Thursday, January 21, 2016


According to the NIV Bible, it says in REV.9:14 that; "It said to the sixth angel who had the trumpet..." voters' ballet in her angelic little hand for Donald Trump, to just go ahead and do it. ~ ~ And we can make up the differences between us later. ~ ~ All is well that ends well. ~ ~ Because that 8 year-old kid in Bird In Hand, Transylvania 6000 now has to suffer for the sins of his apostate christian parents, like at: ~ ~ Where the Four Square Gospel [] team in THE WATCH plots out their next hand job plan. ~ ~ Six, one half dozen, the other. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SUNDANCE, UTAH NOTES: This year's Bob Red film festive will open with a memorial documentary film about all of those old Jew fucks in Queens who never did like white people; much less America. ~ ~ LANDMARK NOTES: Intercourse, PA is located just east of Bird In The Hand for that Frankenfurter [ROCKY HORROR] hero in THE WATCH willing to go all the way if that is what it takes to expose the likes of Will Smith on the dark side; and Michael Moore on the light side. ~ ~ Because it says in the BM that sometimes the dark skinned people were behaving better than the white people who were better than them. ~ ~ CREATIVE INSPIRATION NOTES: Here are the prophetic links and lyrics to Donald Trump becoming the President of America in 2016, at: ~ ~

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