Friday, January 15, 2016


The big secret underground 666 boner idol in THE WATCH is hidden underneath the local Jewish owned members only COSTCO buyers club for aliens only in Gregview, Ohio. ~ ~ Hence, those two gay sailors' helicopters of Judah and Ephraim crashed into the REV.13:1 sea of the lost 12 tribes of Israel, two miles away from Barack O's [Ohio] Island in Hawaii the night after the Donald Trump tv show pilot was tested before a live audience in Charleston, South Carolina. ~ ~ Where the latter day saints' civil war in REV.16 started. ~ ~ Have you ever wondered why we never see Vince Vaughn anymore on the Miss O show? ~ ~ And by the way; why does Rush love to go golfing all the time in Hawaii at some Trump type country club over there? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PROBLEM NOTES: The main problem with the Jews is that they are just too emotional and therefore controlling. ~ ~ SUPERBOWL 50/50 NOTES: The especially white skinned people, with striking red hair, who belong to the tribe of Levi, were responsible for keeping the Temple of David clean from any filthy influences and pollutions from the LDS negro priesthood people who support today's abomination of desolation; either directly or indirectly. ~ ~ BYU NOTES: The star of all those BYU film studio family movies about that Russian Danite bear wrestling my physically transfigured DiCaprio figure just died at age 74. ~ ~ PS VINCE AND BEN: For God's sake! ~ ~ I do hope that you two have at least one big one between you two cashed away in your mutual basement freezers somewhere. ~ ~ So here is the deal. ~ ~ Today is the 1260 days NYT no.112 birthday anniversary of the MLK abomination that was made fun of in my many reincarnations of THE BIG LEWDBOSKI meets BARTON FINK homages to MY FAIR LADY meets THE SOUND OF MUSIC, like at: ~ ~

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