Sunday, February 1, 2015


Talk about first impressions, this latest one sheet is about the white mulatto ape dream that Penny has in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND, at: AND: ~ ~ Since Bill Clinton was America's first black president for sure; featured in such black exploitation movies during the 70s like LIVE AND LET DIE and FOXY BROWN meets KILL BILL I&II. ~ ~ Who is now looking a bit long in the tooth. ~ ~ And the movie poster for C/looney's first movie is a "license to kill" James Bond 007 thing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 70 CONFIRMATIONS NOTES: One of the best confirmations in the passing week has to be Mitt Romney renouncing his moderate middle-of-the-road Republican Mormon church ways and [temple] recommending a true conservative like Scott Walker or Rick Perry to be the next pre REV.16 President of America. ~ ~ Personally, I would prefer the foreign born Senator Cruz. Just because that would force the issue of The Republic of Texas succeeding from the union and becoming a foreign state. Which would then rapidly spread east across the Bible Belt states like a wildfire. As featured in CAPE FEAR meets TAXI DRIVER; going all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. ~ ~ SIDEKICK NOTES: My invisible bag man figure in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND says that my 2015 'dancing machine' negro sidekick can "...turn on ya." at about 44:... minutes on my DVD. ~ ~ P.S. WOODY ALLEN: In one of my many [Area Code 206] dreams about you last night, I let you fuck one of my 34ish dream boat wives. As you finish out the rest of your long life movie career making short TV films that are exclusively set in Seattle; for about two big ones a pop. ~ ~ How about this idea to spice up your born again young-at-heart box office numbers? ~ ~ Since there are more actor lab people in the Seattle area than there are in all of the Manhattan area; how about a moch TV series reality show about serial killer actors. ~ ~ Too spot on you say? ~ ~ Believe me, it just might work if you hire such sophisticated soft-touch directors and writers of movies like LAGGIES and LAUREL CANYON. ~ ~ Heck, bring in Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart if you have to; if the money is right of course. ~ ~ Think SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE meets FRIDAY THE 13TH: I,II,III.

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