Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I AM the one with the sharp two-edged pirate sword coming out of my mouth in REV.19; that cuts both ways. ~ ~ True or false, who cares. Since London's DAILY MAIL tabloid is now reporting that Princess Taylor bought me that pirates cove place in Washington County so that I can hide out on the east coast close to New London's atomic submarine base. Which is also near the prophetic place where they shot Julia Roberts' break-out indie film career-move called MYSTIC PIZZA. ~ ~ Talk about a special secret sauce recipe that only 'the few and the brave' know about. ~ ~ Like they say, "Keep your enemies close." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIRDS OF A FEATHER NOTES: Today's Negro on-the-down-low in the butt hole Oval Office in DC immediately called that married-with-children NBA Negro on-the-down-low who wears the queer-as-orange jersey for the Washington, DC WIZARDS; talk about Providence, Rhode Island timing. ~ ~ INVISIBLE MAN NOTES: Nobody is reporting about the new born again nigger race riots; in confirmation of the news media blackout on there being a confirmed illegal alien in the White House, like at: http://www.wnd.com/2013/04/beach-week-draws-black-crowd-and-violence/?cat_orig=us ~ ~ PS EMMA: Since you are already knee-deep in it at Rhode Island's Brown University, just up the road from my new shag pad on the beach, you might want to think about just staying there and getting your graduate degree in religion. ~ ~ Where you can have your own private bedroom, with full kitchen privileges, and relax on the weekends with your homework books on board my sail boat.

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