Sunday, February 15, 2015


All of those ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW motorcycles in GREASE 2 were introduced by the mighty line that reads, "We're being invaded by [alien] foreigners." Hence that volcanic eruption at the end in the Hawaiian lulau where 1961's Barack Obama et al put an end to the ridiculous religious nonsense being taught by Britney Spear's Baptist Church lady father; not to mention GROUND ZERO RADIO. ~ ~ And then we see a shot of the day 1290 STATUE OF LIBERTY. Which precedes the atomic bomb mushroom cloud in Frenchie's chemistry lab class. Before that old Ray [Re] figure suddenly turns into the Crown Prince of England at THE BIG LEWBOWSKI bowling ally. ~ ~ And later, Miss December 28 sings about turning back the hands of time, circa 2015, when everyone's hair is prematurely turning snowy white. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TWO WITNESSES NOTES: The above Hawaii Islands pig roast luau opens with the two sticks of Judah and Ephraim in EZE.37 and ISAIAH 11, etc. Hence, Michael's line about how it is going to take an EZE.10 type motorcycle medicine wheels cure in order to get his hands on Sienna Miller, and her sister too. ~ ~ AND THE BEAT GOES ON NOTES: Pierce Bronson's U-shaped fantasy [Asian] island beach mansion caught fire on Jennifer Ansiton's 46th birthday in confirmation of her look alike getting her DANIEL 2 feet burned in HARPER. Right after the 56ish Catholic Madonna star of EVITA showed up at the GRAMMYS in some MATATOR movie costume. ~ ~ You better believe it boys and girls. Father knows best. And that is why he always beats his children when he catches them having fun playing their little stinky finger games. ~ ~ Think SUPERBAD meets SUPERSTAR at: ~ ~ Like I said, movie posters matter.

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