Friday, April 26, 2013


All the captain's blogs from the most famous pirate ships in history reveal a fundamental pre-marxist world view. Which is why the most famous IN LIKE FLYNT pirates from classic neo Nazi 30s cinema always featured a prophetic sidekick monkey from Africa sitting on their shoulders. ~ ~ Which actually is the same 666 chip on the shoulder of Glenn Beck et al, per the description of the new miraculous high technology 666 beast in REV.13. And has nothing to do per se with the apostate Chistianity insanity about some anti-Christ with seven heads and ten crowns. ~ ~ In other words, those who have become blinded by the new and improved FDR/LBJ/MLK beast, will never see what hit them; coming in the form of a murderous illegal alien homosexual nigger who is sitting in the occupied Casablanca. Ergo, I AM would be nowhere, if not for my African born sidekick in the upcoming LONE RANGER movie. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEWS REEL NOTES: This news came out right after I started to watch my new previously-viewed Johnny Depp pirate government movies, at: ~ ~ DOUBLE DOWN NOTES: Check out this nice pair a dice at: ~ ~ Talk about happy endings. ~ ~ PS DAVID: I'll give you Amber Heard, and Emma Stone too, in a free trade deal; plus I'll let you FF both of my above two tv star wives from FRIENDS... just like old times. If you agree to chip in just a little of that tax-free fuck-you money that keeps coming in, over and over, in residuals; like how about ten percent. ~ ~ Even if you have to, just fire your current worthless agents, managers, lawyers, and Hollywood Jew blood-sucking PR people; and then pass on half of the savings to me. ~ ~ Believe me you, I AM is definitely in it for the money and the glory. Not to mention how much it costs to have a hundred wives at your beck and call and keep them all happy. ~ ~ SPECIAL CASE NOTES: All of my special 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s wives of my youth, like Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, or Demi Moore, who owe me 50% of everything that they have, can settle up their long term debts with me in the form of physically transfigured gold coin installment payments.

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