Sunday, September 27, 2009

0926 NOTES:

Conan O'Brien banged his famous red head in an obvious gay head skit that was supposed to air on their Friday show, running into 09 9.26 after midnight. For Larry Sinclair's prophetic Hwy.'1999' that runs over the 42 line, a.k.a Redwood Hwy, and on up to O'Brien, Oregon in Obama's Illinois Valley cave area.

O/regon's Illinois River runs down from Obama's famous Oregon Caves butt hole landmarks. That are chuck full of brownish fossilized formations of wet piles of shit, like at:

Note that rather unique turd in the above link, that is squeezing down out of Barry's anus icon in the ceiling.

Right there is Sodom and Egypt's 5555' Kerby Butte, south of Round Top Mtn. New readers should note that Washington, DC's Egyptian phallic George Washington Monument is 555' high.

This is why Obama met on the down low with the 42 member Black Cockus on 0926, at the Washington Center in DC, to promote his trademark day 1290 abomination of desolation. Thereby confirming his black REV.17 Detroit Motown lady that got on the '...926' bus from Preston, I/da/ho. Located next to the prophetic 09 rooms Minnetonka Cave complex, that houses all those amazing underground Washington, DC formations. Which look like the US Capitol is now built upon a moutainous foundation of frozen shit at:

Not too far away, off Rt.89, is Paris Hilton's famous latter-day Paris Ice Cave landmark at:

All of the above underground combination caves are scattered with the dry EZE.37 bones of grizzly bear and wildcat 666 beasts in REV.13:2;

"And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion...:

Here's an inspired bit of confirmation acting by Annalynne McCord. Who just role played a sprinter in the track and field scene where Napoleon shows Pedro a photo of his hot girlfriend from Oklahoma, at:

Apparently, Conan was doing a runner skit with Teri Hatcher when he fell and got a good head job that sent him to the hospital. The replay showed that he banged his head pretty hard. "I like her [head] bangs..." said Pedro in the track scene.

The repeated chugging of red HAWAIIAN PUNCH is another reason that we know NAPOLEON DYNAMITE is a prophecy about the red abomination of desolation from Hawaii; thus all the boondoggle key chain give-aways for Pedro's presidential campaign. Napoleon got his '09' boogie tape from Kip's black&white zebra top babe, LaFonda, who sports a nice mulatto 'sandy blonde' hair job. Her gold vagina pendant was ment to go with Kip's new spread-eagle bling.

That coyote tail hanging off uncle Rico's mirror represents the future LA coy/ote that ate Jessica Simpson's beloved white Daisy pooch.

Napoleon's pirate mustache drawing of Trisha is an inspired 2004 representation of Keira Knightley.

"Are you ready to get your groove on?"

Yours Truly, GSR/TWN

PS: Obama's new lesbian Judge Sotomayor gave the first pitch on 0926, according to:

'Pitching and catching' is homogaysexual slang for anal sex. The catcher's mitt often looking like a butt crack.

Here's the "you lie" crash report on that day 1290 [EUROCOPTER AS-350B2] medical chopper flying to Con/way Friday night at 11:30 PM. About when NBC's TONIGHT SHOW starts. Which means they were recovering the three dead bodies in Georgetown, SC on 0926, at:

It's another NAPOLEON DYNAMITE chopper T-shirt omen. Like that red and white chopper that just crashed near Forest Grove in Heder's Washington County, Oregon.

THIS JUST IN: Roman Polanski was arrested at the Zurich Film Festival on 0926. Just as they were starting a big tribute with screenings of his life's work. Talk about the coming EUROCOPTER crash. NAPOLEON DYNAMITE was an indie film festival movie. Polanski's arrest was based on that 70s BOOGIE NIGHTS warrent for his REV.13 year-old girl sex trial. Reportedly, the CHINATOWN director fled California back then after a 42 day stint in jail.



Thursday, September 24, 2009


Judah's exact day 1290 abomination of desolation, in the era of the two witnesses, was set up in 1996 by that massive Nation of Islam rally at the United Nations in NYC. Now the delusional Islamic usurper in America's desecrated Casa Blanca has his finger on the prophetic nuke button timing in GREASE 2. Even the same 'mad man' cited in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE's "Forever young..." lyrics.

