Wednesday, April 3, 2013


That crazy old Jew judge in Brooklyn, NY, with the YELLA BEEK tavern MOTORCYCLE DIARIES nose, is trying to silence today's crazy anti-Nazis by lumping them in with the same rabble-rousers who originally opposed the half Jewish Hitler in the 1930s, per: ~ [Note the Providential 177k confirmation of the I-77 crash in Virginia, DC.] In other words, today's anti-Mormons represent the devil who is going to destroy that great and abominable church of the devil in 1NEPHI, etc. etc. ~ Because last night, Granny Grass had her BOOK OF MORMON open to 1NEPHI 14, lying next to the latest TIME cover depicting those two aggressive lesbians kissing. In an overt attack on the Church of the Lamb. ~ Therefore all those crazy North Korean cult Antichrist Anti-Christian Mormon Moonies are going to commit suicide in order to kill the satanic self-hating Jews who are desecrating what's left of white America. ~ Ya fallow me? ~ "...and they hate their own blood. [of Israel]" according to MOSES 7:33; A book which is held in contempt by most of today's Orthodox Jews in Israel. ~ Therefore the 1290 days cure for sub mental inbred white people in MARK 13:14, etc. etc. ~ Duh. Not everybody looks the same, both inside and outside. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SEXY TIME NOTES: Check out those EZE.10 cherub size arrow bruises on the REV.13:1 beach of Israel at: ~ Last night, I dreamed that I caught a huge German brown trout on a top fly in the Provo River, like at: MOVIE POPCORN NOTES: At the end of the DECONSTRUCTING HARRY prophecy, we see a soft and fuzzy and out of focus Jen Garner standing behind Demi Moore. Since the movie's two future DUPLICITY meets ALIAS co-stars are also in the prophetic film. ~ Wherein Cookie Williams role plays my future sexissimo hand-maid, Rihanna. Who definitely knows how to take care of all my crazy wives, once they start to get too lonely and feel like leaving me, and are in need of a good tongue lashing. [Nothing like having a little help around the house.] ~ When Bond throws that new 666 government accountant's calculator off the fiscal cliff in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, that Russian KGB mob boss is standing there right next to him. Who had just lost about half of his secret combination computer money in Cyprus; after today's modern G7 beast moved in and took over. Who represent the seven hills beast in REV.17 etc. Now confirmed by the government mob located upon the seven hills of Rome grabbing 1.7 billion from that eco green mafia figure in Sicily. In the last days, the great and abominable church of the whore will go to war against each other. ~ That CASINO ROYALE style assassination in [Cookie William's] 665' Williamson, West Virginia was about nearby [NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN] Borderland on Hwy.52, at: ~ No doubt, those weird alien looking mother fuckers in North Korea are a part of the look alike UFO plot in CASINO ROYALE, 1967.

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