Thursday, June 30, 2011


Like Obama, Malcolm X had a 'white' mother and a black father in Spike Lee's inspired 1992 movie called X.

Mr. X arrived on Harlem's famous 125th Ave to celebrate "The Brown Bomber" Joe Louis, a.k.a. Barack Obama.

As confirmed by Ms 125's adoption of her very large black child nicknamed 'Louie'.

Mr. X's nickname was 'Red'.

When I last checked the Loveland, NV prison link at wikipedia, it was stamped on 5.28 at 3:22.

That AMTRAK train was rammed on Elizabeth Hurley's Hwy.95, in Churchill County.

Obama suddenly announced his last minute press conference for a distraction of the WND press conference in DC on the same Wednesday. Three people from the press showed up to hear the indisputable facts about Obama's cfake birth certificate.

Mr. TMZ drives a 911.

That powerful 7.2 FOX news earthquake in the Fox Islands hit at 3:09 London time Friday. A couple days before Glenn Beck's family was harassed by lefties at a NYC public park screening of Hitchcock's 1935 murder movie 39 STEPS; which takes place in London.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The latter-day DOMINO prophecy really gets going when my 23ish CASINO frat figure tells the fat drivers license department pig, "Bitch! I don't think you know who you are dealing with here..." That led up to the shot where Keira lights her Brit fag with a diamond cluster wedding ring on her middle finger. Which looks exactly like a white gold version of the cheap FFing gold pawn shop ring on the finger of Jenny lately. Where today's Jennifer Lopez AMERICAN IDOL time-line was pre-established by that blond hair rainbow Latino PEREZ HILTON look alike in the station next to the lady with the gold claws.

The other night in a futuristic FLASH GORDON type vision, I saw Keira Knightley zoom by Bonnie Lake's Thai chalet joint on Buckley and 184th in that topless gray retro 50s GREASE 2 period race car on the wall behind that big cock-sucking cfake of Jennifer Aniston. So I checked her number 184 fake at and saw this thematically prophetic Colorado chalet image of her that was posted well before the TIE ME UP TIE ME DOWN revelations, at:

The classic turn-of-the-century tennis racket cords in the above antiqued image are about me hitting on those hot pants pretty hard in my Lovelock score grass court serves that were waved around when Will Ferrell gave his two witnesses tennis racket gift unto the UK talk show host 'Greg' Ferguson.

The sign above that Thai mango chicken joint with Jenny's Jewish eternal life root number of 18/313 reads 'Coconut Volcano meets Sizzling Beef' for those gray bucket seats on the retro PONTIAC SOLARIS sports car that I saw in my flash vision at:



Find the recent double earthquakes info near C/leone, CA that corresponded with the wise five virgins Tea Leoni breakup news at:

The next time you hear Glenn Beck talking about his black Jesus savior named Martin Luther King, always remember that he is going to eventually get healed from his sick Mormorn religion. Just like his other SLC,UT brothers will be, after I let some of my wives minister unto him in tongues like at:

The plain and simple blown-up typewriter dictionary definition of Obama's fake birth certificate in Spike Lee's amazing Mr. X prophecy, that comes around at about 1:11 into the 3:22 long DVD, will give the weak Mr Beck brethren the definition they need about the evil sons of Lehi who were cursed with a dark skin in THE BOOK OF MORMON 2011 prophecy. That was just confirmed by the Divine Harry Potter lightening killing of 22 school kids in Uganda.

According to the prison dictionary in X, the word 'black' means "... Outrageously wicked... Hostile... Enveloped in darkness.. [secrecy] Dismal and gloomy..."

In the end, Mr.X is called the same "prince" mentioned in the last days prophesies of DANIEL; that are about the abomination of desolation. For the film's no.44 Reggie Jackson forerunner figure who really knows how to swing a baseball bat.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Blago was busted by God in Chicago Monday because he refused to sing about Barack Obama and his sopranos lover on the down low who is now the mayor of WILLIS TOWER town. In Divine confirmation of the new physical transfiguration TRANSFORMERS 3-way movie.

Because Tony's frustrated Russian father used to beat the shit out of him so much that he started to have religious like turn-of-the-century political seizures that mimicked the Modernist Era of the first futurist 666 beast.

The same thing is going to happen to everyone, left or right, who continues to protect the lying Marxist legacy of the REV.12 accuser who was shot by a deer hunter standing in Tony's bath tub in Memphis, Egypt, USA.

Those of you who are Luke warm will be spit out of God's historic Mouth of Truth in my 1973ish FFing ROMA prophecy.

You can not have it both ways. You can not be a political bisexual. Because the 4th pillar in the future 4-square Kingdom of God gospel is the political party called The Kingdom of God.

"There are no lesbians in the Kingdom of God." [] I.e. there are no dangerous neurotic Freudian sexist haters there.

1957's JAILHOUSE ROCK prophecy is about the time when the black Egyptian rock n roll from MLK Memphis leads the young kids into 666 captivity. Therefore Blago et al will go into the same captivity that they have been blindly sucking and fucking for all of their lives in REV.13:10...

"He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity..."

Hence the 17 convictions against Chicago's Elvis wanna-be for the pinko hot pants babe in REV.17. Which came to pass right after the 30 ROCK NYT parade prophecy in REV.9.

