Sunday, April 28, 2013


My FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD posting was immediately confirmed by that surprise ROLLING STONES concert in Hollywood. Wherein I saw Jack Sparrow holding hands with Amber Heard there, right after I got back in with my new copy of ON STRANGER TIDES, 4, at: ~ ~ Because that whole FFing missionary position thing started among the topless B&M natives in Hawaii, and then it was reintroduced in the latter-days when I was an LDS missionary leader in ROMA. ~ And all this, just after the bird lady's new rock concert tour pix at: ~ ~ Speaking of the fountain of youth in THE FAT SPY beach party generation prophecy, Saturday's surprise attack British invasion event featured Mick Jagger on stage wearing his new physically transfigured 2BC temple garments, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ STATE MEDIA NOTES: Today's media is almost 100% behind the oppression of the new 666 beast. As prophesied of way back during the New 666 Deal era, at: ~ ~ Most third way fascism is predicated upon the marxist principle that free enterprise, i.e. freedom, is the root of all evil. ~ ~ REAL ESTATE NOTES: Taylor just bought me that little boat house on the tax-free island of Newport, under her own name of course. Because she knows that THE SAILOR DOG is going to need some place on the east coast where he can tie off my Cannes Film Festival love boat when I AM is visiting the BM's New World, at: ~ ~ Talk about THE GREAT GATSBY meets KING RALPH LAUREN on his classic restored wooden yacht in Friday Harbor, Washington. ~ ~ You think that is strange? How about I grab ON STRANGER TIDES: 4 at WAL*MART on Sunday; and while I walk up to the check-out with it, I suddenly notice that there is a rather large tear drop rolling down my left cheek. And I'm not particularly feeling sad, or lonely, or hurt, about anything at all. In fact, I'm feeling pretty good about things. Since last night I had a really sexy dream about kissing Jennifer Garner, even though she was not quite ready when I pulled down her VICTORIA'S SECRET panties and started to eat her out. Probably because her visiting REV.17 mother, who was staying in the next bedroom over, was listening to us through the closed doors.

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