On the same Jewish holiday that Judah's day 1290 one will preside over the REV.17 horseshoe table at the UN Security Council, there was already a 6.4 earthquake off the REV.13 coast of Pedro Obama's Mexico. Timing in at 7:16:24 London time, for a strong 7.16 reference to my hot woman from the REV.12 Bible Belt's flooded out Georgia.

As per dropping the bomb in 1964's DR STRANGELOVE. Here's a die hard update on the WILLIS TOWER meets WAG THE DOG falling documents prophecy at:

Yesterday morning, I heard former Gov Blago being interviewed on radio about his rather bland book. He's gonna have to threaten to drop the queer Dr Strangelove bomb, if he hopes to stall the Chicago machine court squeeze. Sadly, it's looking like Donald Young had to be murdered, in order for Gov Elvis et al to become young at heart once again and frolic along the sands of Malibu.

Check out that amazing NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD zombie in the UN painting's lower east corner, below it's White Horse Prophecy depiction, at:

He seems to be walking towards the mural's seated black leader. Who is being worshipped by another man down on his knees, ready to role play Larry Sinclair, the future 0926 whistle blower.

Gregory Scott Relf


Remember that 19 year-old BYU coed, Brooke Wilberger, who was abducted from Jon Heder's area, while cleaning parking lot night lights, when my first NAPOLEON DYNAMITE reports started rolling out? They found her remains off Rt.20, on this week of the Jewish New Year. I was remembering how they only found her flipflop sandals lying on the ground, and a wash bucket, when I spotted this hot GREASE photo of Victoria Beckham at LAX, walking by a lost sandal, at:

Southern Belle Jessie's beloved little pooch 'Daisy' got eaten alive by a skinny wild LA canine last week. It was a DRIVING MISS DAISY message to all about the film's old Jewish FDR lady who finally accepted the ANIMAL FARM style dog-eat-dog marxism of MLK.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


The FFA dairy medals awarded to Napoleon and Pedro represent the future Medal of Freedom awards recently given to the assassinated Harvey Milk etc. by Barack Obama.

Here's a TV video clip of some liberal MSNBC bully putting Orly Taitz in a headlock. Fulfilling NAPOLEON DYNAMITE's hilarious TV ad for "The wisdom of a man..." by the Kwon Do slap-down bully, who later defends his transsexual partner 'Stella', at:

"David Dem/key" is called to the principle's office after the locker bully scene. The word 'key' is symbolic of leadership, etc. Dem stands for the Democrats of course. David is often a Judah reference, an allusion to the Star of David, etc. Then we learn about the "butt load of gangs" in America's 666 education system.

Preston, Idaho is along the 42 months line in REV.13 that connects Obama's California, via Utah, to his New York State of Joseph Smith.

Various REV.13 Obama era landmarks along the latter-day line include; California's Smith River and Fork Dick, near Larry Sinclair's Hwy.199, [read 1999], that goes to [Conan] O'Brien in Oregon, for an 09 time line context. Nevada's Disaster Peak and Jackpot, on Hwy.93, are near the 42 going over to D&C 86's wheat country in Utah and Idaho.

America's 42 months line divides the Danite Bear Lake icon in half, and ends to the east at Hale Eddy, New York. Marking places like Alma, NY along the way. Bear Lake, PA is also along the 42 line, west of 1443' Bradford, PA. Many other prophetic landmarks are along the 42 latitude line, that does not mark any state border, and crosses the entire globe.

Trisha Stevens' name is next to the high school yearbook photo of yours truly, physically transfigured.

There was a 5.1 earthquake at the southern end of Rt.111 and the Chocolate Mtns Saturday at 3:55:17 pm; 22:55:17 in London, for the 22 year-olds.

Note the Indian lady has the same figure as Kip's beloved transsexual Obama [Jane LaFonda] figure. When Kip runs his 42 months tire treading over that plastic bowl of Israel in ZECHARIAH 4:3; positioned between the two olive trees of Judah and Ephraim. That's a cemetery in the background.

