Friday, April 12, 2013


People who stink with pride is a traditional theme in modern latter-day spoken word revelations. Wherein self righteous pride and arrogant religious ignorance is often times hard to see, even if you can smell it in the air. Especially if you are a born again 666 neo liberal neo con who believes in Jesus; like Glenn Beck or George Bush. ~ ~ There is nothing worse than a guy who knows in his heart of hearts that he is basically right, but is still way off course; like Senator John McCain, or Thomas S Monson. ~ ~ Forget about all those loony toons on the left, like Alex Baldwin or Ted Turner; they are all dead meat, metaphorically speaking, and everybody knows it. Just like everybody knows that Barack Obama is an illegal alien homosexual who is involved in the murder of his former lover Donald Young. ~ ~ Anyway, last night I dreamed that I was staying overnight at that Book of Mormon orphanage that Adriana Lima supports, but she would not let any of the kids sleep with me in my huge king size mattress that was donated to them by SLEEP COUNTRY USA. Just because I wanted to know where of all their plural wife mothers were. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MEDIA NOTES: Please do not bore us with anything about the attempt to assassinate Sheriff Joe unless you have the balls to even say why. ~ ~ VIEWER NOTES: Last night I watched FACE/OFF. Today I see the new reports about that deaf guy at Lone Star College who fantasized about cutting people's faces off and wearing them like an African Barack Obama mask. In confirmation of the prophetic film's moment at about 25:... minutes, where we see an "ear to hear" being constructed on top of my July 20 iPAD. [Think about that guy who just got his ear cut off with an illegal alien's sugar cane machete from Cuba in California, etc.] ~ ~ WEST SIDE JET CITY GANG NOTES: Back in 1961, mostly white Seattle was known as the 'Jet City'. Ergo, last weekend a 34 year-old man got strangled to death by his own shirt caught in a Seattle Metro Bus escalator off University St. in confirmation of the escalations in North Korea.

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