Saturday, April 13, 2013


They caught Tiger cheating at THE MASTERS, but the media continued to let him play, Barack Obama style. Ergo, the former Colorado prisoner Larry Sinclair appears at about 41:48 minutes into FACE/OFF; right before my own face appears, circa 1997, at 41:52 minutes, per: ~ ~ Like I keep telling you; if you little dirty 666 anti-christ NYC media Jew queer niggers on the down low keep fucking Larry in the ass, the giant pro-666 Jesus will also fuck you in the ass with his Mr Big cock, times three in triple damages. ~ ~ According to the apostate Christian Bible, in the last days, one little homo weakling, who nobody gives a shit about, will destroy 10,000 of today's high and mighty macho men [YMCA VILLAGE PEOPLE] butt fuckers. ~ Which is why FACE/OFF's opening credits scenario features that future panicked Barack Obama negro figure who says, "Punch me out man." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BOMBSHELL NOTES: That LA-manite convention center bomb in 1997's FACE/OFF prophecy is code named "Sinclaire" . ~ ~ Here's the latest about FACE/OFF's fiery ending in Long Beach. Wherein the film's 666 doctors get covered in a flammable liquid. And then Obama's new 711 convenience store cigarette tax proposal gets the new 711 BIC fag-lighter treatment. How convenient. ~ ~ "I can eat a [Georgia] peach for hours." says my two-faced half-Jew hero in FACE/OFF. ~ ~ Here is the MAVERICK convenience store equivalent confirmation of the 711 confirmation to the Long Beach, California Girl ending to FACE/OFF. In other words, most women turn to God when their looks start to fade; with the exception of Jane Fonda, Nancy Pelosi, and/or Hilary Clinton, of course. ~ ~ MORE VIEWER NOTES: The former Nevada State prison guard, Bruce Troxell, now living in Bonney Lake, WA, looks exactly like the prison guard boss in FACE/OFF. The very same one who puts a stop to the film's DISCOVERY CHANNEL video sex orgy riot. ~ ~ OK, I admit it. I was half wrong about him. So now I'm gonna half to come up with another half mill just to finance his competing cable channel three-part documentary about the lost tribes of Israel. At least the rather tall half Jew Mormon believes in the Book of Mormon. Which is a lot more more than you can say about my rather short half Ephraimite German sidekick buddy, Kenny Kemp. Now living in Midvale, Utah's middle-of-the-road temple veil landmark.

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