Friday, February 27, 2015


THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS is a White Horse Prophecy about the Republican Party being replaced by the Chinatown Tea Party. As in, "I invented the air quotation [MLK] marks." to paraphrase my Dr.Evil antichrist sidekick anti hero in AUSTIN POWERS:I,II,III. ~ ~ Who eventually turned out to be my beloved long lost half brother in the end. ~ ~ What? ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: Since there is no Antichrist NWO prophecy in REVELATION or DANIEL, one has to assume that the bad guy in the last days has to be some kind of an anti [Christ] christian anti Mormon figure. ~ ~ ANTI MORMON NOTES: All of you gay ass apostate Christians out there have no business criticising the neo masonite Mormon church. That is my job, not your job. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones, yada yada. ~ ~ Most of you little short fuckers would have to stand on a stool just to kiss my ass. ~ ~ P.S. MS WATSON: Wage equality is Brown University style neo fascism, as explained quite clearly at: ~ ~ Please stop bothering me with this kind of pop culture new world order UN doggie poop. Or I AM is gonna have to make you go back to school and start all over again; like in GREASE:2 meets GREASE:I. ~ ~ BANK OF CANADA NOTES: You let me continue to say bad things about homosexuals and communist negros, I let you stay in business and prosper. Otherwise we have no deal; I'll take my money elsewhere. ~ ~ You are not the only hockey game in town. ~ ~ Which is the nice thing about having more than one wife.

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