Heather Graham's 1.29 signs are starting to sprinkle again, like at:

New readers: In AP II: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Graham's Ms Shagwell rescues Austin, and then he rescues her back. Basically, it's the reverse concept in the PRETTY WOMAN prophecy. Lately, some guy has been driving a very rare twin turbo LOTUS around Bonney Lake.

Yours Truly,
Gregory Scott Relf

PS: New readers may wish to study 1981's AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON prophecy, along with the more recent prophetic KING RALPH comedy. The surname Relf means 'powerful wolf' in the old tongue. See:

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Ir/ving Kristol passed away on the eve of Rosh Hashanah. In confirmation of the LDS Jewish Jon Heder putting those crystal Book of Mormon translation stones, formed by intense heat, into his phony Jewish Florida time machine in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.

Up in Heder's home state of Oregon, near , a couple dozen HARLEY DAVIDSON bikers from the Brother Speed motorcycle club were involved in a major pileup Friday on I-5 [virgins] near Wilsonville. Reportedly around 6:00 pm, the start of the Sabbath, as revealed by God in the Second Book of Commandments.

This being the mystery Davidian rider in GREASE 2, who wipes out all the other WILSON jacket medicine wheel gangs. Right there off I-5 is the Christian D&C 86 George Fox University confirmation of Ms Fox's Friday opening of JENNIFER'S BODY [of Christ] high school horror movie.

You can see the Speed Brother's EZE.37 pirate skull logo at:

I read ASSASINATION OF A HIGH SCHOOL PRESIDENT comes out on DVD October 2nd. For some reason, the movie poster for the 2006, 2007 production of this Bruce Willis, Mischa Barton film is in Russian, at:

I'll try to find a copy and see if it has anything to do with Obama kicking the lost Israelite Polocks in the nuts on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Russian invasion of Poland, i.e. September 17, 1939.

It was also the September 17th, 1939 anniversary of when the underwater Loch Ness monster U-29 sank the Royal Navy's HMS Courageous [50] in 15 minutes at:

These are the 50/50 foolish wolverines shot by Napoleon with a 12ga. while hunting with his uncle up in frozen Alaska.

I think Magen Fox was 22 when she finished making her JENNIFER'S BODY high school movie at:

That number 22 dude near the chewing gum girl, at the end of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, stands for the 22 year-olds Annalynne McCord and Ellen Page. As featured on the WHIP IT art produced by 2.22 Drew at:

Yours Truly,
Gregory Scott Relf

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The advent of Barack Obama has completely opened up the miraculous NAPOLEON DYNAMITE prophecy of 2004. I watched the BYU student film for the first time in many moons Monday morning. Marveling how my tall part Jewish dude, Jon Heder, helped his gangsta sidekick Pedro Obama get elected president by a totally freaked out high school newspaper media.

Napoleon's famous sexy Motown Detroit dance finale included Michael Jackson's 80s style moon walking in moon boots. Confirmed on the same Monday by the passing of Hollywood's 57 year-old DIRTY DANCING star Patrick Swazey. Whose last credit was on an A&E series called THE BEAST.

As Napoleon explained in the opening act's political science class, the Loch Ness monster is our secret ally. Who will help bring down the "butt load of gangs at this school". While wearing his trademark 'Vote For Pedro' Obama T-shirt featuring a rising sun over Obama's Colorado Mountains, complete with White House helocopter, like at:

Pedro Obama's tough speeches about his 'wildest dreams' domestic agenda is the SLEDGEHAMMER bicycle that Pedro rides, flying an alien Mexican flag on back. Eventually Pedro catches today's swine flu fever, to put the inspired film's suicidal 09 poison pill timing into it's prophetic context. Before he puts on Obama's future transsexual wig reference to the black woman from today's GM and CHRYSLER. Confirmed by his/her ride back to Detroit with Kip on a future 09 bus bearing the '...926' plates of Larry Sinclair at:

THE HILLS blonde star Kristen Cavallari is the film's prophetic Summer Wheatley figure. Kristen's surname means 'horse riders' in Italian, thus all the REV.17 seven hills horse Tee themes in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. Plus the additional horse rider wedding scenes on the later released DVD.