According to the perverted narrow-minded apostate gospel of Paul, those of little faith must be born again as de facto homosexual Christians in order to inherit today's Orange County style kingdom of God for little Jew boys and Mormon Sunday school girls. That will be delivered unto us by the 666 forces of gog and Magog; who only believe in the 66 books of the Roman pagan Bible and the false prophet's BOOK OF MORMON Koran.

This is why the new Wimbledon venue looks so much like a giant royal anus hole ringer from the sky.



Read up about the 10.17 5717 release of JR at this Brit link that has my transfigured flip-side image at:

I saw this JAILHOUSE ROCK meets VIVA LAS VEGAS link with a 20:20 vision time-stamp at:

Because I never get tired of going in and out of jail with LL et al while playing up their ISAIAH 11 iron rod cells of captivity. Who doesn't like a good SLUTS IN THE SLAMMER 80s exploitation movie?

Saturday, June 25, 2011


The Catholic governor of New York, who looks like an Italian mobster, signed their new gay marriage law at 11:55 pm Friday. So that it could be on all the front pages on the anniversary of Nicole Kidman's gay wedding to her Irish Leprechaun musician at a Catholic church down under. Like I said, the gospel of Paul is gay, according to the revealed word of God in D&C 76.

Therefore, an AMTRAK train staffed by gentlemanly Negros from Obama's Chicago, was rammed like a REV.9 stingray by a big double gravel rig west of Lovelock, Nevada on the same day; en route to Pelosi's Catholic Gay Area station located right between 666 Berkley and gangland Oakland, CA. [Think IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA meets THE GRADUATE.]

Loveland is the state prison town where OJ is comfortably spending his retirement years. On the one hand, I'm angry that he got away with murder. On the other hand, I'd like to buy the 666 man a ROLLS ROYCE for having demonstrated the law of Israel regarding the form of cutthroat punishment reserved for lascivious blond women who commit adultery. Next to murder, adultery is the most serious crime that one can commit under the covenants of Israel spelled out in the

But that law does not apply to you if you were raised under the pseudo Christianity of today's Sodom and Egypt, 'where also our Lord was crucified' in REV.11. In fact, there are no laws at all in the heaven that awaits those who learned to love the law of the Father while in the 666 flesh. In other words, you get to do a little loving FFing when you are in the missionary field; like Keira and Sienna and Jenny and Jen and Sandy and so on...

Which is why the younger ones who have been afforded a fuller look at the law, during their coming-of-age TWN/GSR years, understand why they should save their NAKED LUNCH appetites for when they are on the set of some exotic indie film shoot in Tangiers or Rome.

Wimbledon's royal grass balls tournament has started. So it's high time for more bloody Elizabeth Hurley I-95 signs and wonders in today's '40 Mile Desert' wilderness of lost Israel in the state where God made Ireland's LEPRECHAUN 3 meets CASINO meets DOMINO meets LEAVING LAS VEGAS meets my remake of VIVA LAS VEGAS starring Lindsay Lohan. That meets THE MISFITS starring the impossible crazy Ms. Fox and directed by her potential cinematic husband Gus Van Sant.

Sandra Bullock was the sterling silver plated one who first introduced us to this year's no.125 Indian medicine wheel anniversary themes. That were always corroborated by her signature strawberry jam and cream pictorials in PREMIERE magazine etc. Hence her new English Tudor Branch Davidian compound in the highlands of the 7 hills of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

Walking back Saturday by SANDI's SIGNS and 76 UNION for THE WALKER prophecy, I saw some chubby kid in a black Tee that had old fashion typewriter letters on it that were blown up like Obama's cfake birth certificate, which said "NIGHTMARE".

So I returned to THE CHECKOUT and bought Spike Lee's obvious prophecy about the Mr.X mystery muslim man in the Oval Office, right behind some fat woman who was getting a Mr. Potato Head bag of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE Idaho spuds and a box of unripe strawberries to go with her select 'Whitey' meat can of Mr Zero tuna fish.

Which is why this really darling Natalie Merchant look alike from Albany, NY was at STARBUCKS drove-up post Saturday after some gay guy passed through in his red MUSTANG COBRA bearing Obama's '804 ZVV' birth certificate date while I read the Iran report in Thursday's NYT; noting the new beast's reformed and remade 70s German VW Love Bus on 410 in the corner of my eye.


PS: That fat 40ish mother who was buying a sack of no.1 size Mr. Potato Head bakers had a 15ish daughter with her in PINK logo hot pants that showed off her tight little ass that was even higher than a topless Rosie Hunter-Whitely bikini pic in a VICTORIA'S SECRET catalogue.

Friday, June 24, 2011


There was a powerful 7.2 earthquake in the Fox Islands right before WND's editor exposed the CASINO scam going down at FOX et at:

Which has been Providentially timed to go with the mega-PC Area Code 310 arrest of that polite and charming mob boss murderer named JJ Bulger from Ben Affleck's home town. Who was preceded by the end of Mr Weineir's bulging cock pix politics in Washington, DC.

In the CASINO prophecy, the abomination of desolation's entire underground NYT, NBC, NPR protection racket starts to fall like dominos. Starting with some relatively minor murder case from years earlier.

Meanwhile it's WAG THE DOG II time.

