Sunday, April 7, 2013


In the inspired 2006 pre-Obama prophecy, NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, almost every time that short little half Jew monkey who holds the stolen keys to the White House is featured, we see black&white mulatto zebras from Africa in the background. Ergo, my no. 9 unit [July 20th] iPAD "tablet" is the answer to uniting all the factions of today's Church of the Lamb soldiers. Who will not be fooled by today's abominable snow man ape figure who has been created by today's neo con Jew media. ~ ~ Therefore, that phony tall billionaire HIENZ katsup Jew, John Kerry, is showing up in Israel during the days when we remember that 666,666,666 Jews were murdered by the first 666 Nazi beast because of their own 57 flavors steak sauce with 666 tendencies. ~ ~ Which was the original inspired seasoning behind the BLOODHOUND GANG's prophetic look alike 1999 video about Barack Obama's big Jewish looking monkey ears, at: ~ ~ Kerry loves to remind us about his Jewish French speaking roots, and all that high society bullshit. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PUT UP OR SHUT UP NOTES: Here is Harry's way of saying 'I have the money, if you really do have the script and cast' at: ~ ~ Which is pretty much the same thing that Tom Hanks has been saying for the past three years now. ~ ~ Well, you can sit back and relax pals. When the time is ripe, I'll have one of my devoted and faithful wives come over to your place and prove it to you. While your own older wives mix and serve up the underage drinks, like at: ~ ~ Because that solid gold tablet from Egypt in Ben Stiller's monkey boy movie blockbuster has 9 parts to it. Which causes the old three BOOK OF MORMON amigos at the 666 museum in NYC to become young again. ~ ~ Think Woody Allen fucking a teenager in his prophetic black&white MANHATTAN meets STARDUST MEMORIES movies during the anti-communist Ronald Reagan era. Since that train in LA just collided with a dump truck near Woodman Avenue on Saturday; somewhere around the Whiteman Airport; and Harry Ford is a big time private plane pilot, yada yada.

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