TWILIGHT's Kristen Stewart is Napoleon's first date Trisha. Before he hooks up with the endowment house temple vail studio artist Deb, and her boondoggle preisthood keys, who is played by today's WHIP IT co-star Ellen Page. His hot girlfriend model from Oklahoma is 90210 high school star Annalynne McCord.

Uncle Rico's mail order time-machine represents the upcoming physical transfiguration. That will begin once the lost sons of Israel have been kicked in the nuts enough times. The GSR/TWN email machine was set for 1982, establishing the 30ish low range of my own coming physical transfiguration cycle, as cited in the BLAME IT ON RIO prophecy, back when I fell in love with IT STARTED IN NAPLES' Donnatella Greco. The last movie released in The King of Hollywood's life.

"I want to be forever young..." plays at the student film's STARBUCKS H.S. dance at:

This is the ever young number in GREASE 2. Where Michelle sings about the mystery Davidian motorcycle rider in her earthquake dreams, while perched atop an Evergreen Drive fir tree on Jacob's A-Ladder. The American Crown Prince of England, who lives in an A-bomb shelter shaped tunnel of love basement.

That's 24 year-old Keira Knightley's fireplace pirate ship bonus hidden inside the 24-piece box of plastic bowls. That Napoleon's Uncle Rico sells door to door, only to people who have money, in Hwy.91's Preston, Idaho, west of Bear Lake.

Gregory Scott Relf

Sunday, September 13, 2009


DANIEL 9's abomination of desolation held a big day 1290 rally Saturday in the twin cities of Judah and Ephraim; down river from the snaking muddy Mississippi's 1290' Grand Rapids prophecy: next to Hwy.2's Blackberry landmark, and the upcoming Split Hand Lake. He was really grease'm up good in the clips I heard.

Follow the double letters Mississippi River [Gun Lake] landmarks down to the Minneapplesis area, starting on your R/M map from Rt.65's twelve tribes of Jacobson. And you will understand better the same day's massive WHITEOUT protest by mostly white people in Wash, DC. The day after the 9.11 09 DOW closed at 9,605 in confirmation of the same 9,605 DOW ending on 9.11 2001.

The same day of Ms William's unexpected meltdown at the USA OPEN in Queens, losing to that white Israelitish chick from Belgium.

The beauty part about working so closely with my beloved Tarzan sidekick monkey from Africa, is that his classic agitation propaganda style so clearly confirms the illegal and fascistic nature of federal Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and most of the Orwellian 1964 civil rights lunacy.

He always does such a fabulous job in setting up the prophetic GOP elephant stampede plots that come at the end of every one of my royal British jungle boy movies.

Saturday's 6.4 Obama earthquake in Hugo's narco republic happened at 8:06 pm, and marked the prophetic 10.757 North line at:

This is the $1,000,000, and counting, of unsolicited donations in the past 48 hours to Mr Wilson's next campaign against the stonewallers and the liars in the DNC media. The ground is shaking. Obama's 9.9.09 PASSENGER 57 earthquake in REV.16 is getting stronger every day.

At the end of GREASE 2, the marred servant biker stampede's Obama's big Hawaiian luau volcano party on motorcycles. And many of the party kids get baptised in the king and queen's swimming pool.

Gregory Scott Relf


Here's my sidekick's jungle theme song lyrics by the 09 INCH NAILS:

you let me violate you
you let me desecrate you
you let me penetrate you
you let me complicate you
help me i broke apart my insides
help me i've got no soul to sell
help me
the only thing that works for me
help me get away from myself
i want to fuck you like an animal
i want to feel you from the inside
i want to fuck you like an animal
my whole existence is flawed
you get me closer to god
You can have my isolation
You can have the hate that it brings
You can have my absence of faith
You can have my everything
help me tear down my reason
help me
it's your sex i can smell
help me
you make me perfect
help me think of somebody else
i want to fuck you like an animal
i want to feel you from the inside
i want to fuck you like an [666] animal
my whole existence is flawed
you get me closer to god
through every forest above the trees
within my stomach
scraped off my knees
i drink the honey from inside your hive
you are the reason i stay alive

Thursday, September 10, 2009


The most shocking thing about Mr Wilson's "You lie!" outburst, during Obama's joint Congressional moon talk, is that it's so obviously true. And that's the real story, that Walter Cronkite et al are not reporting. As confirmed by the above liar's attendance at Cronkite's bullshit memorial by NYC's high society at:

That US clockwork Orange County judge has set the first earthquake court hearing, for Obama's obvious lying about where he was born, on 1.11.10. In confirmation of all those Rt.111 Bombay earthquake signs below Obama's African Chocolate Mountains, south of Mecca, CA, etc.

