Friday, January 29, 2016


Here is just the latest hopeful sign from God that things are finally about to change and get better, at: ~ ~ Talk about accentuating the positive. ~ ~ Like in the CARNIVAL OF SOULS scenes in IRRATIONAL MAN, after we see those medicine wheels that resemble the image of an orange cut in half in order to squeez out a cup full of OJ. ~ ~ Wherein Jill takes her medicine pill after the fact that the corrupt birther judge is going to die for what he did to America. ~ ~ Note the BIG BROWN delivery truck from outside the MICROSOFT windows in the diner scene where we first learn about him. ~ ~ And then my college professor sidekick, who murdered his blabbermouth gay lover Donald Young in Chicago, knew what he had to do. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE BIG TURN AROUND NOTES: There is a Providential reason why Kathleen Turner has starred in so many inspired crazy lady last days movies. ~ ~ Choose your poison. Most of them are pretty darn good. ~ ~ It is no coincidence that she looks like your typical christian conservative Republican Party voter, straight from Central Casting, who would vote for Donald Trump. ~ ~ Think that I AM is still shitting you do you? ~ ~ Just who do you think that John Waters will be voting for in the upcoming 2016 election? ~ ~ Gonna have to go with my own private Preston, Idaho instincts on this one, like at: ~ ~ PS VINCE VAUGHN: Tell your real estate investment wife to start obeying her husband and start buying up all of the undeveloped raw land [DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS] investment time/share/condo opportunities surrounding West Yellowstone, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. ~ ~ Better hurry, before RL JR. beats you to the punch. ~ ~ Not to mention Bill Gates; much less the more quick acting and versatile/adgile Sandra Bullock. ~ ~ SERCET CIA AREA 19/51 BIRTH CERTIFICATE NOTES: According to reports on the special 1260 days era Internet, the government has just released a series of secret photos that definitely confirm everything that Clyde Lewis ET ALL have been saying for the past [post 1260 days era] 20 years or so. ~ ~ Which is why Clyde Lewis is probably the only retro 50s style midnight anticommunist AM radio populist host left in America who can talk openly about Obama's fake birth certificate. ~ ~ Per all of those spoken word revelations about how the little guys will bring down the big guys, with their big union scale pay checks, plus daily expensises, at SNL/NBC in the last days.

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