Sunday, January 10, 2016


GOONIES is about the Branch Davidian [coffee table] Greek sculptures in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW finally finding the lost treasures of Israel directly underneath some future secret Donald Trump country club golf course. ~ ~ After that "...pretty big downer." post 42 months thingy happens in the secret scenario where the first Nazi beast is suddenly born again in REV.13. ~ ~ This being the tender subject dinner table conversation in the same two shows. ~ ~ Just try implying at your next big family pork roast supper that everyone sitting around the table worships the new and improved 666 beast; then push your chair back away from the table and watch the fur fly. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1985 NOTES: GOONIES is pretty much obsessed with the same year's 1985 James Bond movie entitled A VIEW TO A KILL. ~ ~ Egro, I saw it on the very same day that they held that gay ass [MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN] summit in the Bay Area. ~ ~ GRACE NOTES: Jesus let me know that if I was willing to submit and suffer all things in his name; like for instance watching the above HWY.101 movie; He would make it up to me in a DVD movie that I would find at GOODWILL the very next day called DINNER WITH FRIENDS. ~ ~ Which is about me and Steven Fresh sitting around the [Last Supper] table talking about me fucking his exwife and him fucking my own very private French connection 1970s era exwife; at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ PS MRS. FRESH: The above HBO Internet movie was directed by the same guy who made that prophetic movie about you looking like a 39ish MILF in MOONSTRUCK meets BLUE JASMINE meets WHATEVER WORKS. ~ ~

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