Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I finally saw SAVAGES and then the next day that international negro children's baseball team from Obama's gangland Chicago was stripped of their title for cheating. ~ ~ Which is what I mean by my niggers backing up anything that I say or do. ~ ~ Especially during Black History Month. ~ ~ Dude, I told you. You take care of my younger wives, I make sure that they take care of you. "I'm that kind of guy..." [CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ P.S.SAVAGE: Your rerun talk radio show is starting to get as boring as Clyde Lewis's show. You need to start talking more about what a sexual preference queer Barack Obama is, and his forged paradise island birth certificate too etc; if you hope to stay in the game and hang in there until the physical transfiguration kicks in. ~ ~ "Yes!.. People love interesting writing!.." Realizes Elaine in SEINFELD's episode 14, circa 1996. ~ ~ HARPER NOTES: The temple's high priest keeps a raptor on his arm of flesh for today's predatory wild at heart rappers who are now running the show in DC. ~ ~ ABC ALPHABET COOKIES NOTES: There is a Providential reason why I AM is still so obsessed with race car green mint condition restored 1974 GTV ALFAs. And that probably the best ALFA repair shop in all of North America is still located in Tacoma, Washington. ~ ~ Think my guys fork out two big ones per episode in some kind of a Woody Allen series based on the original '...what's it all about Alfie..." movie remake costarring Sienna Miller and Carey Mulligan. ~ ~ Probably located in and around the Green Lake and Greenwood Heights area. ~ ~ What? You can't even come up with a couple extra big ones for the ladies involved? ~ ~ Guess no sucky fucky for you.

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