Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Right after Jennifer Aniston did the Marxist third way red carpet in Hollywood for her new film, CALL ME CRAZY, hundreds of [STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER] migrant workers in Greece rioted because they had not been paid in six months, as seen at: ~ ~ In other words, California, USA, is the new bankrupt Greece. In confirmation of the future Greek President who will be usurping the Greek temple White House in the FOR YOUR EYES ONLY prophecy. ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now. Why would I ever want to be cyber-cyborg stalking some really hot older bitch like a Demi Moore, or a Jennifer Garner? When I get to spend my free time cruising around the Greek Islands with Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld on my physically transfigured 91' Cannes Film Festival yacht, circa 2013. ~ ~ What? You think I AM nuts or something? ~ ~ Yes, I will be the one who saves Jennifer Aniston and Elizabeth Hurley et al. But believe me you; I am in no rush. Time is on my side. And all of my wives, young or old, know that my kind of time-line is also on their side. Give or take a few years. ~ ~ So don't get me wrong now. The very same physical transfiguration principle applies to my hottisimo young virgin wives, like at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NATURAL LAW NOTES: Naturally, I watched NACHO LIBRE last night, and then this report came out, at: ~ ~ Wherein the catholic church of the lamb priest in 1NEPHI 14 goes to the mat with that great and abominable church of the devil. Who is now in charge of the Mormon church in SLC, Utah. Or at least he thinks he is. ~ ~ [See why at: ]

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