Friday, April 5, 2013


Woody Allen was inspired by the g-d of Israel to start fucking his hot 15ish stepdaughter wife because at the time he was still a little bit too hung up on that crazy Catholic church lady Mia Farrow. [Think Nicole Kidman] ~ No wonder that over the past decades, so many men have been calling into late night anti-communist UFO radio talk shows with the most amazing detailed accounts about being abducted by weird looking female aliens. Who had subjected them to the most amazing experimental virgin sex experiences in their lives. ~ GSR\TWN ~ CAMEO NOTES: Nicole Kidman is set to appear in ANCHORMAN II. ~ Did you know that Carey Mulligan can sing like an older 27ish Janis Joplin once she gets in the mood? Don't be fooled by her proper period-piece performance in THE GREAT GATSBY. What are you waiting for boys? At: ~ Those various POLAROIDS of Woody's oddly-hot spread-eagle Soon-Fuck-Me teenager wife were discovered sitting on his fireplace mantel by his aging cold hearted Mamma Mia lover, in order that men might begin to understand what exactly is wrong with today's feminist man hating bitches. ~ What is so wrong with fucking 14 year-olds in the first place? What? You think that you are better than the Israelite God of the Bible? No wonder you are about to die and become born again in the spirit of prophecy in REV.19. ~ I saw WHAT WOMEN WANT Friday morning, co-starring Mel Gibson. So a school bus full of virgins crashed with a JEEP about an hour later north of cutthroat Chicago. Where thousands of innocent children are going to die in the second woe prophecy in REV.11. Because WHAT WOMEN WANT is just another big fat lie about homosexualish Catholic monogamy. ~ In other words, Mel should have been fucking his sexy Aryan blond wife, and his hot-as-hell Italian STARBUCKS barista wife; and even his lowly assistant suicidal wife too. Who was living a desperate lonely life down in Chinatown. That is if he wanted to be any kind of a man who believes in the word of God. ~ According to the modern fuck-you-too 2BC revelations, there are no lonely single women who are afraid of getting hurt in the Kingdom of God. ~ If you want to be a true Bible thumper like yours truly, then you're gonna have to start hanging out with the big boys, like at:

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