Ellen DeGeneres became the new judge on AMERICAN IDOL in confirmation of the new lesbian judge on the idolatrous 666 Supreme Court of Sodom and Egypt. It's just that simple. Like everyone in high society is simply lying about Obama not being a closet homosexual, who is obviously involved in the murder of his former gay lover Donald Young. Keep an eye out for any Providential 09 9.26 references to:

That 44 year-old prophet who hijacked flight 576 in Mexico received an 'earthquake' revelation from God. It was obviously a PASSENGER 57 thing. Check out the obviously prophetic '20:29' time-stamped 'Barack Obama is passenger 57' movie poster at:

I'm currently working on the mystery [H. Davidson] night rider in GREASE 2, who wears a WILSON leather jacket. Wherein Michelle Pfeiffer goes to kiss an older guy named 'Ray', who suddenly turns into a young British prince, at THE BIG LEBOWSKI bowling alley.

Obviously Yours, GSR/TWN

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The abomination of desolation's Kenya birth certificate, courtesy of Lucas Daniel Smith, will be included in a court hearing at the Ronald Reagan building in Orange County Tuesday. On the same day that Sodom and Egypt's lesbian Judge Sotomayor will be sworn in, yet again, on top of some apostate Christian Bible, inside the red temple vail chambers of America's desecrated Supreme Court. One can see a copy of the genuine BC at:

That's why they found a serious crack in the bridge to the future from leftist Berkeley to transsexual San Francisco, on the eve of America's marxist Labor Day.

It's why a 666 prison van crashed Sunday at mile marker 66 on I-59 in [stump hat]Hattiesburg, Mississippi; north of the Hardy St ramp hard on exit, south of smokey Beverly Hills Rd and [Neve] Campbells Drive.

This is Sunday's SUPER FERRY 9 shipwreck, that drowned 9 people so far, 9 miles off shore, in the gentile Philippines.

Saturday's huge Coldwater Canyon flood in Studio City was another Divine REV.12 manifestation; written, directed, and produced, by God. The show biz town probably voted for my EATING RAOUL sidekick by about 85%. I can't imagine where the Alone Ranger would be without him today.

Now comes DANIEL 9's big Love Potion No. 9.9.09 moon walk talk before the school kids in Congress by the prince of darkness.

I know, it does feel rather contrived and over the top, but this is live prophecy theater. Just lean back in the dark room and hum along to it, suspend belief for an hour or two. The tragic comedy production, also co-starring Bill and Hilary, is only going to have a 42 months run anyway, including previews. So enjoy and be editfied.

Meanwhile, check out these great drama masks from that 16th Ave N.E. watermelon smashing dream I had. That co-starred my ZODIAC bowling ball partner, Robert Downey Jr, who I found laying down inside of a curb parked pickup bed. Turns out he was born on 4.4 in 65. Look at this:

Did you know that watermelons come in orange? Like at:

Long time TWNers may remember David Letterman's inspired green-red fat government watermelon drops from off the top of his tall building in 1NEPHI 8 etc. If I recall, I think that the Branch Davidian was even sliding large safes over the edge, down onto old Detroit cars, well before the current big banking problems came to light.

Speaking of green/red melons. There was a 6 car pileup on Hwy.66 in Dolly Parton's Smokey Mountains town of Sevierville, Tenn Monday. The same day Obama's O/liver Stone welcomed the red fascist Hugo Chavez [Read Huge O] on the red carpet at Venice. Where the beautiful waterway streets, that smell like a filthy open sewer, are actually made from the 666 sea waters of REV.13:1.

