Juneau, etc.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


DC's nutty professor gave the commencement speech at ASU's home of the Sun Devils Wednesday. To give everyone a plain object lesson about how 'the abominable church of the devil', in 1NEPHI 14 etc. is a direct reference to DANIEL's 'abomination of desolation' title. Confirmed by his church people invite to give the commencement, and receive another honorary title, from Notre Dame [Our Lady Mother] this weekend.

"And when the day cometh that the [MARK 13:14] wrath of God is poured out upon the mother of harlots, which is the great and abominable church of all the earth, whose founder is the devil, then, at that day, the work of the father shall [commence], in preparing the way for the fulfilling of his covenants, which he has made to his people who are of the house of Israel." [Vs. 17]

For a second witness, the 5.2 weekly LDS Church News was lying around the house Wednesday. Featuring a cover photo of Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf at BYU's commencement, flashing his two thumbs-up sign over the Obama era headline "DAY OF CHANGE".

ANGELS AND DEMONS opens this week for a great joint membership metaphor about the church of the Lamb, and the church of the devil. Manifested on the same day of Obama's Sun Devils speech, by the German Pope calling for an official Palestinian state of abomination in Jerusalem.

Twisters and high winds blew through Zion's northern Missouri Wednesday, around Ravanna, MO in Mercer [Island] County. For Seattle's Ravenna Park drop off prophecy, illustrated by that Egyptian Candidate assassin driving off the park's steep edge in AP:II: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and breaking both his two stick legs of Judah and Ephraim.

Wednesday morning, I watched the blind musician rob a bank with the help of his performance monkey, in 1975's prophetic RETURN OF THE PINK PANTHER. While inspector Clouseau demanded to see the man's [birth certificate] licensed credentials to operate. It all ends inside of an insane asylum. With today's Hollywood directors trying to kill off yours truly in all their GSR/TWN movies. As the Pinko 666 Panther cranks his old 1930s camera exactly like they do in Naomi's pre-Obama KING KONG prophecy.

Gregory Scott Relf


The French surname 'Clous/eau' means clues to the [eau] waters of life.

Pope 16 is holding a mass Thursday at Mel's symbolic Jewish [Sunny Malibu] Mount of the Transfiguration site; featured in his Providential blockbuster movie about the Lamb.

Here is ASU's official SUN DEVILS team logo, with the same abominable church pastor pitchfork featured in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy at:

Note the icon's horns from DANIEL, and his inspector Clouseau mustache disguise.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Gay marriage in the latter-day Sodom and Egypt has become such a political obsession, that monogamous marriage is beginning to look rather gay. Given the fact that any homogaysexual in America, male or female, has always had the right to get married for real. And all of today's apostate Christian religions ignore the Biblical principle of plural marriage, including the D&C 86 mormons. Partly because the de facto gay churches are all ignoring the plain and simple last days prophecies about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, and their part in the restoration of Israelite law.

This is why God has given America a married president who is a well known homosexual. If you are a preacher who is ignoring half the Bible, including DANIEL's day 1290 abomination of desolation, then shut the fuck up about gay marriage.

Start acting more like those wonderfully married couples, Ben Afflect and Jennifer Garner, or Tom and Katie and Ashton and Demi. Who know exactly what is going on, even more than you do, with all your religious studies, but refuse to have anything to do with it. Go to your drunken no alcohol high society parties in DC, or Dallas, or SLC, while your scrotum shaped state of West Virginia turns into yet another REV.12 flood zone message from God.

Gilbert, WV was hit the hardest on the Saturday of Obama's big yuck yuck coctail party; for Garner's REV.13 gilled garfish Long Island scene, etc. It's due north of REV.17's Justice and the [Black] Panther landmark of the political predators that you good Christians allowed into the White House without a fight. Next comes the big penis top slice-off at the tip of her state's Pinkerton Knob prophecy, next to MLK's Martinsburg, and a place called Falling Waters.

West Virginia's cut-off [Prince] Charles Town landmark reminds us how so few of the wise five virgins on the religious right had the balls to even mention Michael Savage last week.

On this Mother of Whores Day, that matched Mexico's regular May 10th Mother's Day, the Houston ROCKETS beat LA 99 to 87, in confirmation of Larry Sinclair's 1999 book about Obama's Johnson administration. Check out his FRENCH'S brown mustard post at:

They are launching another rocket shuttle Monday to take care of America's giant BIG BOY burger penis shaped telescope. Too bad it's pointed in the wrong direction.

Bruno's IN LIKE FLINT in-and-out music on his myspace page had been confirmed in recent days by those clips of Barry and Joe going for quick in-and-out burgers around DC [As in dick]. Several days before I linked up to his fake BRUNO movie myspace site. They even stopped at a place called RAY'S HELL BURGERS, for a royal BURGER KING from hell joke. ['Ray' means king in Spanish and French.]

Before I heard about the REV.12 flooding around Jen's Panther, WV Saturday, I picked up 4 old PINK PANTHER movies on tape for 50 cents each at Saturday's library fund raiser. That night, I watched the transsexual thief crash his car into a tree in 1978's REVENGE OF THE PINK PANTHER. Letting Clouseau operate under the radar because the bad guys thought he was dead, over, finished. In the end, the film's mob gang dies in a Chinatown, Hong Kong fireworks explosion.

