Monday, April 15, 2013


The day after Will Ferrell pretended to be me receiving my well deserved green Leprechaun pot of gold popcorn at the MTV popcorn-movie awards show, gold took the biggest plunge in $dollars$ value since the hight of the MTV 80s. ~ ~ Then Barack Obama's DENVER POST tag team was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for best Larry Sinclair bombshell cover-up. Having not printed one single word in the past year about Obama being a well known illegal alien homosexual. Who is using a confirmed stolen Social Security number, and who had his gay lover murdered in Chinatown, Chicago; and everybody who has an Internet connection knows all about it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MATT DAMON NOTES: Here is the latest report about the born again 666 actor's marxist philosophy that supports the idea of robbing St Peter to pay St Paul, at: ~ ~ Which is exactly what the new anti-communist anti-abortion right wing populist pope from Evita's Argentina believes. Think Mel Gibson fucking some blond whore from Russia. Who then returns the REV.17 whore of Babylon favor in black spades, Maverick style. ~ ~ PS: Both of America's clean-cut looking patriotic actors, Matt Demon and Ben Affleck, are from Boston, Mass, USA.

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