Gregory Scott Relf


I'll bet Sly and Dolly's RHINESTONE musical has some very prophetic 1984 elements, at:


A special thanks to the NYT, the WASH POST, the LA TIMES, NPR, NBC, Bob Woodward, Bob Redford, Jane Fonda, Ashton Kutcher, and all the other die hard truth seekers out there, for their great investigative reporting and public interest in the unfolding WILLIS TOWER prophecy. May I recommend for all your upcoming REV.11 gift ideas?

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Granny Grass bought a traditional deep south 'negro gospel' watermelon stage prop the day Obama's Bay Area green jobs czar, Van Jones, resigned. The round mini basketball size green melon has a 7UP pop looking sticker-label on it that says "MELON UP!" When I got back Saturday, it was sitting at the bottom of the entrance stairs, where Alex is resting in Natalie's WILD ABOUT IT video.

The same Saturday, a good D&C 86 Christian couple, just back from Obama's Kenya birth place, and their party-of-5 foolish virgins, all died in another PIPER PA-32 plane crash. After it took off from Jones Riverside Airport, across the river from Oral Roberts blow job university, and hit a two witnesses radio tower line. That caused it to plunge into Chandler Park's Twin Cracks stonewalling rock climber place at:

Since the pilot was a medical doctor, this is the same day 1290 temple ark Ark/ansas River in DANIEL 12. That flows through Tulsa, Oklahomo's I-44 city landmark to the abomination of desolation. Who was illegally put into the sacred White House of the promised land of Joseph after 'a time, times, and an half' [3 and 1/2 times] of the two witnesses' special 1260 days period; including DANIEL's multiple day 2200, or 2300, or day 2400 markers.

The PIPER was headed to a UO vs BYU game in the Dallas COWBOYS's Love Field along Israel's I-35 line. Where the no.20 Cougars from Utah upset Mr O's no.3 Sooners. Because UO's amazing hall-of-fame bound air ball pilot, and devout Christian, Sam Bradford, injured his shoulder. He's seen at:

Wikipedia says Bradford is a 16th Cherokee. In confirmation of the current REV.16 signs unfolding near Oklahoma's American Indian Hall of Fame, outside Anadarko.

When GG and I stopped by the US postoffice Friday, a limping black man walked by with his white lady friend supporter. Not something you see every day in Bonney Lake.

The PIPER crash was yet another confirmation of Larry Sinclair's pipe sucking book. Because experts revealed last week, around the time Demi Moore was sucking on my own pipe, that a massive pagan stonewall was discovered inside the City of David at:

All the above corresponded with Madonna and Jesus finishing their STICKY & SWEET world tour last week along the 35 longitude line that divides Israel in half. The same way that a football field is divided into the two 50/50 parts of the latter-day ten virgins prophecy.

Gregory Scott Relf


I made it through the wilderness
Somehow I made it through
Didnt know how lost I was
Until I found you
I was beat incomplete
Id been had,
I was sad and blue
But you made me feel
Yeah, you made me feel
Shiny and new
Like a virgin
Touched for the very first time
Like a virgin
When your heart beats
(after first time, with your heartbeat)
Next to mine
Gonna give you all my love, boy
My fear is fading fast
Been saving it all for you
cause only love can last
Youre so fine and youre mine
Make me strong, yeah you make me bold
Oh your love thawed out
Yeah, your love thawed out
What was scared and cold(chorus)
Oooh, oooh, oooh
Youre so fine and youre mine
Ill be yours till the end of time
cause you made me feel
Yeah, you made me feel
Ive nothing to hide
Like a virgin, ooh, ooh
Like a virgin
Feels so good inside
When you hold me,
and your heart beats, and you love me
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Ooh, baby
Cant you hear my heart beat
For the very first time?

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Cate Blanche/tt got hit in the head by a prop radio while playing crazy Blanche DuBois in A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE Wednesday, down in Sydney, Australia. Her full moon timing was about Obama's big announcement Wednesday, USA time, that the DANIEL 9 one will be performing a major moon walking speech before a joint session of Congress on 9.9.

The REV.11 radio prop was a theatrical preview of the two witnesses fallout that will absorb the filthy flood in REV.12. Which is threatening the church lady with her Kingdom of God child.

DANIEL's 70 weeks scenario was confirmed on the same day date by that 7.0 quake in Barack Obama's Indonesia.