Gregory Scott Relf

Friday, May 8, 2009


The opening Houston ROCKETS vs the LA LAKERS shot blocking score of 111 to 98 was my cue to update Mike Meyer's Johnson rocket prophecy, entitled AP II: The Spy Who Shagged Me. As Woody would have it, I watched the 1999 party confirmation on the same day Bruno released his new brown baby pictures on his White Horse prophecy space at:

Be sure to see the latest friends postings at Bruno's page, by Jenny's new KOMFORT INN motel management movie co-star 'Mike' at:

AP II unfolds from Dr Evil's volcanic lair located in Barck Obama's future Hawaii Islands. Where the gay Ted Casablanca look alike commando is in charge of White House security.

Fat Bastard plays Obama's future Nutty Professor fatso alter ego persona. A BBQ baby short ribs loving pig of a man, with fat spy turtle heads poking out of his butt, dressed in the traditional Scottish plaid of lost Judah, and sucking on bag pipes. Who is a secret self destructive Manchurian candidate assassin, planted deep inside the UK CIA, etc. Who shows up in the end wearing the Nazi brown shirt uniform of Obama's Big Brown race horse UPS truck prophecy.

It's back to the future, when AP says that the G7 beast's alien British albino world is ruled by "Damned dirty apes!!" And mysterious giant UFO boner rockets are flying around in the sky above Washington, DC.

You know exactly what the prophetic time frame is, for today's pop culture suckers, when the new beast's Mini Me monster gets a symbolic REV.9 swine flu shot stinger in the ass. And then Dr Evil hands him a red marxist sucker.

The final words of Will Ferrell's hilarious Egyptian candidate assassin, who drove off a cliff, were confirmed by Friday's surprise news about Obama's planned trip to Egypt, on 6.04.

"Here goes nothing..."

Gregory Scott Relf


Missouri Gov Jay [Leno] Nixon declared a ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW motorcycle emeregency Friday, at:

The same day about 50 people were injured in Jay's home town of Boston, Mass on the underground trolley, at:

Friday's new Bruno stuff is in the BRUNO movie trailer at:

New readers should note that 'Bruno' means brown in Italian. Compare his silver rocket space-suit with the ones in AP II. Don't miss the twin Der Zurich Obama look alikes in his Top 10 friends section. His #1 GSR/TWN post spoof is pretty funny at:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


When you mix the colors red and green you get a rather muddy tint of GIRARDELLI type San Francisco MILK chocolate brown mulatto. As recently manifested in the prophetic surname of the city's legally blind former mayor Willie Brown; who has the same 3.20 birth date as Spike Lee. This is what the lost gentile Israelites are doing right now in DC, USA and London, England.

Germany's notorious homosexual NAZI 'Brownshirt' thugs ended up wearing brown because there was a large supply of brown shirts left over from their REV.17 Mother Land's WW I campaign in Africa. You can see their iconic jumbo erection arm salutes, the size of shot blocking NBA Big Foot players, at:

The above asshole analogy was confirmed by Tuesday's announcement from Brown's transsexual UK branch of the world wide Barack Obama movement. Demonstrating how Britain's emasculated men, dominated by an old Jewish queen and her gayish son, will tolerate a million illegal brown people plundering and ransacking their small island state; but not let any angry white men, such as Michael Savage, speak up about it.

I knew that there would be a major REV.13 revelation on the same day that Sodom and Egypt's NYT published their prophetic edition No.54,666. Besides the obvious explosive wildfire in Der Schwarzeneigger's Santa Barbara, CA, that confirmed those hundreds of fires that erupted when AG Jerry Brown got behind Marie Osmond's beloved Sodomites in California last year. [ The LDS church lady Ms O-smond supports gay marriage "civil rights", just like her late Vegas show producer Danny Gan, and Chicago's Ms O.]

Brown's government is only revealing 16 of the 22 names on Ms Smith's enemies list. Which feels like a parallel REV.16 reference, out of REVELATION's unique 22 chapters, to the UK breaking up into three REV.16 parts, when their brown shit invasion hits the fan.

Remember the enclosed Nazi Catholic photos, as you watch Notre Dame grant the prophetic abomination of desolation prince with an honorary degree on 5.17. It's all about Hitler's "unity and cooperation" platform in the link's bottom quote, from Obama's restored "My New Order" movement at:

Then picture Tom Cruise riding on his latest fast motorcycle, or flying one of his fast WWII planes, when you see all those smiling clips of him and Kate at this Saturday's big Obama media cocktail party in DC.

Many of the radical new era Islamists in Brown's Britain believe that God will allow them to take over the White House in the last days. Like so many of today's simple minded foolish Christians, they fail to understand that their inspired prophetic vision has already come to pass. Divinely foretold by the Muslim abomination that is occupying Daniel's Temple Mount in modern Jerusalem.

