Thursday, February 19, 2015


Those twin teens who get to go first with my Brad figure in GREASE2 represent you know who times two. ~ ~ Therefore, the timeline is now looking like my May 9 cutting time spoken word revelation about David Letterman cutting out sometime this May. Per G2's scenario where my 14ish date says the letters kept falling off of her girly pinko sweater, and then we cut to David Letterman almost getting run over at the [CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM] spot by a pink 53 STUDEBAKER next to that genealogy tree of Israel. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NO.14 NOTES: The 14th episode in SEINFELD's 1260 days season starts out with presidents who had a beard. The beard being a tradition reference to one who is wearing a mask. ~ ~ P.S. CLYDE: I help you out with your little 200 stations late night rerun radio show, you help me out, tit for tat. ~ ~ How about this idea to up the stakes and your ratings. You telephone-interview Randy Quaid about my Hollywood star-wackers masonic templer conspiracy to illiminate my illuminati opposition, everybody knows that you are actually talking about yours truly hiding out in the Vancouver, BC area. ~ ~ Look at it this way. David Letterman is basically a whole cloth liberal who is hiding behind the 'independent' mask, just like you are doing. And his highly successful late night talk show is only seen and heard in rerun broadcasts all across America. ~ ~ TAYLORED NEWS MEDIA NOTES: Pierce Bronson's sexy fuck interest in THE TAYLOR OF PANAMA, 2001, is a look alike forerunner to Emma Stone. Who co-stars in Woody Allen's upcoming SAILOR DOG movie, filmed in and around Newport, RI on one of my various 51' sailboat yatchs, like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Think Woody Allen wears a beard in his Central American marxist rebels BANANAS movie meets the same thing later in THE FRONT. ~ ~ Oh yeah, you Jew me, I Jew you; and you like it.

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