This is the funeral of that black female pastor, Car/ol Daniels, who was beaten to death by some wild animal at her day 1290 named 'Worthy Temple Christ Holy Sanctified Church' in Brad Pitt's Ana/darko, Oklahoma. Based on the classic western HANG'EM HIGH in Oklahomo neck scar that Pitt's marred servant has in INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS.

For a second luna driven actor performance, George C/looney smashed his hand that has the number of man's 666 mark of the beast, when he slammed the car door on it last week in Mussolini's Italy.

The American Indian Hall of Fame is located just outside of Anadarko. Which puts the brutal slaying of Pastor Daniels right before Harvey Milk was inducted into California's hall of fame by Gov Schwarzenegger.

LA's current smokey conditions began around the same time that Lucas Smith revealed Barack Obama's genuine African birth certificate. Which will lead to the point where Walter confronts Smokey's cheating 60s figure in the Los Angeles based prophecy, THE BIG LEBOWSKI.

666 billionaire Tom Siebel finally told the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS Wednesday that a big Walter size elephant attacked him in Africa last mounth, at:

Maybe that's why the NASDAQ closed Wednesday on Nicole Kidman's 1,967. Those crazy Aussie actors... Their desolate Outback looks like the surface of the moon in a lot of places.

Gregory Scott Relf


Annalynne McCord had a great dominatrix thing going at:

That 7.0 quake happened off the coast of Java, for a prophetic message about STARBUCKS' latte [milk] bars, where everyone gets a little high.

When Alex and his royal sire nose show up inside the 40ish feminist's yoga porn spa in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, he says ' last we meet...' because the email 'O' mail slot in the locked door wasn't quite satisfactory.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Without the slightest bit of coordination, Ted Kennedy's funeral speech by Barack Obama happened on Michael Jackson's 51st birthday. When Spike Lee et al were holding massive Jackson memorial parties all around the globe.

News clips galore revealed that the most popular tribute to both was the white African transsexual's inspired moon-walk message from God. That looks like a person is walking forward, while they are actually going backwards. For the proverbial moon term 'luna' which means crazy, or lunatic, at:

The upcoming Michael Jackson STAPLES CENTER movie will show that America's world famous Egyptian sodomite had decided intentionally to perform his REV.9 military march concerts in London. For a bold and satanic counterattack to the Jewish BRUNO signs and wonders on the Crown Prince of England's GSR/TWN blog; that were driving him crazy.

They suspect that lightening caused the San Gabriel Mountains fire confirmation of the abomination of desolation's 61/61' San Gabriel Peak warning about the evil one with two faces cited in DANIEL 9 by the angel Gabriel. According to Barack Obama's genuine African birth certificate, he was born in 61.

See Obama's BC documentation at
As opposed to his non existant BC documentation from Hawaii.

God revealed to Joseph Smith that Gabriel was actually the REV.12 latter-day prophecy flood icon Noah.

By the Hand of God, Rt.2's 'Noah Peak' is located near the liberal 666 media's major 5710' transmission point called Mount Wilson; not that far from Devil's Canyon. President Wilson being one of America's most lunatic leaders ever.

BEDTIME FOR DEMOCRARY was the last album put out by THE DEAD KENNEDYS lefties in 1986. The United States of America is not supposed to be a majority run democracy. Rather, it is a representative republic based on the rule of law. That's why " comes the Duke" in EATING RAOUL. Who strangles the radical 60s Students For a Democratic Society with their own beeds. 'The Duke' being one of Mussolini's more popular titles, back when the first beast's head was wounded.

Gregory Scott Relf


Jimmy's Hispanic sidekick walked by me Monday, holding a parking lot blower, while working next to a red triple-diamond coup with '716...' plates. Later that night, I saw those TMZ' bikini clips of Annalynne McCord giving her lolly pop a blow job at some Las Vegas pool party. Monday morning, I dreamed that Demi Moore was secretly giving me a tight BJ inside some expensive hotel suite bathroom. But when we walked out, I saw Brad Pitt with a smile on his face; that said he knew what we were doing. I also found a 1991 quarter Monday, laying on the coin-op vacuum suckers at 76 UNION. Where a Bruce Willis dude's '319...' car was parked.