Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I AM is getting third degree burns on my Johnson just thinking about my rest home figure who sleeps with LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE meets BUBBA HO-TEP. ~ ~ Is there nobody out there who can give me a hand? ~ ~ For instance, I found something called THE TAYLOR OF PANAMA on Mardi Gras at THE CHECK OUT. Which was all about the unknown movie opening at Great Britain's BIFF on Jennifer Aniston's birthday in 2001. The same date when Noriega was born; who was later arrested by the US military in 1990 on Mel Gibson's birthday. Who is now a major ANIMAL FARM owner-operator in Costa Rica; along the lines of Gisele Bundchen et al. ~ ~ Anyway, a dead body wearing typical Panama cargo shorts washed up on the beach in Malibu Tuesday. ~ ~ Near that joint where Mel got drunk and drove off and got arrested in his LEXUS on that fateful day that changed his life forever and ever. ~ ~ Like in the prophetic 2000 made movie, I get the 15 big ones, minus 1.25 in commissions. ~ ~ And you get to pay for it; just for starters. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REFRESHER COURSE NOTES: In GREASE 2, the Crown Prince from England goes on a date with my sexy 14ish girlfriend skateboarding rider named Delores. And you all thought that Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevigne were too young for me. ~ ~ MONKEY BUSINESS NOTES: After I finished watching the father named Harry take his kids to the hairy monkey island in THE TAYLOR [SWIFT] OF PANAMA, I saw Cara's numerous new monkey pix on her INSTANT TELEGRAM page. ~ ~ Obviously, when I say "I need help." I don't mean that I need your understanding and sympathy. ~ ~ Back in my late 1980s screenwriter period in LA, I survived strictly on moneygram cash checks from George Clooney's home town of Cincinati, Ohio.

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