Friday, January 8, 2016


MEIN KAMPF says that if you want to achieve total equality and social justice for all working people. We need to have total government control over big health care and big banking; and of course complete gun control to protect the majority people from the minority people who don't agree with it. ~ ~ Ergo, the abomination of desolation making fun of the white christian NRA is the same thing as making fun of the white skinned birthers; who are fundamentally opposed to the invasion of Europe by the dark skinned peoples of Babylon. ~ ~ No wonder that my sidekick figure Barack Obama believes that the world has still not faced up to it's liberal Jewish international marxism problem. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS TARATINO: I finally get it; took me long enough. ~ ~ All of those white American GI guys, with the short gay ass Brad Pitt haircuts, who were killing the other white German guys who looked exactly like they do in INGLORIOUS BASTARDS got what they finally deserved because, "We were fighting for the wrong side!" said Leslie Winn, circa 1969. ~ ~ Now that I have come to see this; you have already fulfilled and satisfied all of my late night vision inspirations about me and my teenager wives costarring in your 9th movie. ~ ~ LAST TANGO NOTES: Until further notice, I AM will still be going with some kind of a remake homage to LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO meets HERBIE GOES TO MONTE CARLO for my Hollywood debut. ~ ~ PS RUSH: The reason why Teddy Bear Cruz is not eligible to become President Trump's Vice President of America is because he is basically a dark skinned Lamanite, and not a white skinned Nephite, like in 2NEPHI8. ~ ~ PS NO.1: The reason why I don't talk about you too much is that I want to protect you, not ignore your.

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