Thursday, February 5, 2015


That twin prop French-Canadian made plane crashed in Chinatown for a second witness about Martin Scorsese's new project entitled 'SILENCE'. ~ ~ Based on the crooked nose Jew media remaining silent about the confirmed fact that my trusty sidekick is not even a US citizen. ~ ~ Talk about Brian Williams et al wearing little boy twirly propeller hats in movies like BLUE VELVET and LOOT HIGHWAY; as my network game show confessions postings are rolling out. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BLACK OP NOTES: Michael Medved is getting his throat cancer [H-bomb] radiation treatments during Black History Month because Spencer W. Kimball also had a long history of throat cancer. During the time when he received a secret on the down low revelation about the sons of Ham having the higher priesthood of Egypt and Sodom in the latter-day. At least that is what God says in the published spoken word revelations at Talk about open and honest leadership meets secretive [combinations] government in DC, and Jew York City. ~ ~ FLIRTY FISHING NOTES: I almost went all the way through 1986's TOP GUN sensation last night. Wow, was I ever so young. ~ ~ And today's gays think that they are such hot shit. ~ ~ Check out this spin off movie about a married lesbian who hooks up with Kristen Stewart at: ~ ~ As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. ~ ~ For example, Tom's gayish sauna bath co-pilot in the above iconic movie was also married with children.

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