Saturday, January 23, 2016


That 4-squared BLACK LABEL scotch bottle in the way way pre-election 2016 prophecy called THE WATCH, was for when a Scottish man named Donald Trump would become the President of America, circa DAN.9. ~ ~ Because all the pussy whipped white dudes in law enforcement were asleep at the wheel; when it came to having an illegal alien with a fake new citizenship birth certificate being in charge of the US military; no thanks to today's back-stabbing neo con Jews, straight looking queers, and polite house niggers; who are pretty much running the show these days. ~ ~ So now all the white people are really angry and finally have decided to put their foot down. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 42 MONTHS NOTES: The historic snow storm in THE INVISBLE MAN prophecy that has shut down DC, after 42 straight months of Barack Obama and Sandra Bullock's bullshit, is just the [Aurora, Denver, Colorado] beginning of things. ~ ~ Remember,the Colorado River in Texas flows into all of those amazing last days landmarks that surround Austin, Texas. ~ ~ True enough, everyone's shit stinks. But it is also true that 'timing is everything'. ~ ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: Please have your people let me know if you want me to have that 60ish overweight Orson Welles jug wine TV pitchman look for your next project, like at:,,15625141_303,00.jpg ~ ~ Whatever, I'm gonna need at least 29 additional new lines of pencilled in hand scripted dialogue in the new deal. ~ ~ And don't worry about if or when Seattle's Dr.Evil will come up with the kind of money that I would need to make it happen. This is between him and me, and not you. ~ ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: The MICROSOFT 9 window is closing in fast on you for any chance that you still might have to cast me in any kind of a surreal salary cap [David Lynch] type tv series, slash, feature film option play-or-pay deal. Which could even possibly have the slightest chance to compete with all of those other big [SPLASH] money boys in Seattle; not to mention the T-shirts, coffee mugs, and logo caps merchandizing money stream. ~ ~ The longer you wait, the more it is going to cost you. ~ ~ Remember, the colorful co-founder of DICK'S DOUBLE BURGERS just died last week in Seattle. ~ ~ Is that all that you are living for in this brief life?.. like my own politically agnostic brother Jeff Relf? ~ ~ Who is still living in a China Town slum lord house in the U-District after all these years; located off of 45th N.E. on 18th? ~ ~ Jesus Christ dude. Is that all that you too want to live for in the near future? ~ ~ "Your room is not ready." Said Jesus Christ to Tracy Morgan. When his long black [Chicago style] cock sucker limo got rear-ended on the down low in New Jersey. ~ ~ What the fuck? ~ ~ If you are not up to it; at least ask one of your gay ass friends, who are now dying of [HIV] cancer, to pay it forward for you. ~ ~ That way, the authorities that be won't be able to find any money trail in your computers that could lead back to me in Bonney Lake, Washington.

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