Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Last I heard, that creepy looking half Jewish Irish Leprechaun figure with brown darkie eyes, who co-stared in the miraculous 1260 days prophecy called WAG THE DOG meets MARATHON MAN, is still living on the beach in Melibu, California. ~ ~ You think I'm making this up? Maybe you never had brunch on a lazy Sunday morning in Malibu, at some fashionable outside cafe, while watching the crowds of local joggers go by your table. ~ ~ [Oddly enough, the two best places in the world to have a late morning brunch are Aspen, Colorado and Malibu, California.] ~ ~ Talk about fresh fruit omelets served before your fresh-caught grilled trout stuffed with thick smoked Canadian bacon. ~ ~ Believe me. I know what I AM talking about. Been there. Done that. More than you will ever know. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LOCAL NOTES: Here is a sneak peek at my look alike neighbor who lives at Evergreen Drive's PARTY OF FIVE T. Who just bought a new all blacked out AVALANCHE just in time for all those avalanches around Snoqualmie Pass, Washington, and Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2309762/Boston-Marathon-bomb-explosions-How-hero-Carlos-Arredondo-lost-soldier-son-Iraq-saved-lives.html ~ ~ If you believe in the apostate Christian Bible as much as I do, then you know that today's mindless 666 crowd is going to get what they have coming. ~ ~ MARATHON MAN NOTES: "It's over! Forget it!" says Doc in 1976's MARATHON MAN prophecy. I.e. stop obsessing over those two rank amateurs, Joseph McCarthy and Richard Nixon, and start worrying about the vastly superior Barack Obama. Since the inspired MARATHON MAN movie opens with shots of today's number REV 17 Negro who is the same he/she woman who rode the beast in REV.17's Nazi Germany. ~ ~ I found Jack Black's NACHO LIBRE at PISTOL ANNIE'S meets THE MEXICAN pistol movie the other day for two bucks. [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mexican ] Obviously, the time has finally come for that long awaited 29ish NAPOLEON DYNAMITE sequel. Wherein the failed film school writer-director-producer-actor BYU/NYU graduate has a nervous breakdown in the early MTV 80s. And then he ends up making some really sweet hard core three-way Mormon polygamist fuck videos co-starring Lindsay Lohan and Angelina Jolie; that get like 1,000,000 lucky u-tube views in about like 60 MINUTES meets JUST JARED. ~ ~ I'm thinking Ms Dakota Fanning plays the above art film's virgin high school princess who gets hooked up by her Demi Moore mother of whores producer. Of course, we could shoot the pool orgy scenes at Sandy's British Tudor mansion stand-in for the PLAYBOY mansion in ROD STEEL 0014 and save a ton of money. Remember, every dollar that you decide to invest in my upcoming transnational low budget movie empire will be tax free, with benefits. There are no property taxes or death taxes in the Kingdom of God; only above-the-board straight-forward honest government excise taxes.

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