Wednesday, February 25, 2015


That train wreck near El Rio happened on Dia de LA Bandera, at: AND: ~ ~ No wonder we see the White Horse Prophecy in THE TAYLOR OF PANAMA after the little alphabet cookies eating girl recites her tiger [golfer] beast poem. ~ ~ Hence, the above disaster happened in the same area where they shot the HARPER prophecy about the invading illegal aliens in EZE.38, etc. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PATRIARCH BLESSING NOTES: In my inspired Patriarch Blessing it says that all my friends will try to be like me and start talking plainly. For example, Joe Bi/den finally came out and admitted in public that he believes that Mussolini and Hitler and the insanely funny Jewish Karl Marx Brothers in the 20s and 30s were not completely crazy. ~ ~ SEXY TIME OUT NOTES: I found something called THE YOUNG VICTORIA at THE CHECKOUT on Tuesday. Gonna have to get back to you on this one; kind of busy right now. ~ ~ THREEWAY FREEWAY I-95 PILE-UP NOTES: Last night I watched THE GODFATHER: III, as confirmed by that HEAPS OF PIZZA cars pile-on up in Etna, Maine; shaped like the cut off head of my dog bitch if you turn your map upside down. ~ ~ MAP NOTES: That crazy unpredictable island paradise volcano down in Socialist Sicily is caller Etna. Hence my exwife's given templer name in 74. [Sicilians tend to be on the short side and have darkish skin like Martin Scorsese and the old aging star of THE GODFATHER: I,II,III. ~ ~ See what I mean? ~ Maine is shaded like an upside down cut-off dog head. ~ ~ NOT WORTHY NOTES: I may not be good enough yet to play Jesus in prime time; but I AM is still better than the current Mel Gibson wanna-be cult religion Pope in Rome. ~ ~ In other words, you con me out of my tithing money on those 666 big ones that I launder through your tax free charity bank, no fucky sucky for you. ~ ~ CHICAGO NOTES: Hope I'm not repeating myself, but last year I dreamed that the two witnesses' earthquake in REV.16 happens just west of Aurora, Illinois; per those two smiley cloud movies at: ~ ~ NO WORRIES NOTES: It is now time to stop worrying about whatever those creepy homosexual Jews and black skin negros are now doing in the Washington, DC based media. ~ You already have won the latte-day saints civil war on a spiritual and political level. Be humble in your new victory, and let me and my loyal patriotic unionist 666 thugs take out the garbage. ~ ~ There is always a right way and a wrong way to do things. ~ ~ Even my famous physically transfigured ham actor protagonist in GODFATHER:III warned about acting too soon, per D&C 86. "We will sell no [jug] wine before it's time." [Orson Welles] ~ ~ In other words, you pay me a 10% skim on my 600 big ones investment in the Vatican bank, I still do not kill you for thinking that two male cousins getting married to each other is right. ~ ~

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