Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Canada's Pam Anderson miraculously turned into a California girl from Vancouver Island, BC for a reason; now living in Malibu, last I heard. ~ ~ Because God was directing her to the place of refuge that Mel Gibson had prepared for her in the WHAT WOMEN WANT prophecy. I.e, they want to look like they are 29 years-old again. And have a legitimate shot at doing over all the silly and foolish mistakes of their youthful 29ish period. ~ ~ Which is one of the main reasons why God made California go underwater to the tune of $127,000,000,000, in order that my Canadian based royal monarchy wives and I could travel down there any time we want. Since there is no more money down there to keep open all those unconstitutional federal offices. ~ ~ Think succession of the WEST SIDE STORY states in REV.16, gratis of Barack Obama's crazy inspired blow-it-all-up 52 PICKUP budget. In order that all those underground polygamist BIG LOVE Mormons out west could now live out in the open and breath freely. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WE'LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS NOTES: On the same day that America's born again museum monkey from Africa's occupied Casa Blanca came out with his thieving pick-pocket budget, the DA VINCI CODE museum in Paris closed it's doors for the very same reasons, at: ~ ~ WEST SIDE STORY NOTES: Here is one of the first confirmations of that darkie leader of Obama's political sharks gang, circa 1961 meets 2013, at: ~ ~ POLITICAL NOTES: If you are one of those Teddy Roosevelt style neo con RINO progressives who believe that Social Security and Medicare are constitutional, and that Obama was born in Hawaii, then you have no right to oppose gun control for hunters. Not to mention the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It's all the same ball of filthy ear wax.

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