Monday, April 8, 2013


When Ben first meets Teddy Roosevelt in NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, the 26th President declares, "The hunt is afoot!" ~ ~ We see the future Obama monkey who was born in Africa rip up the U.S. Constitution during the 31:... minute scenario on my DVD copy. At the 46:... minutes scenario, the museum watchman tells Obama that he can fool the little kids, but he can't fool him; and that "There's a storm coming..." ~ ~ At about 1:02:... minutes, we see the monkey Negro figure in southern Utah, holding the keys to the priesthood. While yours truly sports my George Albert Smith goatee, circa 2013. Then the two mulatto zebras get chased off by a R.I.N.O. [Republicans in name only.] ~ ~ That Teddy Roosevelt look alike who stormed into Hilary Clinton's campaign office in Manchester, New Hamshire said he had TNT strapped to his body. And that he was seeing a movie in his head that was telling him what to do. ~ ~ GSR/TWN

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