JACKASS 3's Ryan Done crashed his 9.11 in West Goshen, PA for a flaming omen about the end of Israel's Biblical period of captivity in Goshen, Egypt.

This recently posted cfake image of Jenny on 3.22 actually shows a classic PORSCHE race car hanging on the wall for a background iPAD joke at:

It's pretty hard to talk about Obama's fake birth certificate image when someone has their big dick stuck in your mouth.

Jana Winter is the FOX reporter [From South Boston's Winter Hill Gang in Scorsese' THE DEPARTED mob movie.] who spoke on the phone for 5 minutes with a computer expert and then reported that he said that Obama's birth certificate is genuine.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


JACKASS 3's Ryan Dunn [read Done] crashed and burned his 9.11 GTS-3 at 130 mph on Hwy.322 for that CASINO Mormon bag man who launched his German 911 off the road in Little Big Cottonwood Canyon. Right when his foolish 5-virgins sex abuse investigation was coming down hard on him at the end of the 1995 cinematic prophecy.

Because in 1964's FATHER GOOSE prophecy, the little dingy that saved the little dingy virgin girls had Jen's dingy namesake 'JENNY' spelled backwards. For a thematic silly little girl word-play on her original LEPRECHAUN movie in 1992 North Dakota; that is now being confirmed by the state's historic REV.12 flood. Where the waters are overflowing the dam and levees on her Lake Darling, ND namesake wildlife refuge inspiration behind her wedding ring cfake no.322 at:

The ongoing gold wedding ring on Jenny's finger represents the LEPRECHAUN pawn shop gold watches that she and her LEP 3 meets CASINO Marty Scorsese beard have been visually FFing in various public poses like the ones at:

And was just confirmed by these two kids fucking and sucking in plain view on the physical tramsfiguration set of THE FAT SPY meets TAXI DRIVER meets TREASURE ISLAND at:
AND in this Providential sex-on-the-beach cfake image posted on 3.22 at:

Eternal life is the greatest of all treasures.

Do you want to have 23 billion in the bank, or do you want to be 23 years-old forever? And live like some skinny forever-horny DOMINO frat girl whose bounty hunter daddy put 10 million in her Las Vegas wonder trust so that she could fuck my Jesus sandals dude with the 666 California driver's license until she graduates with honors at Brown University?

Because you love it when your swinging 70s Emma Roberts sister in ROMA is watching me and you get it on IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT and there is no cellulite in sight on the big screem whatsoever.

The prophetic time-line stamps on the new [Rt.111] quakes in Kings Beach and Crystal Bay finally made the connection I was looking for with that recent 2.8 quake that marked Lake Tahoe's royal rainbow trout Rt.28 beach image on the aquamarine shoreline of Lake Tahoe at:

Jesus, why do you CLUB HOLLYWOOD CASINO fucks think that Sienna Miller has been FFing some guy with a beard anyway?


PS: Those 44 died in the Russian plane crash so that we could understand better why the president of Russia wants to see no.44 get re-elected as the president of the exotic Las Vegas [Read Los Angeles] TANGIERS hotel casino across from the haunting indie film location for KILL CRUISE.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Why do you think that anyone who kills a nigger just because he or she is a nigger will receive the 777 blackjack-pot of gold reward that he or she had coming in LEP 3?

Have you arrogant NYC sidewalk vender wiener pricks ever taken the time to watch LEP 5&6 in the west coast hood? Because you Jew boy niggers were just too busy watching the diarrhea shit fest PC crap at 60 MINUTES meets FACE THE MATION's new and improved version of the hip 1930s Third Way scene in Tangiers meets Berlin.

No wonder that talented half Jew nigger artist named Adolf Hitler, from Arnold's own highlander homelands, hated you so much that he had them build such an amazing 666 memorial to him in the heart of Manhattan.

Which was ultimately confirmed by David Lynch's girly HANNA MONTANA Boy Scout Eagle idiot from Arizona named Steven Spielberg; role playing ADL's Mr Fox fool who fired his female husband named Ms Fox because she naively said that Michael Bay was a typical third way Marxist opportunist.

Which is basically the same reason why Russia's G8 oligarch president of the state church of Paul in St Peter would like to see Sodom and Egypt's homosexual Greek frat house coke head mob brat in DOMINO get re-elected.

And I'm completely cool with that. Even though it's never gonna happen. Probably because me and my bling bling nigga bitches are going to have to make a deal with the devil of my Roosevelt High School musical Russian language teacher; in order to obtain the necessary volumes of gold bullion that we are talking about at etc.

See ya on the flip side asshole.



The timing of the three day Republican convention in New Orleans is about the legendary whore "House of the rising sun... in New Orleans..." theme song ending to CASINO. Which was inspired by the future Chicago mob bosses' political logo with a rising sun, that will tread on the righteous for 42 months during the era of the two witnesses in REV.13.

This is why the corrupt Senate is now lead by a political boss from Las Vegas who is Barack Obama's main protector. Who is a Mormon like the Mormon who handles the funny money bags of cash in CASINO.

The film's TANGIERS casino stands for today's un-American culture of Sodom and Egypt, that the counter-culture beatniks made famous, with homogaysexual Tangiers writings like NAKED LUNCH, etc.

