Saturday, February 21, 2015


That is nonother than today's Asian raised Barack Obama on the "CON O BEN" beer billboard in the famous Asian whore scene in FULL METAL JACKET [condom] sceen at about 47:33 minutes. Think the Irish Catholic Conan O'Brien meets the Irish Catholic Bill O'Really, and you get the picture. ~ ~ Ergo the iconic Reagan era film's abomination of desolation ending; completely filmed in the UK. Where it eventually opened on the prophetic date of 9.11 in 1987. ~ ~ Not good enough for you? ~ ~ How about the upcoming elections in Israel are scheduled for St. Patrick's Day. ~ ~ Still nothing? ~ ~ Saint Patty's Day commemorates the day when all of the half Jew fuck snakes were driven out of Ireland. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JERRY LEWIS NOTES: Hopefully, it will say "I never voted for Obama" on Jerry Lewis' granite tombstone. ~ ~ DATING TIPS: A snoopy dog named Miss P took the crown at Westminster this year. In confirmation of Drew Barrymore's SNOOPY SNO-CONE gift at the end of MY DATE WITH DREW. That was a prophetic representation of the gifts that the insane worldly theater people exchange with each other in REV.11. ~ ~ TROPHEY FOR BEST FUCK NOTES: Kristen Stewart wore a cloud 9 temple dress at that [French kiss] awards show, for her new sexy cloud movie at: AND: ~ ~ Where we see her sitting on my footstool next to my French style sofa throne. Note the link's Providential leadership number 240; which represents the royal Davidian code blood line of Christ. ~ ~ For example, see the cool rider blood lines on this 1974 ALFA that are like the blood red cross of England on Miranda Kerr's extremely nice and fuckable face in HARPER, at: ~ ~ Yeah I know, there is no such thing as bad pussy. Too bad you can't say that about the face. ~ ~ Otherwise, everyone would be equal, Adolf Hitler style. No quirky unique individuality, no nothing; just the same old bland vanilla ice cream gruel for desert; day after day, year after year, decade after decade. ~ ~ SPECIAL MENTION NOTES: Pierce Bronson went to Hawaii and French kissed his ugly overweight wife for a sign from God that both of them are going to end up looking like they did when they first got married. Note the GREASE 2 laua lava volcano context, circa 2015, at: ~ ~ AND:

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