Sunday, January 17, 2016


GREASE:2 was a 1981ish prophecy about me and Sienna Miller, and the significant cultural age [retail GAP shops] differences between the both of us. ~ ~ Wherein I go back to THE SCHOOL OF PROPHETS meets the BACK TO SCHOOL at BYU 1985 prophecy for rich millionaire middle aged high school flunkies in Utah County, Utah. Not to mention BYU, Hawaii. ~ ~ Who barelly graduated with the minimal GPA levels of a Woody Allen figure in Brooklyn, NY, circa 1957. ~ ~ Per the 2BC:91 revelation about me needing to bring something more to the table for my aging wives than a boat load of tax free worthless cash money on the barrel; Italiano style. ~ ~ This being the part where me and the boys initiate the physical transfiguration process in 2016. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS TERRY MCKNIGHT: I will be looking for a place to stay while I AM is hitting the books in Utah this year for two semesters.

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