In the 1964 FATHER GOOSE prophecy, the little boat that saved the girls is named "JENNY". Which saved them from the evil woman in REV.17 portrayed by this woman at:

Because CASINO ended with a severe baseball bat beating, like the [GOLD RUSH] pawn shop owner also got in LEPRECHAUN 3.

THE BOOK OF MORMON musical location of Uganda, USA is confirmed by it's African Mercer Island map location in the general area around S.E. 44th Street. Since no.44 represents the strong man in the play, that was conceived well before anyone ever heard of the African born leader Obama.

Seattle's CLUB HOLLYWOOD CASINO in REV.13:1 Shoreline has the corresponding phone number of 206 546 4444.

A man clubbed his wife and 7 year-old kid to death Saturday with a baseball bat in Warrington, PA, just outside 1776 Philadelphia.

As prophesied in CASINO, the more conservative corrupt Republican law makers of the west, who are looking the other way on Obama's fraudulent birth certificate papers, and his murders in Chicago and DC, etc. will eventually have to take action. When everything becomes too embarrassingly obvious.

That Odd Fellows club half breed GOP look alike comedian in New Orleans was joking about 'birthers' when they pulled the plug on him.


Saturday, June 18, 2011


The new pix of the semi white Mexican niggers named after Brad Pitt, getting busted and sent into the country's gilded cage of captivity like they were Lindsay Lohan girls; where she gets to fuck and suck all she wants and have a little BBQ before and afterwards; just as long as she doesn't shoot at the guards. Represented the tragic end of Marty's DOMINO meets CASINO prophecy co-starring Micky Rourke and Keira Knightley. Who I pray to God had the opportunity to take her aside on the set at some point and slowly and softly fuck her brains out. So that he could explain a few things to her about the "filthy beast" in FATHER GOOSE. And eventually cure her of her Adam and Eve snake bite problem that was handed down to her by her evil rattle snake big sisters at:

When Ace finally falls from grace in 1995's CASINO revelation, we see the prophetic inspiration behind Robert DeNiro marrying the same NYC taxi driver nigger that he was fucking up in Renee Zellweger's second story apartment. At the same time my adulterous lilly white wife Nicole Kidman was fucking some Lenny Cravetz leprechaun for an inspired swinging 70s three way manifestation from God.

Which is the financially sound money laundering logic behind giving me and my A-list friends $150,000,000 to make an indie film that could have been made easily for around 25 million. If you have problem with that, go see my fat pig faced Jew bosses at the WEINSTEIN BROS warehouse film studios and take it up with them, at:


Friday, June 17, 2011


You might need to watch the gory end of CASINO in order to understand THE FULL MONTY behind FOX et al having to apologize and pay up to Sienna Miller for scamming her with phone taps about Barack Obama's fantasy Ireland birth certificate. Basically, it's the same idea behind Sandra Bullock sucking on Jesse James' bad boy cock as he ran his grease 2 motorcycle hands through her "sandy hair" in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE that had a 'PAY UP SUCKA' tattoo.

Just like Sienna's prophetic LAYER CAKE movie about the Italian Chicago mob's phony birth certificate layers is going to end with you know who paying up, whether he likes it or not. Even if I have to send a couple of my friends out to visit Las Vegas' political mob boss.

The law enforcement officials in the swinging 70s CASINO prophecy are as corrupt as today's FBI NYT agents who are protecting my good friend and sidekick Barry. Who the God of Israel illegally installed into the Oval Office because today's Bible Belt Christians persist in breaking the laws of Israel.

The gospel of Paul is as gay as the homosexual history of Greece, according to the revelation from God recorded in D&C 76. Therefore, God has sent a predatory homogaysexual mother fucker from Africa to the promised land of Joseph to fuck his beloved grace filled apostate Christians in the ass for 42 months. Because they have been worshipping the first 666 beast of REV.13 who was destroyed in CASINO, but was miraculously rebuilt in the movie's final shots by the new Jews who run today's Hollywood theme parks in Will Ferrell's Orange County, California and Orange County, Florida.

The new Las Vegas PLAYBOY cover pix of Sienna Miller posing with Picasso's $104,000,000 pipe and her SAILOR DOG are confirmation of my WW2 FATHER GOOSE picture at:


Thursday, June 16, 2011


That 20ish big bucks New Mexican college nigger named Marman who refused to pull up his down-low homo pants on a Gay Area flight, represented the white caviar niggers at the NEW YORK TIMES who are trying to black-mail today's more righteous white Israelitish Christians at WND etc. If they don't keep their mouths shut about THE BOOK OF MORMAN musical's strong man down in DC who was obviously born in TARZAN's Africa; who has all the perfectly legal and legitimate hospital documentation from Kenya and Hawaii to prove it.

No one in the mother fucker media is telling us what Wednesday's symbolic homogaysexual flight number was, so we have to assume that it was something very 666y. Sometimes less is more, when you leave it up to the imagination.

And how do I know this?

Hello... Pick up the phone!

As you all know already. Granny Grass suddenly invited me to Sandy's favorite TALL FIRS 10 KFC franchise Tuesday for a double HASTY TASTY [cfake American VELVEETA cheddar cheese] PAPA BURGER and 99cent chili dog on the side with ranch dressing onion rings. And right when we finished our GREASY 2 order no.111 there was a 3.0 woes earthquake underneath the Beverly Hills size mansions located north of Seattle in The Highlands.

