Sunday, April 21, 2013


Five foolish snow jobbers died in an avalanche outside Loveland Pass Saturday; located in Barack Obama's outlaw state of Colorado. The same day that the news was rolling out about the surprise cancellation of Eva Longoria's new networking reality show about looking for love in all the wrong places, URBAN COWBOY style. ~ ~ I.e. Four people died in the Boston Strangler bombing if you count the bomber himself, and one more is ready to die in order to make the prophetic reality a truly stupid number 5 omen. Wherein, not only do the childish 666 worshipers get to die, but so do their children. ~ ~ Of course, all of this is about Woody Allen's 666 SLEEPER prophecy, filmed in Colorado, where we see both Ken McLeod and Ken Kemp sitting on the ground, side by side, listening to their new teachers from the 2BC's SCHOOL OF PROPHETS in the Rocky Mountains' wilderness. ~ ~ When you laugh at and make fun of the BOOK OF MORMON, the BM will make fun of you and make you too look like a fool. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HWY.666 NOTES: Here is the one about those foolish mormom kids who got rescued from the slot canyon named Pandora's Box, at: ~ ~ In confirmation of Kenny Kemp's gay ass blue heron web site that features all those dysfunctional red rock boner icons in southern Utah. [The new and improved 666 boy scouts in Nazi uniforms want to include homosexual kids in their ranks now, and all the shit.] Ergo, Bill Clinton has just come out of the closet and admitted that it was his REV.17 daughter, who was spawned by her REV.17 MOTHER OF WHORES, in REV.17, who made him change his mind about gays. Since he himself never had a real father figure. ~ ~ SEXY TIME BOMBSHELL: Miley re-posted her Love Bug stick-shift hoodie horn thing again on Saturday, at: ~ ~ For a quick-shift confirmation of me finding her getting banged real fast and hard on some south side EZE.47:1 waterbed by some hot Aussie stud, with a really sweet unicorn icon, only hours later, at: ~ ~ Note the tacky cheap Tex Mex furnishings, and the light turquoise aquamarine color scheme from NACHO LIBRE, etc. Plus she is wearing her engagement ring on her wedding finger; all in the two above links.

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