Thursday, January 28, 2016


According to the latest spoken word revelations about the 50/50 Russian roulette chance prophecy of the divided in half ten virgins in MATTHEW 25, there will be several 50/50 [Harry] potter's soil siftings before it is all over. ~ ~ In order to remove all of the big rocks and debris. And make the earth's dirt that much more smooth and rich, for the new plantings of the Lord's tender seeds; in such movies as TENDER MERCIES and THE APOSTLE. ~ ~ "Judah is the beautiful plant in my garden..." Yada yada. ~ ~ Ergo, in the near future, the size and scope of 666 government taxation, regulation, and corrupt Jewish insider fascism, will be ruthlessly cut in half by that tall blond smart-as-a-whip half Jew Donald Trump. In such prophetic films as MIDNIGHT COWBOY and LAST TANGO IN PARIS. ~ ~ And then the FBI's born again law enforcement officers and America's [Pearl Harbor] military veterans will finally get the chance to raid the birth registry offices in Hawaii and finally put an end to it; one way or the other. ~ ~ Let's not kid ourselves. ~ ~ Most of these older guys are white christians who still have a problem with the negros, jews, and queers running their lives. ~ ~ Big wow. ~ ~ Didn't see that one coming. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~

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