Wednesday, January 6, 2016


In the 1776;1976 RKO double;feature picture;show prophecy about the two witnesses in REV.11:1;2, Donald Trump et all grow weary of being tread upon; walked upon; and being transsexually abused;mistreated; by today's Jewish homosexual;transgender;communists in the mainstream;media; who always vote for at least 85% Democrat Party majority rule for reformed;lawless mob;rule fascism; no matter what the cost. ~ ~ Ass for example at: ~ ~ Is it just me? Or do the Jews get their neo con kicks out of braking the rules haft the time? ~ ~ Call me crazy. ~ ~ But it does seem to be getting harder and harder to have a good time these days. ~ ~ And even I can see this being reflected in the writing's of my own private GSR/TWN blog. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ OLD SOCIALIST JEW NOTES: New Hampshire's OLD MAN OF THE MOUNTAIN landmark happening that happened in the White Mountains was about Bernie Sanders suddenly collapsing and dying on the political stage of a heart attack, metaphorically, like in MY WEEKEND AT BERNIES:Iⅈ featuring me and Paul Nestor visiting Bernie himself on Murray Island back in the Reagan Democrat Party of the 1980s. ~ ~ PS WOODY ALLEN;ROBERT REDFORD;ALAN ALDA;MEL BROOKS;STEVEN SPEILBERG;JERRY SEINFELD; There is only one way out of your current situation. ~ ~ You know who to call. ~ ~ And how much it is going to cost you. ~ ~

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