Monday, April 22, 2013


We see a prophetic transsexual Barack Obama figure in 07's RUN FAT BOY RUN climax, sporting number 2044, right before the American sleaze ball from Chicago cheats by tripping the anti-hero Dennis. Then at the end of the torturous 26 mile run, which finishes at today's desecrated Greek Temple cathedral called St Paul's, Dennis collapses and utters the final words to his mulatto girlfriend, "Don't go to Chicago." ~ ~ Moments later, "Monkey man" plays over the end credits. ~ ~ There was a strong 5.9 earthquake near Union, Mexico just after I logged my last King of England post; at 1:16:38 London time. For the upcoming three-way breakup of America in REV.16. ~ ~ Note Cara Delevigne's owl on the coffee table in NACHO LIBRE's deleted bird lady scenes. ~ ~ When Mr Stinky finally climbs to the top of the REV.12 USA eagle's nest in NACHO LIBRE, he dives off of today's international fiscal cliff. ~ ~ The sale of that huge pinko diamond named 'The Prince Diamond' from India was about the coach from India in RUN FAT BOY RUN, per: ~ ~ Just like Miley, that blond Aussie babe in my last SAILOR DOG porn clip wears a GSR eternity ring on her right index finger. ~ ~ GSR/TWN

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