Saturday, February 7, 2015


When Miranda and I arrive at Mel's mountain top sun temple of love, we see the painted lady head of Miranda Kerr that has been painted over with the royal English flag blood lines of the Illuminati Holy Grail. ~ ~ Oh yeah, we're better than you are. ~ ~ In terms of looks, money, fame, and sex; yada yada. ~ ~ And we have an army of niggers who are now willing and able to back up anything that we say. ~ ~ Naturally, the woman's head on top of the holy city temple represents the woman who sits on top of the world in RE.17. Hence, the hip 19666 movie opens with the number 7 on the TV network screen of the flaky Jewish media. Where everyday the unemployment rate is a gloriously low 5.6% and Barack Obama is a true blooded American citizen who just loves Israel. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TOP GUN NOTES: "...the one..." flies an F-14 with the [sire us] number 104 on it's symbolically shaped penis nose in this 1986 prophecy. ~ ~ RAP NOTES: Almost every Divinely inspired hit rap song sung by my niggers in the past 20 years claims that I AM is better than you are. ~ ~ P.S. CLYDE: By their fruits ye shall know them. I.e. apostate christian monogamists with clean shaven faces and freakishly short haircuts always end up taking over everthing and replacing it with decadent homogaysexual democratic fascism. ~ ~ IN THE BEGINNING NOTES: My extortionist notes to Mel Gibson that demanded 500k or else were foretold by Paul Newman's amateurish 1966 film noir reboot. ~ ~ Sorry about that. At the time, I had no idea that Woody Allen and I would be making indie films together in the Seattle area for two big ones a pop. Remember, according to the infinite grace of Jesus, you are not guilty of anything at all if you are ignorant of the law. ~ ~ For example, when you were fucking Jodie Foster back during the Ronald Reagan 80s, you were doing God's work. Much like those CIA assassins were doing down in your beloved South America. ~ ~ According to the BOOK OF MORMON, the real men of Israel have a right to protect their families. Even if it means shedding blood.

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