Wednesday, January 20, 2016


That muted jazz trumpet in the dark skinned underground LA/manite temple of the devil in MULHOLLAND DRIVE was a prophecy about the time when the plain spoken truth would be censored and mutrd once again by the born again 666 Jews; Woody Allen style. ~ ~ Think LEP2 leads to all of the LEP IN THE HOOD sequels. ~ ~ Hence, Sarah Palin's older son was arrested for bitch punching his girlfriend/wife cunt on the very same day that his mother endorsed Donald Trump for president. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS SPIKE LEE: Now that I AM is pretty much in charge of everything that goes down along Hollywood Blvd these days; you might want to think about writing, directing, and starring in a LEPRECHAUN: 7 direct to Internet video feature film. ~ ~ If the money is ridiculous enough of course. ~ ~ Since I don't work for free anymore, I don't expect that much anymore either from my niggers. ~ ~ "Be ye therefore just like me..." Jesus. ~ ~ That said. I'm thinking Adriana Lima said that she now wants to move into acting in Hollywood pictures. So we pay her enough to be the star in Spike Lee's next LEPRECHAUN whatever seriocomic book sequel to the franchise. ~ ~ Because according to THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON, one should never throw good money after bad money. ~ ~ Think SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT meets LEP:5, and maybe we got a deal. ~ ~ Of course, I would need to know who is in it. ~ ~ For example, ~ ~ You make my wives happy, I make your slave wives happy. ~ ~ You should be so lucky. ~ ~ I.e. I don't wish that I were you, you don't wish that you were me.

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