Gregory Scott Relf

Monday, May 4, 2009


28 people were injured Saturday when a tour bus from ISLAND EMPIRE STAGES ground it's right side against a wall in Perris, CA; pronounced 'Paris'. For my socialist Soledad French bus crash post, on the same day that the MLK loving neocon Jack Kemp passed away. The same day the news broke about Atlanta's [MLK] King Center church Pastor Vernon King suddenly dying in Greensboro, NC, at age 48.

The crash happen by Obama's Nuevo Road, [new road] according to:

After weeks of quiet building, Gov Palin's Alaska volcano made another DIE HARD roof top explosion of ash and steam on Sunday. The best line in AUSTIN POWERS: International Man of Mystery, was "I'm sorry that bug up your ass had to die..." Referring to the Egyptian dung beetle god living up inside of Elizabeth Hurley's tush.

Paris was at Saturday's KENTUCKY DERBY. Where the favorite horse, I Want Revenge, was forced to make a historic drop out of slot 13. Limbaugh is right, Barry Obama is deeply motivated by his basic marxist ideology of revenge. While he releases Bush's emails and files and communicates with Chinatown, Chicago through his untraceable BLACKBERRY.

"We have a man on the loose in Nevada!" Warns Basil in AP:IMOM, referring to Senator Reid's state. High society LDS guys like Reid put the word 'whore' in D&C 86.

"My jumbo jet!... Smashing baby!..." is another Austin Powers EZE.10 prophecy that was uttered in 1997's pre-911 AP:IMOM.

18 of Chaves' narco republic body guards died in a Venezuela "military" chopper crash Sunday. In confirmation of my Wayne Newton sign post. Danny Gan had also just come out with a new warm and fuzzy "positive" Christianity church book. Like the book that Professor Joe Butcher is hocking in his new way religious fund raising broadcasts from the Aztec temple mount in LICENSE TO KILL.

Thieves stole nitrate on the same Thursday Bill Clinton visited the Oklahomo City bomb site, at:,0,2442663.story

There was another 2.5 quake in Malibu's KISS ME DEADLY spot; at 1:29:25 London time, Sunday. Ever since the 2000 Florida election, the number '25' has appeared quite often as a penis reference. When a defrosted Austin Powers gets his penis pump back in AP:1, we see a royal House of David emblem on the wall.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


The brilliant Las Vegas mimic, Danny Gan, 52, suddenly passed away on fascism's marxist May Day holiday, at his home in the HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS 42 months Big Foot treadmill landmark next to DANIEL 2's Boulder; near DOMINO's Ho/over Dam and Obama's Black Mountains. His first name Danny was a Divine DANIEL confirmation of today's day 1290 abomination of desolation presidential impersonator in Oprah's vagina shaped O-val O-ffice.

The whole Wayne Newton new beast temple theme was confirmation of Mussolini's FIAT CHRYSLER filing for bankruptcy on the anniversary of Hitler's death in 1945. Who was put in office on the first day 1290 abomination of desolation date of 8.2 in 1934. Thus the Holocaust museum to the 666 worshiping Jews in NYC, who betrayed America and their own Israel by voting for Daniel's abomination by over 80%. That has 6 walls, 6 roofs, 6 main rooms, and 6 windows on each wall, at:

The 7 crowns of the beast in REV.13 etc. are visible in this CHRYSLER tower reference to the coming DIE HARD roof top information explosion atop Chicago's WILLIS TOWER. The prophetic 42 months icon, adorned with predatory beasts, is located off 42nd street at:

Speaking of the 2008 election earthquake in REV.16, no.44's BEVERLY HILLS COP prophecy was confirmed on May Day by a 4.4 quake in Malibu's KISS ME DEADLY hot spot. It was 1:11:13 am with a 5.2 date in Sienna's London town. No word yet if she made it back alive from Africa's Skull Island.

As a part of God's 70 weeks plan to out America's transsexual leader in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy, the US Constitution usurper Barack Obama will be naming his first supreme court replacement for the gay judge David S-outer. Who has been helping stonewall the known truth about DANIEL's Jewish abomination of desolation man, who does not honor the desires of women.

For a second witness in today's modern Sodom and Egypt, the front of a historic Tribeca building, off Church St, collapsed on the same day they announced the TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL's awards. In confirmation of the event's premier of Woody Allen's WHATEVER WORKS portrait of DANIEL's Machiavellian prince. The structure's 71 Reade address was a read-the-scriptures message from the God of Abraham. I read that Danny Gan had recently released a church music CD.

Woody still owes me some serious cake. So I'm transfiguring to my 175 lb camera weight as you read this. Using my new Iggy Pop mail-order ABS machine, as advertised at:

A second witness 3.1 quake hit the same Malibu spot at 10:34:14 pm local time. For an Area Code 310 sign that Mel's inspired temple mount production is going to be converted from a no.33 church into a no.34 church. The '14' sire number stands for Mel's royal Branch Davidian roots.

Gregory Scott Relf


The first AUSTIN POWERS: International Man of Mystery, came out on 5.2 in 1997, at:

Wherein Dr Evil foments a nuke plot to create a massive number of Hawaii volcanos.

That tragic socialist French tourist bus crash on El Camino Real Hwy. in Soledad, CA, on Jessica Alba's birthday, was a Soul Dad omen.