Monday, January 4, 2016


According to the mud race flood prophecy in REV.12, the real meanies are the mean spirited caucasian accusers of the mean spirited caucasian supporters of Donald Trump in 2016. Most of the former childish idiots being transplanted east coast Brooklyn, Jew homosexual femminist communists in THE WAY WE WERE meets SHAM/POO, meets Jerry Seinfeld's 9th season. ~ ~ Think ANNIE HALL meets up with me a few years later in my prophetic opus MANHATTAN:2; wherein I AM is a pretty funny looking 39ish man who is regularly fucking and enlightening one of his 18 year-old looking young lady wives; like at: ~ ~ And then you pretend too much to be all that upset by the fact that my Seattle based antihero in AUSTIN POWERS:II just wants to be like me and be left alone to do his thing. ~ ~ Personally, I could give a shit. The only thing that I am is interested in right now is how much money do I get from him to make my independent film debut. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS TARANTINO: You say that you only want to make ten movies. Yet me and my Russian billionaire boys based in London, who support Donald Trump, are offering you enough money to make another ten motion pictures for the same 6 figure price each. ~ ~ So what's your problem bitch! ~ ~

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