Thursday, January 14, 2016


Several weeks ago I had a flash vision of the triple Vince Vaughn comedy movies DVD case with THE WATCH featured in the middle of the threeway set. ~ ~ Which I finally found at WALMART this morning by the tender mercies of Jesus for only $7.50. ~ ~ After seeing on the back side that it is about 4 regular guys in Small Town, Ohio who finally get fed up with Barack Obama and Geraldo Rivera's dark skinned illegal alien Lamanites invading their rather white Nephite christian conservative Reagan Democrat Party community. And so they buck it up and decide to organise their neighborhood behind the [crime-watch] campaign to elect Donald Trump for President and put a stop to it. ~ ~ Believe me you. If Trump wins the very white state of Ohio, it will all be over for the niggers before it ever got started. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TWO WEEKS NOTICE: Sandy now has two weeks to make up with my Donald Trump billionaire real estate developer in TWO WEEKS NOTICE, or she can go back to living the humble life of a poor women handing out free legal services to all of those fat pig bitches on today's daytime tv shows. ~ ~ "I made you!.. So I can break you!!" THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. ~ ~ PS SIENNA: That illegal negro from Africa who murdered your look alike sister in Florence, Italy was an EZE.38 warning about the ongoing invasion of London, England and Paris, France, and Rome, Italy by the spiritually aligned dark skinned forces of gog and magog; not to mention Los Angeles, California, circa THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING. ~ ~ Think HANNIBAL:1&2; if for no other reason that I could easily play him even at my age. ~ ~ If the big money is right enough for you too of course. ~ ~ PS TARATINO: Some kind of a suprise ending trilogy to KILL BILL actually feels pretty good to me. ~ ~ But don't hold your breath. ~ ~ Meanwhile, you cast my future wife Lindsay Lohan in your next fantasy Janis Joplin fuck film, costarring my furure wife Miley Cyrus, I might just be able to come up with the money for it. ~ ~ If you don't believe me, give David Lynch a call and see what happens.

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