Sunday, January 24, 2016


Glenn Beck held that fake oath of office ceremony for the foreign born LAmanite BOOK OF MORMON false prophet conservative man from Texas in confirmation of Barack Obama's own genuine fake birth certificate credentials. ~ ~ In other words, if you believe that Obama's 9-layer forged documents are real; you probably still believe that today's uncomprehensible computers are made up of nothing but pure magic and Hocus-Pocus. ~ ~ "I'm not a gaget guy." Woody Allen. ~ ~ "DON'T F ME!!" Bob, with a B, in THE WATCH; 2012. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JEW KNOW WHO: We already have an older 73 year-old reformed fascist third-way 1930s FDR-era Jew from Brooklyn, NY, via New Berlin, Vermont, running for president. Who ain't doing that bad in the polls either. ~ ~ So why do we need another old rich Jew fuck from New York to take his place? ~ ~ And do you really think that America wants to have an old man in the White House who once actually criminalised low income people on welfare who tend to drink too much cheap priced soda pop? ~ ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: Probably THE FRONT would make it into my top-twenty list for the best cinematic prophecies of all time in the last days. ~ ~ Wherein that short as Robert Redford Jew in the movie is a Stalinist anti-American who has a problem with the tall-in-the-saddle bag anti-communist white people from Texas; in such films as MIDNIGHT COWBOY and MARATHON MAN; just to name two. ~ ~

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