Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Black shit happens. ~ ~ Because all you niggers are bitching about this year's OSCARS not being racist enough, this year is going to belong to the more enlightened forces of Donald trump and his spiritually gifted polygamist wife Sarah [pale skin] Palin. ~ ~ You want everyone to be obsessed with the color of people's skin when it comes to handing out the goodies? ~ ~ You got it in spades. ~ ~ Ergo, that British negro alien skin job in THE WATCH bleeds green goop PALMOLIVE dish washing soap from the deep cut in his crucified palm of the new 666 beast of MLK/LBJ et all. ~ ~ Plus, he is a pretty good guy to boot. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRUMP NOTES: That free bag of mini bugle trumpets, made from Iowa corn, for that dark skinned alien LAmanite with his new phony values citizenship birth certificate tattoo [on his arm of flesh] in the opening to THE WATCH makes the movie a prophetic [2016] KING OF CALIFORNIA meets THE THING thing. ~ ~ Same thing goes for my dream about snacking on Keira Knightley's clit, that looked like a little golf tee trumpet. ~ ~ One good thing leads to another good thing for all of those who believe that Howard Stern is a physically transfigured Jesus Christ look alike photo shopped job on the cover of ROLLING STONE magazine; still located at street number 1290 in Manhattan, NY I presume. ~ ~ SUNDANCE NOTES: Still waiting to see what happens this year in Park City, Utah. ~ ~ Yeah I know. A couple of my older guys, who once attended BYU's film school with me in the late 1989s, are now up there trying to make an inspired parody of THE INVISIBLE MAN:2 meets ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE:2. Complete with the traditional annual local bar's [THE BIG LEBOWSSKI:2] bowling ally side bar scenes. ~ ~ Whatever. ~ ~ If their little movie idea is not any good in terms of writing, directing, and acting; it will go nowhere.

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