So we went over to GOODWILL, just for a little garage sale style fun, where I found an old double VHS tape copy of Scorsese's 1995 CASINO prophecy for 1.99, in mint condition.

Talk about HORRIBLE BOSSES. Basically, the 3 hour 1260 days period marathon movie is about my gorgeous MILFs who are trapped in a 7/11 convenience store marriage or relationship; like Jennifer Garner and her handsome card-playing "husband".

I know this because the tacky HOLLYWOOD CASINO, that pays out 59k 24/7, is/was located on Aurora Ave in Highland, Washington near the 3.0 three-way orgasm epicenter. And there was a lady waiting for her order at KFC who had the exact same big ass as the one in Fellini's ROMA whore house scene. And the yummy onion rings with garlicky Texas ranch dressing rings cost 1.99.


PS: View the video on this link if people are still giving you the 'layers' excuse, at:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


SPIDERMAN: TURN OFF THE DARK had to wait until after THE BOOK OF MORMON awards show signs and wonders rolled out in order for people to understand what the phrase 'turn off the dark' actually means in the eyes of God.

HORRIBLE BOSSES opens on 7.8 because the female dentist Orly Taitz is starting to drive the NYT stonewallers crazy with her demands that Obama's fraudulent use of a dead man's Social Security number from Conn get printed in their newspaper. See the liberal staff's reactions to the lights getting turned on in the inspired film's poster art at:

Meanwhile, the lights are all turned on at:

And even in the bright light logo designs at:

For some more light on the 666 subject, read about Sunday's GOODYEAR blimp crash confirmation in Germany of the first beast's famous Nazi blimp explosion on the 5.6 anniversary of the White Horse Prophecy in 1937 at:

The morning after the TONY AWARDS earthquakes in Christchurch, NZ' Book of Mormon islands, a replica of the 1944 Liberty Belle B-17 bomber crashed in a field outside No.44's Chicago mob town. See what was left of it at:

There was another B-5.2 bomber earthquake in Christchurch on Tuesday afternoon NYC time.


Monday, June 13, 2011


At 10:20:50 pm TONY AWARDS show time, there was a powerful 6.0 earthquake that shook Christchurch, New Zealand. THE BOOK OF MORMON musical takes place in Uganda, Africa. So there was a series of unusual earthquakes that rocked the African region's Choke Mountains leading up to show time.

Check the USA, EST time-line at:

The BOOK OF MORMON country volcano in Chile has been canceling flights all over South America, as Providential publicity leading up to the awards show.

Here is a good shot of the Obama chili dog publicity that came on the eve of the Tony Weiner awards show confirmations in New York. Timing is everything, they say on Broadway, even when butt fucking, at:

In the prophetic THE BOOK OF MORMON musical, that was seven years in the making, the nation of Uganda stands in for the LDS nation that is now being oppressed by an illegal African leader based in it's almost all black capital of DC.

Now I know the full meaning of that vision I had of a STINGRAY ramming deep into a long limo parked at my neighbor Tony's house on 16th Ave in Seattle. Tony died shortly after that vision when he had a seizure in his bathtub and drowned.

The first Christchurch quake was a symbolic 5.2 bomber number that struck at exactly 1:00:00 pm Monday local time, per:

The third Christchurch quake marked Christ's 4.6 birth date and crucifixion date, per:


Sunday, June 12, 2011


As the titular head of the swinging 70s FFing Jews for Jesus in Roma, Italia, my half Jew opinion is that Rep Weiner must not lose faith with his Twitter followers and resign under pressure from the ugly ho bitch of Babylon leader named Nancy Pelosi. Who represents the woman who rides the seven hills beast in today's Roman Catholic San Francisco, California.

Many of the prophets among the lost tribes in D&C 133 etc have received urgent revelations from Jesus, and his mother Mary, that the Devil is now on the verge of destroying His humble servant the Pope.

One of these special one in a million red rye prophets is the Malibu star of the best film so far to hit Europe's new wave cinema in the past decade; entitled THE BEAVER.

Therefore, Sandy just put out 23 million for the English Tudor west coast residence of the Crown Prince of Scotland in the highlands of Beverly Hills' DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS mother FFer.

Who loves to fuck Joan Rivers' daughter and her Sarah Silverman sister all night long no matter what. Until they finally wake up in my water bed with the spread eagle realization that all of their sins have been forgiven, as long as they promise me that they will only suck on my Picasso penis character in MIDNIGHT IN PARIS.


New York's Tony Weiner was obviously inspired by the God of Abraham to show his royal Davidian rod of Jesses James to Sodom and Egypt on the eve of the homogaysexual TONY AWARDS in NYC. So that the Jewish Catholic mother of whores in Congress, who looks like the plastic face Joan Rivers, would be exposed for the phony man eating cunt that she is by the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim.


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Let me tell you how it all started. After several amazing introductory 101 years of fishing on Texas Pond etc with Ken McLeod's deadly Yellow Professor buck hair trout flies; that were Providentially inspired to catch Hanna Montana et al in their open mouth and tight ass, while they were rising from the bottom after various species of little horny nymph buggers.

Back in the swinging 70s, my mother was extremely thrilled when she learned that I was called to serve in the Roma, Italia mission. But then she started screaming like my BRIDE OF CHUCKY doll named Tiff when she saw the part where I needed to show up in Salt Lake with '...two dark suits, 12 white dress shirts, 12 temple undies, and two pair of dress shoes'; and several RL type ties.

