Wednesday, April 24, 2013


That small 3-way earthquake that happened about three weeks ago around Jimmycomelately Creek, off Hwy.101 on the Olympics Peninsula, was a prelude to my Jimmy link at: ~ ~ Where the creek's headwaters begin near Schmith Knob, and come into the bay at Miller Peninsula; just south of Hardwick Point, south of Gibson Spit, etc. ~ ~ Happy Valley is right there to the west, below Bell Hill, and all that. ~ ~ Which is exactly where John Wayne, the original dude, always liked to throw down the anchor; and tie a few off of his classic 1940s IN LIKE FLYNT yacht. That he loved to motor up to the region every spring season in search of fresh crab and king salmon. ~ ~ Lately, Jimmycomelately Creek has received new funds for some stream-side restoration work. In order to restore it's original spawning water beds. ~ ~ Sometimes, when nothing else works, you just have to Jimmy the thing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TWN NOTES: Here's a great gift idea for the handy man around your house, at: ~ ~ THIS JUST IN: According to Mexico's officer Arenas, some crazy gringo named Summers, who sports a flying-eagle SUPERMAN tattoo on his chest, was just arrested for Jimmying a 10 year-old virgin up in [Kobe's] Northridge, CA, earthquake landmark, at:

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