Sunday, April 14, 2013


Down under's Mr Scott won the 9-under face off at THE MASTERS on the same day I watched NOTTING HILL's prophecy about me fucking Ms Anna Scott. Who was role played by Julia Roberts back in 1999. Based upon my latest telephone call from Jesus at 7:16 am Saturday. Wherein he informed me that Annalynne McCord was on the line from her native Scotland, where the 18-hole game was originally revealed unto the lost tribes of Israel; and she said to me, "Chances are, you're going to need that cash." ~ ~ Which was immediately confirmed by the new AP report about how to hide your money in Michael Douglas' golf crazy British Bahamas from the born again half Jewish 666 IRS museum monster under Barack Obama. ~ ~ Hence the first 666 beast's Mussolini/Fellini figure in my own private ROMA FFing missionary position movie was as bald as that USA bald eagle in REV.12. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MOVIE CRITIC NOTES: We see Keira Knightley's birthday girl street-number '326' home address in FACE/OFF; when my marred servant's two-faced hero in the 1997 movie moves in and fucks my Carey Mulligan look alike wife. There is nothing like having hot three-way sex with strangers. ~ ~ Last night, I really wanted to watch VV hosting SNL. However, right at 11:35 pm I suddenly fell into a deep sleep, and did not wake up until right after the NBC show was over. The only thing I remember was seeing the cracked left lense on my cheap copper plated glasses in a flash vision, around 11:51 pm. ~ ~ SIDE NOTES: Hugh Grant has admittedly given up serious romantic comedy acting for mindless golfing fun of course. Who wants to look like he looked when he was around 29 years-old and fucking the daylights out of that hard ass and uptight tits bitch Elizabeth Hurley? When you can always have sooo much fun years later looking like some old overweight Elton John faggot on some golf course outside of VIVA LAS VEGAS; Meets it happened at the worlds fair in Seattle. Where you get to fuck some 19ish Korean hottie named Ginger Blake; in between gigs.

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