Thursday, April 4, 2013


I found out THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS & DOGS, circa 1996, at GOODWILL Wednesday afternoon. Then read later that night about Lindsay Lohan arriving back from the sexy beaches in BLAME IT ON RIO and learning that her girlie poochie dog named Gucci had died. ~ Which was confirmed on the same day I screened the 'Two Thumbs Up' movie by the death of the non physically transfigured critic who was married to a very sweet and suportive Negro woman in Barack Obama's Chicago. ~ As per the revelation from God in the 2BC that the life of man is 70. Therefore, no need to steal about another 177k from his friends and neighbors in Brooklyn, Jew York just to keep him alive for another 1260 days or more. ~ What's so horrible about dying at age 70, as opposed to, say, age 73.5? Back in the day, they used to say "Live free or die." ~ Big wow. You get to sit in a wheelchair and crap in your adult diapers; that Teri Rutherford gets to change for you while you fantasize about her giving you a completely free of charge, government paid for, 666 hand job. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MOVIE NOTES: Janeane Garofalo hated her own 1260 days movie because she did not get the three-way plural wife sex scenario at about 59:... minutes into the DVD. Wherein the future King of England agrees to marry both her and Uma Thurman. Since the film's sexy apartment Internet phone-line connection sex scenes happen at the same place where David Lynch made it a few years later with Naomi Watts in MULHOLLAND DRIVE. And who shares her same 9.28 birth date by the Hand of God. ~ KILLER NOTES: A man named Tennis shot that sheriff in a look alike state that looks like a man's balls; while he was sitting in his car eating a [Cara Delevingne] sandwich. ~ Therefore, they caught a boat load of cutthroat pirates' guns in Egypt on the same day that America's favorite Woody Allen movie critic, with his throat cut out, died in Barack Obama's secretive Chinatown, Chicago. Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ UP FRONT NOTES: If Joseph McCarthy were alive today, he would be correctly accusing the Jew run 60 MINUTES program of being a homosexual communist front media coverup operation. Which you can hear about tomorrow on this born again 1950s era anti-communist underground radio broadcast at;

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