You should have seen the expression on her face when I told her to stop it. Because I had put away $500 in HASTY TASTY wages, and all we needed was the first month's $100 rent on my 6-way split missionaries Italian flat.

So we went down to KLOPENSTEINS on The Ave, where the firm's older Jewish grandson taylor greeted me and my mother as if I was the future King of England or something. I was almost speechless when he took one look at me and then immediately grabbed a green polyester blend suit off the rack and said 'this will fit you perfectly'.

Image how it felt when I was the only missionary dude to show up for duty standing out like a sore cock in my future, and more darker, INVISIBLE MAN green screen suit at the missionary training center. And my fellow CARNIVAL OF SOULS companions would take one look at me and say, 'Wow.. What a cool suit!.."

Years later, I would learn that it was the very same year that Ralph Lauren opened his first POLO tie store Hitchcock FRENZY confirmation of Rush Limbaugh's future colorful silk ties business on the radio. Which was this week's inspiration behind Jim Carrey's suede zipper jacket with straight white nigger queer T-shirt on Leno at:

And Sienna and Kristen going for a London 3-way fuck last week in all those inspired paparazzi ROMA missionary pix of them leaving some hot spot with their 4th party beard in the background for cover.


Some of these younger inexperienced FFers have a tendency to get over excited and come too soon. In that case, a really nice and tight fisting, like the one he shows her here, will help take care of the problem until the next time he can make it up to her at:

Friday, June 10, 2011


Lewis and Clark's Missouri River reached a historic 99-year REV.12 flood stage in Williston, North Dakota Friday. At the same time that dozens of Jewish Marxist homosexuals, [Who have been scientifically proven to have larger than average size penises, according to past reports in OUT magazine.] from the media went up north to see if they could find some more ZERO EFFECT black-mail material. Since we now scientifically know that the murderer of Donald Young went on TV and lied on their behalf about his fraudulent birth certificate that suddenly appeared inside that Asian Chinatown vault on top of Chicago's new WILLIS TOWER. That is about to explode.

So I watched the original 1992 LEPRECHAUN prophecy that has Jennifer Aniston role playing 1992's Miley Cyrus babe with her dad in North Dakota Friday morning. The one where that kid is wearing a red SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS cap reference to today's burning San Francisco Mountains in New Mexico; that Jen thinks are located in North Dakota, and so on.

Hence the 4.4 earthquake that rattled No.44's Chocolate Mtns free funny money landmark south of SEES CHOCOLATES' landmark in Imperial County, California. While the USA was bombing Libya in confirmation of the Chocolate Mtns bombing range east of Rt.111's Bombay Beach, just southeast of Mecca, reported at:

While the White House staff is already pre-preparing for the inevitable arrest of the illegal occupant in the Oval Office, who has obviously been proven to be a felon by a host of bipartisan computer experts, the neo-con queers from the Village are still digging through that new mountain of Sarah Palin emails to find any proof that she knows exactly what they are up to at:


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


No day 1290 coincidence that Mr Weiner's weany pix came out on the eve of the Jewish museum of tolerance for socialist perverts in LA doing a big Hitler letter campaign.

Not to mention all those cucumbers getting thrown out in antisemetic Europe.

The Book of Mormon musical on Broadway says that, '...It is by the wicked that the wicked are punished.'

The prophetic gay potato head bar scenes in LEP 2 start on my DVD just after the 47 minutes mark. Note that the bartender 'Frank' is also a potato head, for a thematic 'red rye' context.

The Big Bonito River wildfire in Arizona is burning through a portion of the gay San Francisco Mountains, near Alma. Known as the book of war in the BofM.

Here are the latest fake birth certificate pix that the NYT and 60 MINUTES will be stonewalling at:

In LEP 2's first act, the old homeless man warns the complicit black police officers that the little prince in DANIEL who had his gay lover Donald Young murdered is "...gonna hurt somebody else!"

Even the same little prince who is handing out all that free funny money in the mens room.

That is Kristen Stewart in the old vampire horror movie Cody watches on his bedroom TV in 1994.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


BREITBART claims that they have pix of Mr Weiner's wiener. Well guess what, I have genuine pix of Mr Weiner's fake Mr Potato Head Hawaiian birth certificate from That the pussy-whipper mother fuckers at BREITBART et al are too timid and weak to even mention to their church lady readers on their apostate Christian neo/con web site. Anyone up for a three-way trade?

Last night I updated LEPRECHAUN 2 after suddenly realizing that TMZ' prophetic Hollywood DARKSIDE TOURS in the movie had their FFing blond babe riding in the front seat of the 1994 prophecy.

I know that a lot of you are real busy. So just click on the gay bar toilet scenario where Marty declares, "We're gonna catch that little [literal] bastard!" And then we see that transsexual Mr Potato Head on the amazing mens room toilet stall monument that was erected across from Bonnie Lake's dead fire chief monument to diversity and tolerance.

That was immediately confirmed in the film by the black Leprechaun who walked in handing out fake gold chocolate coins. Wearing the same homosexual "Kiss me I'm Irish" button that Barry was wearing when he visited his part Black Irish part Black Jewish homeland.

