Tuesday, February 10, 2015


The mighty line finale in HARPER goes something like, "Lying is for the other guys." ~ ~ After we had seen Miranda and I arrive at the desecrated temple mount; where the dark skinned gentiles of gog and magog invade Israel, and not just Judah, in such overwhelming numbers as cited in EZE.38. As if they were coming out of the bushes everywhere from beyond the temple walls in REV.11:1. That refers to the southern side accented "old stick" reference to the measuring sticks of Judah and Ephraim, and those 42 months of tire treads in the sands of Israel. That I see at Mel Gibson's maverick private Fiji island sex cult D&C 86 temple mount; complete with a Wailing Wall retainer wall on the side. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FRESH NOTES: Jenner gets her feet tortured by the seaside beast in REV.13:1 in confirmation of Ornella Fresh spending almost an entire year in a wheelchair suffering excruciating DANIEL 2 foot pains. ~ ~ CROOKED JEW NOTES: The simple-minded straight-shooting Christian George Bush was inspired by the God of Abraham to invade Iraq because they were amassing weapons of mass destruction. Which are now in the Bath Party hands of Abbas and his Hezbollah allies. Looks like the joker has now jumped you on the back Mr.Jon Stewart meets Mr.Mel Gibson meets Mr.Clyde Lewis... Had any funny stuff dreams lately? ~ ~ In Paul Newman's David Letterman cookies movie, he gets baptized and cleansed by my Illuminati templre REV.19 sword that slays the black 666 beast of MLK JR. and Abra/ham Lincoln. [Harper drives an old 1958ish bathtub PORSCHE SPEEDSTER in the 19666 film noir.] ~ ~ P.S. OLIVER STONE: I know that you are basically in the same camp with Clyde Lewis and George Looney. So how about you make that Las Vegas biopic movie about Janis Joplin; costarring some of my crazy ass monkey sex wives who I'm still trying to get off my back, and then we call it even Steven? ~ ~ "I help you out with your little shows, you help me out, tit for tat." to paraphrase my shadow man sidekick in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND.

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