Sunday, January 3, 2016


"The river was deep, but I swam it!" tombstone graveyard number in the opening to my own private look alike cinema prophecy in 1976 is now being confirmed by the historic [Deep River, Ontario] flooding happening along the 1290 days Mississippi River that flows through the latter-days heart of Zion in DAN.12. ~ ~ What? Still nothing? ~ ~ Okay. How about Jerry and Barry drive around the White House grounds in a 1963 STINGRAY; but the powers that be never let them even get it out of first gear; much less second or third gear. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CRAZY 8S NOTES: Natalie Maria Cole suddenly died of a sick heart on New Year's Eve in order that the news of her symbolic [JACKIE BROWN] death would roll out on the 8th day of THE HATEFUL EIGHT. ~ ~ PS TARANTINO: So what? Southern white Israelitish people know in their hearts that they are just a little bit better than the negro slave peoples from the wild jungles of Kenya, Africa. ~ ~ So why make a fascistic 19666s born again federalism government case out of it? ~ ~ Oh well. ~ ~ How about this idea? ~ ~ We just pay the niggers off with our own private surplus billions; and they agree to leave us hillbilly folks alone and stop spiritually and physically raping and ripping off the virtues of our fair haired daughters of Israel? ~ ~ As if you had a choice in the matter anyway; "You either do it my way, or you take the highway." Sylvester Stallone, circa 1976. ~ ~ 12TH IMAN FAN NOTES: Why are you guys in Iran so upset with the Jewish king of Saudia Arabia executing one of your own unwise idiot radicals? ~ ~ Do you not know that I AM is the lost 12 tribes I-Man that you have been waiting for all of these years? ~ ~ My homosexual sidekick from Chicago in the White House gives you the license to build an atomic bomb that will destroy all of the day 1290 back-stabbing Jews in MARK 13:14; and this is how you thank me? ~ ~

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