Then we see the same political black midget talking and sounding like that black lesbian on THE NEW BEAST's ADVENTURES OF CHRISTINE's OLD BEAST, whose head was wounded in WW II, but was miraculously healed and restored by the surviving Jews who he tried to exterminate. When he and his fellow black midget Jews shout over and over, "ONE OF US!.. ONE OF US!..."

How do you know that? Hello! It was written on the bathroom walls using the same 60s peace sign that Obama put inside the Capitol 'O' on the potato head signature of his Selective Service forum using a dead Conn. man's Social Security number that you have never seen reported at BREITBART's web site for Morman politicians and church leaders.

Confirmed at the Irish bar's whisky shots contest with Marty. Where my protagonist 'Cody' asks the drunk Leprechaun in code words about the whereabouts of his captive Kate Holmes wife; Who tells him, "Don't you know she's a married woman?"


Monday, June 6, 2011


The historic wildfire near Green Pk, Arizona just exploded Sunday, while Jim Carrey was at the MTV movie awards in his INVISIBLE MAN green screen suit at:

St John the Revelator and Lyman Lake are to the north of the giant [Jerry] Springerville area blaze. Obama's Black River flows to the west, below Baldy Pk and Maveric Mtn etc.

Woody Allen becomes Rome's famous Mouth of Truth at exactly 1:00 hour into my flip side DVD copy of the little green LEPRECHAUN 4.

I read that he starts filming in Roma on 7.11, for some kind of an "Oh thank heaven for 7/11" message, related to Israel's 35 longitude line connection to the I-35 lines of lost Israel Texas etc.

In Keira's sleeping princess prophecy, ROMAN HOLIDAY, the men who chase after her are dressed like Mormon missionaries.

The film cuts to The Mouth of Truth after 'Greg' says they are going to get married. It ends in the temple of Solomon with the two symbolic 35-stick high pillars of Judah and Ephraim. As confirmed by Sunday's breaking archeology news about the first and second temple site at:

ROMAN HOLIDAY ends with the princess still having to pretend like she doesn't know who Greg is. Because the scene's media figures are still stonewalling and black-mailing the sons of Israel.


Sunday, June 5, 2011


Don't fly into a tiff doll, just because God told me back on 5.31 at 10:44 pm that, "Liberace dies..." It only means that the old Liberace's mind set and bad attitudes will soon die off, and the gay piano man with poor taste will be born again like Austin Powers Sr in the flip side PENTHOUSE mag sack with 7 of Goldmember's 3-some body guards. After the mens club's disco door gets pushed open.

Woody Allen's next project happens in ROMAN HOLIDAY because his 666 science toady in LEP 4 gets a flat faced Mouth of Truth looking potato head remake that resembles my Mr Sunshine appearance in ROMA. Which was Providentially confirmed by his marriage to a kind of sexy cute Korean teenager with a moonie cult Unitarian Church face that only a REV.17 mother could love.

I got a prophetic 29ish pimple on the tip of my nose with a really odd puss-filled white-head, that actually looks like a sperm drop, on the very same Friday that Owen Wilson's penis nose prophecy opened wide; about Picasso's $104,000,000 blue boy painting with future 1999 blow job pipe con/formation by baby Dr Larry Sinclair in Gurnee, Illinois.

That was simultaneously confirmed by Friday's new White Horse Prophecy paparazzi pix of Kate Holmes putting her Leprechaun coins into an LA slot machine at:

Looks like the new 'let's get married' verse that was just found out by Mr Zero a relative few hours ago is Ms Huntington-Whitely herself. Don't ask me, ask her. What do I know...

I do know that Jen Flint was wearing a gold cocktail ring on her royal wedding finger when she accepted SPIKE TV's golden buck rack award for real manly penthouse men on Saturday. Right after her HORRIBLE BOSSES dentist clips came out in confirmation of that Toledo, Oregon [[Ohio]] Kate Holmes figure in red who woke up with her new ZERO EFFECT dentures speaking like a member of the royal family of Israel. Because her Holmes surname genealogy goes back to the Dan clan history at etc. at:

This being the marvelous toothless FFing blow job in YES MAN by Jim Carey's former old nextdoor neighbor lady in MASK Saturday, after they skipped off the rewards show stage like Jack and Jill.

Once you have been FFed by the real thing, you tend to stay FFed forever.


PS: This link looks like some kind of a SHREK thing related to the Vancouver based STANLEY CUP on ice at:

Friday, June 3, 2011


During my Hawaiian missionary position work in Roma, while my right-wing forerunner named Fred was making ROMA, women were constantly telling me that I looked like 'Greg' at:

Because back around the time that Keira's double golden arches meat patty mum was born, my incognito royal GREGORY'S GIRL princess named 'Keira and I' were filmed taking an imaginary sidewalk cafe break along Woody's future re-make set [of FFing FOR FAKE] And she told me over a glass of champaign, [That of course I didn't have the money to pay for, like her current FFer cutie prospect who is also a bit low on the doe.] that she wanted to celebrate her royal father figure who got the AP III: GOLDMEMBER job of making love to her exactly 40 years ago from today's year 2011. Confirmed by Friday's opening of my new SUBMARINE picture presented by 'Greg' et al.

