Monday, February 23, 2015


What did you expect? God didn't mean it when MY Crown Prince of England figure is initiated into the new world order with the secret Masonic templer "Bird!!" hand sign at the end of GREASE:II meets THE BIRDMAN OF ALCTRAZ?? ~ ~ Guess it's now WHISKY A GO GO back to school time. ~ ~ Ergo, the above movie was directed by a LA/man/ite man from Mexico who has been cursed with a dark skin. Because such apostate white Christians like Mel Gibson are still shitting on the BM. ~ ~ Not to mention the fact that Glenn Beck et al are still pissing all over those little simple minded people out there in JIFFY LUBE franchise land who beleive that the US Constitution actually means what it says. ~ ~GSR/TWN - - HUH? NOTES: The other night, I dreamed that Sienna Miller was ignoring me again just like in my prophetic dream date with her type in CONFESSIONS OF A DANEROUS MIND. ~ ~ And of course in the end, we see that she was just pretending. All is well that ends well, yada yada. ~ ~ Like for example, I dreamed the other day that Charlie Theron liked watching me fucking Kristen Stewart. So then I watched THE ITALIAN JOB on OSCARS Sunday and saw her say to me, "Didn't I tell you I never want to see you again?" ~ ~ IT'S NOT OVER YET NOTES: Charlie Theron tells me in THE ITALIAN JOB, 2003, that she trusts Sean Penn, but she does not trust the devil inside of him. ~ ~ BFD NOTES: Chelsea Handler really does have nice tits. But don't push your luck baby. I can get very dangerous when I get bored out of my mind and insulted. ~ ~ Besides, Elizabeth Hurley's tits still look better than your good looking tits look even on a bad day; not to mention Lindsay Logan. ~ ~ NEW DEAL NOTES: I want to make the LAST TANGO IN PARIS:2 remake sequal prequel in the very same apartment where I lived in Roma as an FFing RLDS missionary from San Diego, California. ~ ~ In other words, you make that happen for me, I make ISIS dissappear and go away. Get the picture? ~ ~ DOLCE VITA NOTES: I know how things work in Italy. You buy me my missionary man apartment where I lived in Siena, I pay you full price for it on the side in tax free cash. ~ ~ Don't worry, the international IRS Internet's days are numbered. Pretty soon, there will be no income tax laws in places like Texas and Utah. Not to mention the three western providences of Canada meets Alaska. ~ ~ Don't worry, I'll deal with England's Marxist labor party problem when the time is right. ~ ~ In other words, when I get what I want, then you get what you want. [Figure at least 3k for my Tonkin bamboo cane soft-action dry-fly rod with antique fly-reel that was featured in Woody Allen's English made movie called SCOOP.

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