"...and how did you know that?.." [ZERO EFFECT]

Hello!.. Greg Peck died on the 6.12 birth date of Adriana Lima's famous VESPA paparazzi photo featuring the latest Chinatown bus crash bamboo curtain thing, that you will soon be ignoring in the similar background of my ROMAN [Polanski] HOLIDAY prophecy.

So you need to really study hard the film's prophetic scene wherein my liberal media figure gets his cock's potato head chomped off inside 'The Mouth of Truth' potato head signature at the bottom of Obama's fake birth certificate, at:à


My pre-paid cell phone, so graciously and generously paid for by you back in 05, that was shaped like a small black NAPOLEON DYNAMITE potato head, had the same cfake 229 pre-fix number at:

After holding it tightly against my neck for awhile, I noticed that it was giving me a permanent rather sore looking vagina like hickey.

Cfake's 229 fake looks like it was made by my stripper wife in WHAT ABOUT BOB in his LOST IN TRANSLATION indie film on pre-fucking my Scarlett Johansson teenage wives in Thailand, or Indonesia, or wherever they no longer have the budget to fuck with me.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


The only thing that you need to know about the 1984 SPLASH prophecy about Sarah Palin visiting the Statue of Liberty prophecy, is that in the end when my NYC angel from the REV.13:1 sea rescues me, we see the black Obama military leader coming after us with his gang of white niggers riding a military vehicle that has '666T' painted on the front bumper.

Last night, I dreamed that some surfer dude with a big '666' tattoo on his Chinatown phonebook chin gave me six 30 cal. WINCHESTER bullets, after reading about all those Biblical whirlwinds in Monson, Mass etc. Then later at STARBUCKS, I saw the exact same bullet on the cover of that HIT LIST novel ad in the national newspapers.

Then a bit later, I saw the new W editor of the black-mailing NYT paper who looks like one of those Jewish high society bitches in THE WALKER prophecy. Who represents the Keira Knightley mother of my Freudian DANGEROUS METHOD acting dreams in a STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE meets MARATHON MAN.

Here is a look at the genuine White Horse Prophecy portrait that the DEAD MEN WEAR PLAID actor was inspired by God to purchase from some underground 666 Germans for 850k. So that he and his southern Bible Belt banjo players could understand at least a portion of the day 1290 prophecy at:

The only thing that I would add to Adriana Lima's classic ROMAN HOLIDAY meets SOUTH PACIFIC paparazzi portrait above is a little bit of arm pit hair. Just to get my topless AVATAR forest co-star somewhat more interested in both of us.

There are two MR POTATO HEAD beach clubs in Obama's native Indonesia, according to:

All those hard teak wood shutters above represent the closed shutters in CAPE FEAR, and at the [F FOR FAKE] NEW YORK TIMES etc, where they are trying to hide the truth about the abomination of desolation in my 2006 THE WALKER prelude.

In 1984's pre-Internet SPLASH revelations, my TWN/GSR newsletters get published in Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts' PENTHOUSE magazine Forum about my IN LIKE FLINT threeway dreams about both of them. Who both look like they did back in the [1950s era] Hollywood actor's 1980s revolution.

As confirmed by [Woody] Allen Bauer's 'flip side' beauty with REV.13:1 flippers in SPLASH, who Tom Hanks makes love to over and over, right before Sponge Bob Square-pants Bauer's big secret was exposed at:


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


F FOR FAKE is going to be one of my flip side birth certificate re-makes at:

Last knight I dreamed that I was the one who did GREG'S craft services for LEP 3. Wherein Keira's mother visited the set and I suggested that she might like my cucumber and cut carrots walking salad plate.

Imagine the insane Freudian themes. You are the royal Scottish mother of a major child actor star. Naturally, you would drop in once in a while on the set of her latest project; written, directed, produced, and co-starring yours truly. Eventually, you would be tempted to visit the movie set's amazingly indulgent craft services table. Only to find that yours truly is standing there behind it, asking if you would like some grilled egg plant with your Texas BBQ chicken angel wings. Dreams can be so strange.

As confirmed by Keira Knightley appearing in the opening of Steve Martin's DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS meets LA STORY prophecy. That has now been followed up by his expensive counterfeit art con job report; that broke on the same day an FBI criminal complaint was filed about Obama's counterfeit birth certificate that even fooled the Orange County star of THE LONELY GUY.

Anyway, I watched SPLASH last night, that was confirmed by Sarah Palin's Statue of Liberty visit. Nakedness is a scriptural metaphor for sin.

The night before, I watched my KICK ASS prophecy, that I found for 10 [virgin] bucks at TARGET. About SPLASH's PENTHOUSE magazine letters describing me fucking my 14 year-old Hailee Steinfeld wife in apartment 14 Camille Paglia style, up in my future penthouse in THE WALKER village. Where I'm walking my hot brown babe with my Arab Islamic sidekick, who was bullshitting us about terrorist torture. And you can't do anything about it because Obama and the NYT were caught lying about my next movie that is scheduled to open at the Venice Film Festival.

Which means that I will probably have to update Kiera Knightley's ROMAN HOLIDAY transfiguration prophecy pretty soon. Co-starring Gregory Pecker and Aud/Rey Hep/burn goofing around on the set of Woody Allen's next MISFITS time-travel shoot in Fellini's Rome.

That were captured a few years ago in such scandalous paparazzi candids like this one at:

I never forget a face.